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Posted by admin on Oct 10, 2011
Orcs Must Die

Orcs Must Die

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Download Orcs Must Die Free Full for PC

Orcs Must Die is a tower defense strategy game, full version of which can be downloaded from the link given at the end of this article. The game instead of using the top-down view as with all the strategy games comes out with a new concept of 3rd person action viewpoint. The game is released for Xbox 360 and here you have the PC version of the game.

Orcs Must Die rather than letting you sit away from the action building towers, makes you get involved as an action game. As the name of the game suggests a lot of orcs are infiltrating your castle and your aim is to kill them all before they reach your headquarters. This is the same gameplay used in most of tower defense games. The game stands out in the variety of new toys that are made available for you and you will get a lot of them and quickly too. Each victory brings you something new which keeps you more involved as you will be looking forward to what new things will get unlocked when you gain the victory. The link to Download Orcs Must Die Free Full Version PC Game is given at the end of this page.

Orcs Must Die gives you a lot of unique traps to kill the orcs and also a lot of ways that you can create of your own. You can use burning coals to incinerate the orcs or use the spring trap to throw them in nearby lava pits. If you have thought of any ways to kill the orcs then you will find them in this game. The game gives you a limited amount of funds which in turn means a limited amount of traps. As a result you need to get into the action and kill the orcs on your own using the crossbow and many other fun, good weapons. The game has a very satisfying combat system and if you like the action rather than the strategy then you can delve right into the action with Orcs Must Die. Download Orcs Must Die Free Full for PC from the link given at the bottom of this page.

You will be playing the game as an incompetent apprentice who keeps running around the game levels using his crossbow and other mix of weapons and magical artifacts. You are the only hope of the land as everyone who was capable of defending the world has died. You can use the direct attack option where you lay traps to slowdown the hordes of orcs and kill them using your weapons. If you die, you will revive losing some points.

Orcs Must Die features a very lengthy campaign which is a definite plus as this is only a single player game. You can use the Mouse/Keyboard on PC or the Xbox 360 controller. But using the controller has a drawback as you will not be able switch traps using the bumper keys. But as most of the gamers who will be playing this game will be using Mouse and keyboard it won’t cause a problem. Orcs Must Die lets you make some clever traps and use the available resources in many different ways. Whatever approach you take to kill the Orcs it sure is fun. Orcs Must Die is a great fun game and has received great rating from the gaming critics a lot of support from the gamers. Give it a try you definitely will like it. The link below will let you Download Orcs Must Die Free for PC.

Download Orcs Must Die Free Full for PC

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59 Responses to “Orcs Must Die”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download all parts from one box and use Winrar or 7zip to extract them. You will get a ISO file.
    2. Use Daemon tools lite to mount the ISO or Burn it on a DVD
    3. Install the game.
    4. Copy all files from SKIDROW folder (DVD) to installation folder in Program files (Hard Disk)
    5. Play the game.

  2. LC says:

    Sounds really good.. Will play this once I get home from work tonight!

  3. andorinha says:


  4. ThaiKatY2k says:

    to many games not enough time god i hate who made time..thats all we think about ,,big thanks Uploader

  5. tomason says:

    this game is so much fun u guys should try it 😀

  6. EssexUK87 says:

    playing this right now, looks good

  7. dragula says:

    how many tower/castle devence games in 2D ive played with the panoramic view (loved them all)

    finally, defend the castle in 3D….
    looks awesome by the gameplay videos Ive seen

    thanks uploader
    you made my day

  8. dashmaul says:

    game runs fine. thanks.

    PS: copied all files from SKIDROW folder to “C:Program FilesRobot EntertainmentOrcs Must Die!Buildrelease” folder

  9. nikhil says:

    can u tel dat i have no dvd rom so where can i burn de file can burn in 700mb cd plz reply……plzzzz

  10. noofa says:

    thank you very very much. loving this game.

  11. Revan says:

    thanks uploader! Game works fine and its fun!

