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Posted by admin on Nov 22, 2011
Need for Speed The Run

Need for Speed The Run

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Download Need for Speed The Run, NFS Run Full Free for PC

Need for Speed The Run is the new game in the Need for Speed series from Electronic Arts. You can download full version of this game for free from the direct link given at the bottom. For those who are not aware, NFS The Run is a racing game and it’s the 18th game in the series.

NFS The Run has linear tracks and you won’t be taking same routes all the time like in a previous games NFS Shift and NFS Shift 2. Need for Speed comes back to its high speed racing roots with The Run. Need for Speed The Run has a story which is something different than other open world racing games which just let you take control of a car and drive like crazy. It’s nice to have some background about the racer. This said the story of NFS The Run is just a little part of the game and it’s there just to put you into races. Download Need for Speed The Run Full Free for PC from the link given at the end of this page.

You play the character of Jack Rourke in The Run. Jack is on the run from the mob that’s tailing him for the large amount of money that he owes them. This is when a woman with money enters the scene, Sam. She offers a large amount of money to jack but only if he takes part in a cross-country racing event called The Run. After hearing about this opportunity jacks thinks this will end all his problems and agrees happily. The story as said before is not the greatest and it’s shown through cutscenes which are around 5-6 in number meaning a really short story to show. These cutscenes don’t have anything to do with the story anyway. Some cutscenes are interactive meaning you will be asked to press buttons during these scenes which will most likely to prevent jack from dying or getting beaten up back cops. Keep reading or skip to the end to Download Need for Speed The Run Full Free.

You have quick events that you need to complete in order to progress forward but if you screw these up somehow you need to start again by getting back at the checkpoint of starting the game. This is really a painful experience to go back every time you lose. But the main part of the game is racing at insane speeds which NFS The Run has plenty to offer. Need for Speed The Run Free Download is available from the link given at the end.

There are four types of races in NFS The Run. The first one is the normal race where you need to finish first by overtaking all other racers. If you finish anywhere other than the first rank you need to play the race again. The second type of race is time trials where you need to get through checkpoints before the timer runs out and every time you get through a checkpoint the time is extended. These are easily won races not much competition here. Download Need for Speed The Run Full Free from the link given below.

The third type of race is the battle. In this mode you take on other racers one at a time and race against time to be ahead. At the end of the time given if you are ahead of your opponent you win. This is kind of an elimination race type. The last race type is rival race where you take on only a few racers which include the characters from the story and you need to defeat them at the end of each segment of the game. Following link will let you Download Need for Speed The Run Full Free.

Download Need for Speed The Run Full Free for PC

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Mount the ISO image in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game. Mount DVD 1 and start install. when asked for DVD 2 unmount DVD 1 then mount DVD2 and continue installation.
    4. Open the DVD2 and go to Crack folder and copy all the files to the folder where you installed the game on Hard Disk
    5. Play the game.

  2. alex says:

    why the download link is dead?

  3. Sonkilary says:

    Finally RELOADED Did it THX A LOT

  4. psyko666 says:


  5. madafak says:

    Thanx fo UP!! thumbsup

  6. Deca says:

    woot finally 😀

    Thanks a lot!

  7. sandvic says:

    Thanks, final a good crack good instead of unreliable garbage 🙂

  8. hurra says:

    ty for the up.. im guessing my laptop wont handle this game good 😛 so i’ll wait until i get my new rig.

  9. Z3ljk0 says:

    thx you

    getting good speeds for download

  10. badog says:

    Thanks uploader! Been eagerly waiting for this :)))

  11. gamesforfree says:

    Thanks Reloaded,uploader & DGD Games 🙂

  12. xmentr says:

    i was waiting for this upload thanks uploader. Thanks reloaded

  13. d1agn0stic says:

    Good job everyone involved with this release and thanks a lot for the great speed

  14. nacpvh says:

    Thanks. I was waiting for this release.

  15. Brettz says:

    Thanks for the game.

  16. nooke says:

    Thank you bro!

  17. Malaky says:

    waiting for this
    thanks reloaded welcome back again

  18. uwk07 says:

    awwiiii i am so LUCKY i found NFS Run free download

  19. sotiriosbmx says:

    cheers for the game.

