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Posted by admin on Mar 10, 2010
Major League Baseball 2K10

Major League Baseball 2K10

Download Major League Baseball 2K10 PC Game for Free

Major League Baseball 2K10 is a baseball game from 2K Sports. IT was released on all the major gaming platforms like PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The game has been introduced with a new My Player mode where you will create a player and take him from the minor leagues to the heights of the major league baseball. The game features from previous iteration have been improved upon.

MLB today a ticker that updates the news of baseball in real time and keeps you updated about what happening in the real baseball world. Another feature that is cool is that when a game is going on in real life you can play that same game in MLB 2k10 using the MLB Today option. This is a very cool feature and the sides that are playing will be from the real life players. Commentary feels real this time around and has been worked upon a lot with the commentators mentioning the stats of the players from previous games and years. The noise that the crowd generated has been worked and feels natural and not some recording playing over and over again. Keep reading to know how to Download Major League Baseball 2K10 Free for PC.

There are some bad things about this game, lets get to them first. The fielding is a bit too fast to my taste and you need to adjust the setting to get it right. Running between bases is average at best. The game is affected by a number of bugs that take away from the experience of playing this game. Visual and sounds bugs are some of the noteworthy problems. These kinds of games are best played with a game-pad but the game does a poor job of supporting these game-pads and it leaves something to be desired from them. Online play doesn’t work most of the time. The game is not fun for some parts like fielding.

Now lets see some of the good stuff that makes this game worthwhile. The game has improved leaps and bounds over previous iterations. The action feels much more real than any other game and the formations are more natural. The new pitching settings make it fun to take control of the game as a pitcher rather than being the one who hits the home-run. The new My Player mode addition makes the game much more enjoyable. You still have the main modes that we enjoy a lot like the Franchise mode or the Home Run derby. The game looks great on visual front than any previous game. The sound system as well as the graphics have been completely overhauled.

The developers have paid more attention to the realistic gameplay in MLB 2010, which is evident once you start the game and see the players. As this is the only game that lets you score a home-run from your seat you cannot complain much. If you like to Download Major League Baseball 2K10 Free for PC then click on the following link.

Download Major League Baseball 2K10 Free for PC

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  1. SmuttyNLP says:

    WICKED wicked up! Thanks a billion! Great game, great graphics! Works flawlessly! Crack SO easy, even a caveman can do it!

  2. Thor16 says:

    Thanks mate, I always thought Americans are retards for watching Baseball but this one is pretty decent.

  3. atalepsy says:

    Thanks a lot! Truly a great game!

  4. mummyya says:

    Thanks. Awesome game.

  5. kejban says:

    i don’t have any idea about baseball,i guess i will learn with game’s help

    thanx uploader

  6. Braga says:

    Yes, finally! Many, many thanks uploader!

  7. Ronald09 says:


  8. vic112299 says:

    thanks alot for the up.

  9. mothapuncha says:

    sweet thank you! will you be releasing just the crack for this?

  10. gfilomeno says:

    great!! thx for this one!

  11. Freqman says:

    7 gigs for a baseball game wtf is in there anyways … bleghhhh

    well in any case, thanks for the upload.

  12. uhuh2008 says:

    thanks uploader just waiting for last bit to download.

  13. LiquidSnake says:

    Great Upload thanks!

  14. zeca457 says:

    Thanks. Good game

  15. psychoff says:

    been waiting for this. thanks!

  16. metsfan says:

    finallyyy! tks for the up!

  17. kwiatol says:

    Greaat! Thanks men!

  18. aeromaiden says:

    Thanks Man, great UP

    is there a way to get the NHL 2K 10?


  19. nightlord19 says:

    Thx for the game!
    Can someone comfirm if it has Local Lan multiplayer or just online multiplayer.
    Thx again! *thumbs up*

  20. frodo19 says:

    TYVM been waiting for this

  21. toolbandfan says:

    thank you for the upload. I’ve heard mixed things about this game, but have been wanting to give it a try. Can never go wrong with free.

  22. v4npro says:

    Thanks alot, I heard it was a huge improvement over 2k9.

  23. thank you for the upload.

  24. Simon says:

    thank you for the upload. I’ve heard mixed things about this game, but have been wanting to give it a try. Can never go wrong with free.

  25. Jimmy says:

    Hi can you please fix the link to part 5… I have all the other parts downloaded but part 5 is not working… Thanks

  26. Jimmy says:

    Thanks Matt… Appreciate it a lot… Keep it up…

  27. Jimmy says:

    @MattS Hey Matt I have been trying it a lot now for sometime but it just keeps on saying the download failed, Idk why all the other parts worked fine… Can you please look at it again… Thanks

  28. Jimmy says:

    or is there another way you can just upload that part again… it would be greatly appreciated… Thanks ( Part 5 of the links)…

  29. Jimmy says:

    @MattS Thanks Matt… I finally got it, and thanks for all your help again…

  30. dmitry says:

    how do you download this thing

  31. chris` says:

    please help to download it…how to burn it…what should i do first?

  32. teddy says:

    could u play this online??????

  33. do_la says:

    where can i find JUST the crack? PLEASE! :/

  34. jose says:

    I want to play this game in my comouter

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