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Posted by admin on Aug 26, 2010
Mafia 2

Mafia 2

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Download Mafia 2 Full Game Free for PC

Mafia 2 is a sequel to the game Mafia released in the year 2002. Mafia 2 is third person action shooter game. The game is released for the consoles, PS3 and Xbox 360 and also for Windows based PC’s. You play as the main character of the game, Vito. Vito has come from a poor background and has suffered a lot in his childhood. He is looking to fulfill his dream. Keep reading to Download Mafia 2 Full Game Free for PC.

The game is based in 1940 & 50s era in the fictional city called Empire Bay. Empire Bay is a combination of many cities from today like New York, Chicago and more. The game has the cars from that time line and also some licensed music to remind you of that time. Many of the features that made the original Mafia game popular have also been included in Mafia 2. Many of the weapons from that game have come back and some of them in improved versions. You can interact with many of the objects within the game. You can either use them peacefully or break them violently and then use them. A map to show your location and your objectives is present. A new checkpoint saving system has been incorporated.

Vito coming from a tough life is ready to become big with doing any kind of work. Vito is a small time criminal from the start but he is going to enter the world of organized crime with his friend Joe. They will take on any jobs to make an impression on the Mafia families that control most of the criminal activities in the Empire Bay city. The city is alive with business and lives going on normally in them but you will disrupt the order of life like in a Hollywood movie. Read on to Download Mafia 2 Full Game Free for PC.

Combat system has been improved and taking cover behind objects or walls is possible now. The cutscenes shown during the game are real time, meaning the game creates these scenes as you play the game. These scenes will show everything that you were carrying before the cutscene started instead of a predefined set of faces and objects being shown no matter what your previous condition was. You can listen to radio stations within the game which will be playing licensed music from that era.

The game received some good reviews for solid gameplay. The combat system especially hand to hand combat is greatly done also shooting action is good. The city where the entire action takes place has been rendered beautifully and takes you to the era the game is set in. The story is superbly narrated. Characters have received some great voice acting. If you are looking for some mafia action then look no further. Download Mafia 2 Full Game Free for PC from this link

Download Mafia 2 Full PC Game Free

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61 Responses to “Mafia 2”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions
    1. Extract the rar files using Winrar to get a ISO image.
    2. Mount image in Daemon tolls lite or burn it on DVD
    3. Install the game from there.
    4. Download the crackfix from any link given on download page
    5. Extract the crackfix with Winrar and copy all the files to the /pc/ folder in Program Files for Mafia 2 and overwrite
    6. Play the game.

  2. HOWARDGL says:


  3. Sinotek says:

    ty! ty! ty! ty!

    Oh and did I remember to say ty? Just to make sure – ty!

  4. groggy says:

    finally thanks!

  5. rorybhoy1888 says:

    Thanks Skid. Can finally enjoy this game.

  6. cmuchal says:

    wow…thank you <3 I hope it works…

  7. seizmos says:

    Thx for crackfix

  8. NoMercy says:

    Thank you uploader!

  9. TheGodfather says:

    Here it his.
    Thanks SKIDROW, I knew that you would fix it.
    Oh, and thanks 4 the up too

  10. Morph says:

    where do i putt he DLC stuff?

  11. mrmuscle says:

    Morph: Read the game notes

    “Copy everything to you Mafia II/pc/ folder and overwrite!”

  12. maelstorm says:

    well worth the wait thanks skidrow rules.

  13. Zarunil says:

    Can someone please confirm this is working properly? Thanks.

  14. general714 says:

    Thanks! – much appreciated. Works fine for me. Cheers!

  15. sync says:

    Thanks in million!!!! and keep it coming!

  16. Deathsilver says:

    Just played this works.

  17. Headhunters says:

    thanks like always

  18. Psycho2 says:

    This crack seems working great so far.

  19. xlove007 says:

    Thanks You so much SKIDROW .. Good Job :thumbsup:

  20. ocutes says:

    This fixed the health problem for me. Thank you very much!

