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Posted by admin on Oct 31, 2012
XCOM Enemy Unknown

XCOM Enemy Unknown

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XCOM Enemy Unknown Free Download for PC

XCOM Enemy unknown is not just a remake of the classic X-COM: UFO Defense but is much more than that. Enemy Unknown is developed by Firaxis Games and they have relied on the classic formula to drive the game. You can download XCOM Enemy Unknown free for PC from the bottom of this page.

The story of the game is about alien invasion on Earth and the resistance offered by humans. The story is not at all original but the story is not the most important element of this game. You play the role of a commander of a multinational elite military organization called XCOM and it is up to you to make the earth safe again. XCOM Enemy Unknown free download is just below this post, click on the link and start downloading.  The gameplay is divided into two major elements, Turn based combat and Management of resources, facilities and soldiers. Initially you have set a location for your base from a few possible locations. Here you have to select units for you squad using a barracks. You can control four to six soldiers and later on you can even control robots and vehicles. The basic combat gameplay involves taking cover on battlefield and then striking the enemy from there. XCOM Enemy Unknown PC download is what you are looking for right? That is what you will find at the end of this post. Each member gets two actions per turn which you can utilize in movement and attack. The second part of the gameplay which is management involves spending funds and resources in buying new weapons and items, upgrading technology and armor.

The combat is very tense and sometimes difficult. The options and actions that you take on and off the battlefield greatly affect the outcome of the battle. The game features and isometric 3D world and it provides a dramatic and exciting view of the battles. XCOM Enemy Unknown free download is what you will find below on this page.

The soundtrack and voice acting are excellent. The gameplay remains true to the classic game on which it is based while tweaking some of the elements which was necessary. The game is fairly lengthy and it’s a good thing since it is a great game. The fans of the classic game as well as newcomers must play this game. Link below gives you full version of XCOM Enemy Unknown free download for PC.

Download XCOM Enemy Unknown Full Version Free


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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get 2 ISO files.
    2. Mount the 1st ISO in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD and start installation. When asked for second DVD then unmount the 1st ISO and mount IS 2 in its place.
    3. Install the game. Remember to block the game exe files in firewall so that it doesn’t connect to the internet.
    4. Play the game.

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    thanx gonna download this and hope for the best

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    Thats a great game!

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