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Posted by admin on Sep 30, 2012
Sleeping Dogs Xbox 360

Sleeping Dogs Xbox 360

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Sleeping Dogs Xbox 360 Free Download

Sleeping Dogs is a story about Wei Shen. The story takes place in Hong Kong. You have various game downloads on this page. Wei Shen has returned from America to avenge his sister’s death and intends to go undercover with the help from his childhood friend. Sleeping Dogs free download for XBOX 360 is given below. The Sleeping Dogs is influenced hugely by Grand Theft Auto. It is an open world game where you roam around on foot or vehicle. The game has main story mission with lots of mini games and side quests. Sleeping Dogs Xbox 360 free download is just below this post.

The story of Sleeping Dogs has good character depth with good voice acting. The combat of the game is largely dependent upon hand to hand combat with you requiring you to break arms and legs to kill an enemy which is deeply satisfying. The combat system is inspired by Batman games, which is not bad thing. Download Sleeping Dogs Xbox 360 free from the end of this page. The combat mechanics look like they have been taken from a kung Fu movie. Controlling the game never becomes a button mashing contest. You can unlock new combo moves as you progress. The gun fights are similar to cover based third person shooters. Everything that a player does correctly gives him XP points which are used to unlock new skills. The vehicular shooting and action feels top exciting. Sleeping Dogs Xbox 360 download for free is available below. You will get the region free version ISO of Sleeping Dogs for Xbox 360. use iHAS burner to burn the game on compatible DVD drives, do not use truncate method of burning as it’s and xgd3 game.

The story although feels bit overused, it is engrossing. The graphics are good and look better than GTA IV. The Sleeping Dogs is not very original of its kind but is a blast of fun to play. Link below gives you to download Sleeping Dogs free for Xbox 360.

Download Sleeping Dogs Xbox 360 Free

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11 Responses to “Sleeping Dogs Xbox 360”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Burn the ISO using IMGBURN software on a compatible DVD.
    3. Play the game

  2. aaliw says:

    just what i was looking for

  3. xbox360daddy says:

    used truncate method to burn and it worked. btw this is a xgd3 game.

  4. kleat says:

    i have ihas burner wit burner max firmware and it worked quite nicely for this.

  5. kleat says:

    xgd3 games require an ihas burner with version 124b as the date at the end of the DVD gets lost with truncate but if there is no date at the end then thee is no problem using the truncate. just my two cents for this discussion.

  6. hleopa says:

    thanks worked for my older xbox360

  7. gamers says:

    best game !! this year!!

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