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Posted by admin on Nov 28, 2010
Spiderman Shattered Dimensions

Spiderman Shattered Dimensions

Download Spiderman Shattered Dimensions Full Game Free for PC

Spiderman Shattered Dimensions is based on the comics from Marvel Comics and features the popular character Spiderman. You can play the game as 4 Spiderman characters from different times. Tablet of Order and Chaos is the artifact that is the center of this game. When this artifact is shattered during a fight of Spiderman and four universes start to have problems. The player needs to play a part in restoring the order in all the universes. Keep reading to Download Spiderman Shattered Dimensions Full Game Free for PC.

Four Spiderman characters are available to play in this game one from each of the four universes that are affected. They are called for help by Madame Web to bring the universes out from the crises. Spiderman Noir, Amazing Spiderman, Spider man from the future, from year 2099 and the last one Ultimate Spiderman of the current time come to help. These four Spiderman characters have received good voice acting by some well known actors.

The game has been acclaimed by many and has got good reviews. You will enjoy the story and the idea of playing Spiderman with four different traits. All four Spiderman’s are controllable by the player. First person mode will be activated at some points for the player to perform combat moves. You will find each Spiderman has his own style of fighting. Download Spiderman Shattered Dimensions Full Game Free for PC from the link at the bottom.

Amazing Spiderman will uses web attacks effectively along with close combat. Silent and stealthy attacks are the feature of Noir Spiderman’s combat. You will see the screen will turn black & white if you are in darker places indicating that you are not visible. When you are in areas with sufficient light the screen will show coloured environments to indicate that you are visible to others. The Spiderman from Future i.e. Spiderman 2099 has fast reflexes and great acrobatic fighting skills. The Ultimate Spiderman has a symbiote suit to destroy his enemies. Ultimate universe includes a rage meter which will give extra boost to the attacks.

You will proceed through the game to collect all the pieces of the shattered artifact to combine them. Once it has been done the evil character Mysterio takes the artifact and becomes all powerful. In the end all four Spiderman characters should come together to fight him.

It’s a fun game to play and if you like Spiderman then you should definitely play this game. Download Spiderman Shattered Dimensions Full Game Free for PC from the following link.

Download Spiderman Shattered Dimensions Full Game Free for PC

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52 Responses to “Spiderman Shattered Dimensions”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions
    1. Extract all parts using 7-zip or Winrar to get the ISO images.
    2. Mount the images in Daemon Tools or burn then on DVDs.
    3. Install the game
    4. Copy the content from the Crack folder on DVD to your Install folder on PC and overwrite the original files
    5. Play the game

  2. 123456789 says:

    GONNA TRY THIS! (first one to comment!)

  3. gill says:

    thanks bro.

  4. anakradadas says:

    tnx upper 🙂 that was fast 🙂

  5. Sirkiko says:

    At last! Thanks uploader

  6. Salm says:

    Thanks men!!!

  7. zDeadly says:

    Hell yeah thanks

  8. Dragonyte says:

    Thanks for this game

  9. nga says:

    Nice upload

  10. Fur says:

    thank you for share!

  11. R2 says:

    thank you for this:) the wii version was good but it had to much bugs in it so hop the they have fixet in this..

  12. papa123555 says:

    Thanks a lot!!!
    i love these games

  13. CryPrince says:


  14. neero says:

    The game itself works fine the controls are just very unresponsive

    Running on: Win 7 x64, Intel Core i7 2.8Ghz, ATI HD 4850, 4GB RAM.

  15. baron210, says:

    I am enjoying this very much

    on a 3.4ghz Q6600 with GT260 Nvidia 890mb gfx.

  16. Mosstro says:

    im running in a i7 920 @4000mhz, 3×2 Gb DDR3 2000mhz, 2-way SLI GTX460 1Gb FTW and a RAID 0, and everything is ok, no delays, no stuck, nothing like that.

  17. bestialTL says:

    very cool ……… i like this game

  18. 123456789 says:

    Is this game officially released for PC?

  19. 123456789 says:

    oh great i already knew pls ignore my post

  20. 123456789 says:

    PLS HELP ME! The game always crashes during the 2099 spiderman tutorial, if you are going to beat the P.E.P officers!

  21. 123456789 says:

    oh ignore it, I solved it (sorry for the super-late reply)

  22. Christ Farrugia says:

    Hi how can you solve it please? Because Mine is crashing of the 2nd level after tutorial ( past spiderman )

  23. PRADEEP says:

    CORE i9 XPS DELL EDITION WITH NVIDIA 2 GB graphics card and 16 GB RAM

  24. anand says:

    what does it mean to mount the images on daemon tools

    • admin says:

      its there so you dont have to burn the game on a DVD. you can use the ISO file when mounted in daemon tools as a DVD. Check the video in how to link at the top

  25. Steve says:

    i used the torrent to download and it worked great.. thnks.

  26. Corey says:

    did as given and the game starts..
    thank u.

  27. CaptCrunch says:

    thank you very much sir. the game is good for me.

  28. Nozib says:

    Worked great, no problem at all, running win7 32bit version.

  29. tzetze says:

    hw to download it?

  30. SPF says:


  31. asloopy says:


  32. vivinroshan says:

    how to download it?

  33. says:

    spiderman shattred dimensins

  34. joli says:

    how to downkload the game

  35. Adriana says:

    Gostei muito desse site!

  36. nattaphat says:

    good ^^

  37. rahul suklikar says:

    it’s very great game enjoy it

  38. ayas says:

    hey how to download spiderman is easy

  39. aditya says:

    these is good game

  40. ionut says:

    cel mai tare este jocul acesta

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