  12. buzzliteyeh says:

    Great upload man fun game, finaly a game that get’s the “fun” back into games , i highly recomand this to everyone.

  13. pipedowndjh says:

    DLing this now and thank you for uploading this here.

  14. Startrance says:

    Thanks for the upload

  15. energy says:

    fantastic game 🙂

  16. xyro says:

    Game of the year in my openion

  17. DjDayV says:

    thanks, played the demo today. will be playing this now.

  18. revolutionz says:

    Thanks for this.

    Looks like it was inspired by Torchlight 😛

  19. raiderxa says:

    great game. worked. fantastic.

  20. titograin says:

    ohhhhhhhhhh this was on Arcade for XBOX360. Nice to see it on PC NICE!!!!!!!

  21. Frits says:

    Wauw already online :O Thnx for sharing!

  22. omermuhtar says:

    Best game I played this year. Incredible gameplay. Traps, guardians, weapons, spells, skills. Doesnt have a linear boring advancement also, I have played 15 maps without even noticing.

  23. Rebslack says:

    Fantastic release, cant turn it off. Insanely adictive game. No issues yet (Im on Level 18 so far).


  24. videogamenic, says:

    works just fine.. I m a hardcore gamer but i m also loving this fun game.

  25. kallaskokos says:

    Nice 9/10 on ign =) thx

  26. DarQ says:

    Dont forget to use the crack from SKIDROW folder.

    Awesome game btw, thanks for sharing 🙂

  27. Milan says:

    Awesome game!
    Thx to uploader

  28. EdgeCros says:

    Downloaded game an everything runs fine but when I get into the actual game Im just a crossbow/weapon laying on the ground an cannot move. Any help here? Thanks.

    • admin says:

      try reinstalling the game and also try to install everything that comes with the game like in the C++ folder. Also download the fix given on the download page in step 5 of install instructions.

  29. julius says:

    its super super awesome

  30. Jay De Anda says:

    This doesn’t work for nothing, when I try copying the files from SKIDROW folder it says I’m not allowed to copy files to the program folder…..someone help!!!!!!!!!!

    • admin says:

      to solve this problem you need to take ownership of the folder where you are copying the files. read this

      • Jay De Anda says:

        I did everything it said and still nothing, it takes for ever to copy the files and it doesn’t copy the “orcsmustdie.exe” from the SKIDROW folder on the dvd…

        and the i tried re-installing the game but the intsallation doesn’t install directx or the C++ program….

        • admin says:

          try installing those files manually from the DVD or o to the folder where you have installed the game and install them from there. Also disable your antivirus in case its blocking you from copying the files.
          And dont forget to get the Fix given in instructions step 5 on download page and run it.

      • Jay De Anda says:

        I did everything correctly step by step, and it’s still not working…….

      • Jay De Anda says:

        Well first i got an error saying that a .DLL file was missing from my computer… so I downloaded it and installed it… (I think i messed up doing that)… but now i’m getting an error saying “Steam Error, Application Load Error P:0000065432″…. and I can’t copy the crack files to the game folder and the patch fix says it can’t access the file because it is open somewhere else and to close it before continuing… I’ve restarted my computer and with no luck……

  31. CC says:

    I did everything from the instruction, but when i start the game, it says “Failed to initialize the engine” :/

  32. Daniel says:

    I installed the game, copied the files but when i want to play it says “The program can’t start because d3xdx9_43.dll is missing from your computer”.


  33. Russle says:

    Hi, i have Error.. Application load error P:0000065432, what i must do for fix that problem?

  34. frederik says:

    orcs must die er fedt

  35. aliasa says:

    the game nice i like it i will download it

  36. aliasa says:

    the game is nice i like it

  37. paul kawalec says:

    i want the game

  38. gannon says:

    does eny one know how to download the game because i want to know

  39. PeRRyS says:


  40. wacky says:

    Hey my brother gave me the game and it doesnt work!!!! I think its the crack mising ummmm any way where can i download the game(you know for FREE)
    PLZZZZZ help

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