  20. dentdc says:

    Installed game without problems.
    Started game, it works perfectly. Crack worked as it should.
    Set all video settings to max and started The Run mode.
    Played for about 1 hour without any problems.
    I like the game, videos are awesome, its more like a ‘movie’ then other NFS’s.
    Gfx are good, gameplay so far ok, not too hard not too easy.
    Will have to play more to say if I really like it or not.

    quadcore win7 64b nvidia gtx465

  21. felippe says:

    thanks a lot for the upload!!!

  22. teringlijer says:

    game is quite fun
    thanks for free download

  23. BlackChaos says:

    finally!! thnx dude 😀

  24. Kert says:

    Damn, the time it takes to install the game. :O
    but totally worth the wait.

  25. digitech says:

    Tested the game , improvement in graphics for sure, works great 😉

  26. torrentman says:

    THANKS A LOT!!!!!!

  27. LiquidSnake says:

    Thank you for this game!

  28. cNone says:

    The game sure looks fun

  29. Cyclone says:

    If you liked hot pursuit then you should like this.

  30. DervianSoul says:

    Works and looks Great

    Running a Gforce GT 1gig GFX, 4gig ram, quad core, win7 Ultimate.

  31. drkareeem says:

    thnx i hope it works in my core2due cpu 😀

  32. Elessarsi says:

    thanks uploader 🙂

  33. tyno750 says:

    gooood!!!! tnx X 10

  34. puma99 says:

    the game works perfectly thanks for the free game.
    too bad this ain’t the limited edition, bcs i can’t choose the cars for limited edition they are locked.

  35. Daxant says:

    always liked this

  36. skane says:

    I totally agree about this being a shitty game. Why do they have to have that kind of “movie camera”? It ruins the game experince! And all you do is drive. No making money to buy upgrades and being able o style the car how you want. That was the real fun of it. Wasn´t it? Now you just get them after a while.

  37. neeraj says:

    thanx alot even i owe u now….

  38. SmOKeZ says:

    the game runs fine for me.

    runnin on an i7 950 4.0ghz + gtx 480 + 6gb ram

    thx for the up

  39. wiizel says:

    What’s up with the challenge series, it say’s clearly press ESC to go back, and instead after pressing it tries to connect to Autolog? Does it mean that the challenge series is not possible to play after challenge 1?

  40. stilo says:

    Thx a lot! Works great at max graphics on my Win7 SP1 x64 😀

  41. GoonBagJones says:

    Awesome game and graphics. Took a while to install though, but what can you expect.

    Cant understand why this game is getting such shit reviews though. It’s like, if you want Forza, go get fuckin Forza. This game rocks!

  42. magnus says:

    Games looks great.

  43. RacerXGtsT says:

    Thank you uploader. Is anyone else having issues getting progression into 3rd gear? In the 240z, I get to 90 in 2nd (well into redline), shift to 3rd and speed starts decreasing. I’m using a logitech controller, maybe that has something to do with it?

  44. rosco says:

    Game runs fine. Thanks for the upload.

  45. braddaaw says:

    Works as sweet as a nut.

  46. inayagan says:

    Thanks for this. Running on my machine at Ultra settings:

    Intel Q9400 2.66Ghz
    OCZ Platinum 8GB 1066Mhz
    HIS ATi Radeon HD4870x2

  47. xleon says:

    perfect game! thank you

  48. farazfarid says:

    Having an issue, would appreciate if someone can help.

    I have a Toshiba L745 laptop with nvidia gt 525m, the installation was successful but when i launch the game i get a nvidia driver error which tells me to update my driver to latest beta nvidia driver.I tried installing it but install fails, as for the one installed currently on the system from toshiba is the latest one they have on there website.

    Please help out in this regards as i really want to play this game.

    • RacerXGtsT says:

      @farazfarid Try to go to Nvidia’s website (driver section) and run their Java applet to check for updates. That worked for me at least.

  49. ezekiel says:


    Before running the game you must disable NUM LOCK button. Now you can change the accelerate and brake to arrows.


  50. raz9 says:

    working fine with 360 controller didnt need to do anything .

    AMD Phenom II 965
    8GB ram
    ATI 6950 unlocked to 6970
    win 7 64bit sp1

    ultra settings on 1080p 🙂

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