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Posted by admin on Feb 8, 2012
Shank 2

Shank 2

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Shank 2 Free Download for PC

Shank 2 is a side scrolling game in 2D and you can download full version of this game for free for the PC from the direct link given at the bottom of this page. Klei Entertainment are the developers of this game and Electronic Arts are the publishers. This is the second game by the developers in this series. The first game Shank was released in 2010 and the second one is here in Feb. 2012. The game is available for both the major consoles viz. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and here you have the PC version of Shank 2.

When the first game was released it had some flaws but the concept was good but when we think about sequels we don’t expect only the flaws from the first game to be fixed but we also expect a lot more from it and a lot of new content is expected without any glitches. We will never be interested in the same game with the issues fixed as we already know what the game is and for a sequel to be successful the flaws need to be fixed along with fresh content to keep the gamers interested. Shank 2 is one such game that fixes its problems from previous game and brings on a lot of new gameplay mechanics and content enough to make it a better game than its predecessor. Keep reading about the game or skip to the bottom for Shank 2 free download.

For those who are new to the game Shank is a brawler type of game also referred to as beat ’em up game where you beat the hell out of your enemies with whatever you find in your hands. Shank 2 is the kind of game that the gamers might have wished the first one was but it’s never too late to get things right. Shank 2 is everything that was missing from the first game and more, so expect a lot of good hours of gameplay from this game.

Klei knew what were the flaws of their game and they rectified it in this new game and all things scream to show how better things are now. Shank is the main character of the game and many things like Shank dodging the attacks are made possible with press of a button which was a pain in the first game with combos of buttons to be pressed to achieve it. Download Shank 2 free for PC from the link given at the end of this article.

The combat has been improved not only at the basic level but the more advanced levels as well and now they are easily achievable. The enemies have been made smarter and they don’t just come at you like zombies. They will attack you from all directions long ranged enemies will take position accordingly where they can use their weapons correctly. Enemies will use grenades as well throwing them from long distances to avoid damage to themselves. The game makes it necessary for you to use attack, defense as well as fast action with precise strategy to survive. Shank 2 free download is given at the end.

You also have weapons at your disposal to complement your melee attack abilities. Switching between the weapons and your skills is a necessary affair to win the battles as you will require all the plus points that can be taken from the level. The switching is just not a luxury but a necessity to avoid death. If you have played the first game then you will realize that Shank 2 is not that difficult. This is a good thing compared to the previous game which frustrated the player to the extent that he might stop playing the game altogether.  Shank 2 does better with this aspect and no matter how difficult the problem you see, there is a simple solution for it. The original shank was frustrating and slow but Shank 2 rectifies that with fast action and enjoyable puzzles. You can download full version of Shank 2 free for PC from the link on this page.

Switching between weapons is necessary and you will see why when you play the game. Some situations require you to use one weapons after another for the desired effect in a short time, otherwise you will be fighting battles for a long time. There are levels which are difficult but you won’t get frustrated with the game as you will find a way to get past it. Boss battles are the best way to see what we mean about switching weapons for greater effect. You will need to use the skills that you learned along the way in order to defeat the bosses as they are final pieces of puzzles that you need to fix. If you didn’t learn enough through the battles then you will have a difficult time against the boss. There is no co-op as the game will become a lot easier and won’t be fun with a partner so this game is single player only. Skip to the bottom for Shank 2 free download.

Shank 2 is not a big game and it will finish between 2 to 4 hours if you play it right. There is nothing that can make you play the game a second time and that’s where the survival mode comes in. Most people will be playing this mode even after finishing the main story. Given that the single player campaign is the main plot of this game but if you want to keep enjoying the game then survival mode is the way to go. If you have other games that will give you that much fun then no point playing the game again but if you don’t have anything to play around with then this mode gives you something different to keep playing.

Even though the first game was good developers have made Shank 2 a lot better. All the glitches have been fixed and the sequel is what everyone expects it to be, a great game on its own. Fast paced action great animations and great gameplay make it one of the great action games to have come out this year. Give this game a try, you won’t regret it. Following link will give you Shank 2 free download.

Download Shank 2 PC Full Version Free


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    Install Instructions

    1. Download all parts from one box and use Winrar or 7zip to extract them. You will get a ISO file.
    2. Use Daemon tools lite to mount the ISO or Burn it on a DVD
    3. Install the game.
    4. Copy all files from Crack folder (DVD) to installation folder in Program files/Shank 2/Bin (Hard Disk). Overwrite any of the files that already exist.
    5. Play the game.

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