  21. gamesforfree says:

    work perfect,THX

  22. Komants1 says:

    it works fine 🙂 thanks for nice game 🙂

  23. NightFly says:

    Cheers Skidrow, was waiting for fix, time to get Mafia now.

  24. AboSloma says:

    so i guess that it works Fine ..
    Thanks SKIDROW .

  25. psyko666 says:

    great game; thx again upper!

  26. Krutaan says:

    Been playing without health drop and past chapter 7, so this is good

  27. StupidDog says:

    Im on chapter 4 here and this has given no problems so far.

  28. vic112299 says:

    thanks for the fix Skidrow.

  29. gillisthom says:

    DLCS worked for me, thanks

  30. Thomas1234 says:

    Does the PhysiX work with ATi cards ? And does it make big difference in the game or is it just useless ?

  31. nitemares1 says:

    @thomas, No PhysX is an Nvidia Feuture only, if you have ATI leave it off. It makes the graphics better, but if you are on ATI the PhysX will run off the CPU and slow your performance to a crawl.

    I run the game on a i7 920 @ 2.8Ghz, 6GB DDR3 1600 ram, 896MB GTX 260 + GTS 250 for PhysX and get anywhere from 25 – 80fps at 1920×1080, Max Detai, PhysX on Highl with no AA. (The 25fps in only in heavy battles with lots of explosions and stuff.)

    anyway this skidrow release works great with the crackfix, I’m at chapter 3 so far.

  32. hornetsuk says:

    Many thanks to the uploader. Game worked flawlessly from start to finish with this crack.

  33. Atarion says:

    No problems here with the SKIDROW release. Q6600 @ 3GHZ and SLI 8800 GTS 512’s. At 1680 X 1050 with everything high (PhysX off) it runs at 50.4 fps according to the ingame benchmark. It runs smooth and looks great.

  34. Nicolas77 says:

    Today new ATi catalyst 10.8 released, will try when come home from work. Maybe few FPS up? Will see. BTW thanks uploader everything works fine I’m now in chapter7. DLC works fine.

  35. rootkit says:

    crackfix works great thanks u SKIDROW & Uploader

  36. Nahkman says:

    I’m up to chapter 10 so far.

    This game is great so far, loving the atmosphere, and vehicles, and the humor involved lol

  37. PetitSinge says:

    Crack works a1, no issue what so ever.
    Tnx uploader.

  38. monstertugg says:

    I can confirm that the SKIDROW crackfix works !!!!
    Win7 x64

  39. gaz1 says:

    Thanks Game works so far aslo thanks for the dlc.

  40. cagdas says:

    download @ fileserve, only 6 parts and very fast.

  41. Simic says:

    does this game work on windows xp service pack 3 please answer

  42. harry says:

    i swear i am never gonna leave you

  43. Simic says:

    ok but does it work on sp3

  44. ryan says:

    honestly I cannot get this to work at all. When I downloaded the torrent, I mount it and install it. I then extracted the crack folder and copied and pasted it on to the /pc/ folder. I then try to run the game by clicking on the shortcut and nothin happens. The game doesn’t even turn on if you could help me out that would be great. Im using windows 7. Im really new to this so the more detail the better. Thank you skid.

  45. ryan says:

    sorry but do i have to download all the parts, is that what my problem might be

    • admin says:

      @ryan if u used the torrent. then read the instructions at the bottom. you need to download the crack given in instructions to play the game.

  46. yoyoyo says:

    how to put in the crack for window 7??

    • S says:

      @yoyoyo whats the problem. just copy it from DVD and paste in mafia 2 folder in Program Files. where same file is there.

  47. 123456789 says:

    man there is already a crack on the dvd. do i need to download the crackfix?

    • Dude says:

      123456789 you can use that if its there but dont complain if it doesnt work or something. they must ve given it for a reason.

  48. chris says:

    i believe this is very good…

  49. Mal says:

    Nice thanks 🙂

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