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Posted by admin on Oct 20, 2011
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

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Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Free

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is the new game released in the PES series of football games. PES has been a popular game series among the more professional football gamers. This was true for most part of the PES games but in recent years Fifa franchise has taken over as the more popular and better game for soccer fans. This year also it is the same where Fifa 12 is better than PES 12 but There are many new things in PES 12 that make it a worth alternative to this year’s Fifa game. Full version of this game can be downloaded for free from the link given at the end of this page.

One of the things that PES is better at is the ball control. You can dribble past defenders which gives you kind of a special feeling like playing with a Ronaldo-esque player taking on defenders on your own. A lot of complex dribbling maneuvers grace this game. You can add a couple of keys to the special skills which makes it much easier to pull off this moves. And when you complete such movements you get a good feeling about yourself. Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Free Full Version Game for PC from the link given at the bottom of this page.

The game also has some new set piece moves that you can master for throw-ins, free kicks and corners. But niggle in the gameplay of PES 12 is the passing. Pro Evolution Soccer incorporates a power meter which is activated when you pass the ball or shoot. The more the meter fills the more power and height the ball gets, this sounds good but during play this doesn’t come true. Often when you try passing the ball a long way up by pressing the pass button for a long time it ends up with your nearest teammate. This makes for a frustrating playing time as many a times you will lose possession due to this glitch. Even so the crossing is definitely a plus with pinpoint accurate passes which get you a lot of easy heading goals. The link given at the end of this page will let you Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Full Free.

The presentation though compared to Fifa 12 is lacking in a lot of areas even though the exclusive tournaments like UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League are well presented. The licenses that Konami has are nothing compared to the Fifa franchise. The graphics are great and the players look like the real ones. But as the players move you can see they are running with a jerky movement rather than a fluid one like in Fifa 12. Even with some of the things lacking in this new PES game one thing that will keep you happy is that no two matches will feel the same. There is something different happening all the time on the patch. This might be the thing that will make a lot of soccer fans to play PES 12 rather than Fifa which gives you a lot of scripted animations. All in all Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is a worthy soccer game and a good alternative to Fifa 12. Follow the link below to Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Free.

Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Free for PC

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Mount the ISO image in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game. (to get the serial number for installing open the relaoded.nfo using notepad)
    4. Open the DVD and go to Crack folder and copy all the files to Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 folder of where you installed it.
    5. Play the game.

  2. elmasry says:

    Thanks alot uploader and thanks reloaded

  3. xvxsheko says:

    thnxxxxxxxxxx was waiting for this. Love u guys..

  4. lotrlover says:

    Thanks so much for this great game share! Awesome! 🙂

  5. felippe says:

    thanks a lot for the up!!

  6. madweegie says:

    Excellent 🙂 this will do good this weekend 🙂

  7. labrador says:

    Great Sharing, Thx.

  8. ramadan says:

    Thxxxx Nice work.

  9. janisg says:

    After playing alot of PES 2011, I tried FIFA 12, and thought it will be impossible to top that, But PES 2012 proved othervise.


    Although I miss FIFA 12 collision engine, can’t wait to play this one for a long time, till next years editions.

  10. harl says:

    This game plays like a real game attacking is harder and defending is harder, if you come up against a top rated player who is good on the ball he will rip you apart and your defence 😛

    Its all good tho makes you learn an play better you don’t want a easy 4 or 5 goal game all the time , if you don’t take your chances you will be punished for it lol

  11. xmentr says:

    Excellent game. loving it more than fifa 12.

  12. madweegie says:

    Anyone get stuttering on this ? ATI 5870 x64 , no matter what i force , D3d Overrider . etc etc, still stutters

  13. youneastwood says:

    i played both and well fifa got my vote

  14. sankouha says:

    thank u uploder 🙂

  15. reggaeton says:

    Been waiting almost six months for this release..will be playing PES 2012 till my eyes bleed 😛

    Cheers for you fantastic work.

  16. Ramario says:

    PES is much better than FIFA. PES is more realistic, FIFA is for kids. PES is a mans game 😉


  17. APCW says:

    been waiting for this release so much
    thanks uploader
    thanks downloadgamesnow
    thanks reloaded
    long live PES

  18. domxito says:

    Great game 😛 Thanks a Lot!!

  19. Malik says:

    Thank you! been waiting for this game! PES is one of the best.

  20. midooooo says:

    finally !!
    thaanx …

  21. AcHeRoN55 says:

    oh god finally

  22. okochajj says:

    i have x64 windows 7 it works perfectly.

  23. M3zzat says:

    I also have a 64-bit windows 7. working great.

  24. eslamtalaat says:

    Works Perfect .. For the crack put the game folder in your anti virus exceptions and for me i didn’t firewall the game i left it for the DLC update and it works

  25. 202AD says:

    finally thank you very much

  26. No3man says:

    Thnx UL .. works just fine .

  27. mad says:

    this works great on x64. thanks.

  28. eto says:

    Game works perfectly

    My specs:
    intel core i5 2500k
    Gigabyte Geforce 560 TI OC
    4 GB ram
    Win 7 ,x64

  29. eofong says:

    Instaled on win7 64 pro working perfectly i installed the 1.01 patch and crack. GTX 580 GPU.
    There is commentary too.

  30. Mraz says:

    Me too, I confirm it working on win 7 64-bit , patch 1.1 is working too 🙂

  31. ahmad says:

    this game is best

  32. chilling says:

    filesonic links are not working , please help

  33. raskodekondo says:

    the world’s beatiful game i love konami

  34. chilling says:

    thanks for the share… we love u guys

  35. Prathamesh says:

    Thanks,It Is working In Celeron 2.40 Ghz gbram
    and 128mb Videomemory.

  36. dogara tumba says:

    thanks to you all, i love you so much and i owe you

  37. Max4Ds says:


  38. aknazo says:

    perfect !!!!…. thanks man

  39. gamesforfree says:

    thanks uploader.. really good.. working fine.

  40. jorgehoodoo says:

    thanks. this is working. didnt expect it that i ll get it for free.

  41. maoz says:

    downloaded from the links given and installed as suggested by admin. thanks a lot.

  42. arieloha says:

    thank you! i m loving this game.

  43. xmentr says:

    thank u. I waited a long time to find this free game

  44. sstev says:

    thanks mate. like PES 12 better than Fifa 12.

  45. TSikas says:

    i used the torrent to download. got good speed.

  46. Super8 says:

    thanks admin. i have never downloaded game from here but i see the videos and follow instructions and it work.

  47. PESlover says:

    good work and nice game. not difficult as fifa this year.

  48. Aussie says:

    they make good game. thank you.

  49. mira says:

    danke admin

  50. Mike says:

    thank you from UK.. i works for me.

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