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Posted by admin on Oct 10, 2010
Lost Planet 2

Lost Planet 2

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Download Lost Planet 2 Full Game Free for PC

Lost Planet 2 is the sequel to the popular Lost Planet Extreme Conditions third person shooter game. The game is set 10 years later from the events of the first game. Game takes place on the same planet from the first game. 10 years after the events of the first game the planet is changing rapidly and the icy environments have been replaced by jungles and deserts. You will fight to take control of this planet. To Download Lost Planet 2 Full Game Free for PC go to the link at the bottom.

Many of the features that made the first game so successful have been retained in this sequel. The terrain though changed to nice looking jungles from the icy one still is dangerous. Boss fights are as tough as you expect and you can also control those mechanical suits like in the first game. This time around you can travel on these mechanical suits and fight while some other player is controlling the suit. You also have flying mechs that can fly for unlimited time.

Unlike Lost Planet, Lost Planet 2 will not drain your thermal energy constantly. The climate was ice cold in the first game but it is warmer in this game so the energy is less needed. But you will lose energy if you are controlling a mechanical suit or using a weapon that requires thermal energy. You will also lose energy if you sprint for a long time. Other players can lend you that energy if you are depleted. An experience point system has been incorporated. You will get points for completing any side missions you encounter or play differently than anyone else. You can customize you character using these points. Keep reading to Download Lost Planet 2 Full Game Free for PC.

You also have online co-op play which is more fun than playing with the AI characters. If you are playing online, players can coordinate their attacks by using different approaches. One of the players can control the mechanical suits and 2 other players can ride on the suit and all of them can go in with guns blazing. This is one fun multiplayer experience that you shouldn’t miss. There is a four player co-op mode which lets you play the entire game as a co-op game.

The visuals are gorgeous and fantastic to play in. PC version is fine tuned than the console versions, so, much fun for PC gamers. This has more play time than the previous game and has been improved in all aspects. The game will throw new thing at you all the time and the planet is a beautiful place. The music in game has been done superbly. Xbox controllers are supported as well as Keyboard & mouse. You can play this game for around 14 hours. To Download Lost Planet 2 Full Game Free for PC use the following link.

Download Lost Planet 2 Full Version PC game for Free

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101 Responses to “Lost Planet 2”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Extract all parts to get the ISO images.
    2. Mount the images in Daemon Tools or burn then on DVDs.
    3. Install the game
    4. Copy the content from the SKIDROW folder on DVD 2 to your Lost Planet 2 installation directory and overwrite the original files
    5. Play the game

  2. WeeeeQ4 says:

    Hehe Thank you

  3. 7Bogdan7 says:

    ooo thanks up

  4. sandvic says:

    Quality one

  5. pello says:

    this game is very nice …thx uploader

  6. Phillyblonds says:

    nice and thanx

  7. WhiteMan says:

    At last , Thanks UP

  8. notImPortant says:

    Lost.Planet.2 great work

    You ‘ve done it, again!

  9. Affinity121 says:

    Thanks uploader, much appreciated!

  10. inflamez says:

    co-op over hamachi etc??

  11. kainkain2 says:

    That’s Awesome

  12. seizmos says:

    Thx for the upload, nice game, I part lost planet have very good graphic

  13. quake4 says:

    SKIDROW good job, thank you and thank for Upload

  14. pupetmaster says:

    Exellent tx…anyone know how to bypass the windows live thing so you can save ?

  15. sandvic says:

    xLive is cracked:

    PROTECTION : Securom + xlive

  16. RossKemp says:

    has this got games for windows in it or did skidrow rip it out?

    thanks for up btw

  17. codemaster75 says:

    Finally .. Thanks Uploader

  18. uguraktas58 says:

    SKiDROW is best of the rest.

  19. elmasry2010 says:

    thanks uploader ..thanks skidrow
    now i ll download

  20. AeroFan says:

    This game rocks ass.

  21. alphaomega says:

    SKIDROW ……. You R The BEST
    thanks Uploader

  22. bROLLY35 says:

    ive started playing the game and its by far the best game i playd in 6 8 months …

  23. GlobGloba says:

    Nice , ill give this game a try thx

  24. Kusky says:

    It worked for me so it should work for you too!

    THX for the upload

  25. Mirick says:

    it’s a pretty fun game

  26. wsaraha says:

    works perfectly on my Windows 7 X64 ATI 5870 Crossfire

  27. Papelao says:

    Thanks ! thanks ! thanks !!!

  28. alh says:

    skidrow are the best!!!!

  29. jam says:

    the games working perfectly great..

    just follow the instructions and u r good to go.

  30. vaca69 says:

    just started playing and i love the graphics… real nice..

    thanks for the game.

  31. ABRD says:

    Admin Could You Post Lost Planet but THE FIRST PART… lost Planet 1 THX

  32. 123456789 says:

    admin pls post killing floor i want that game
    but all i found is repack(pirated version)

  33. a big rich douche says:

    @123456789 What is it about

  34. a big rich douche says:

    Awesome game if it wusnt Co-op i would never play it xD

  35. 123456789 says:

    @a big rich douche killing floor is a co-op survival horror like left4dead, you can also play single player and multiplayer (co-op or online) in killing floor. What about this game?(lost planet 2) Can you play single player in lost planet 2? or its fully online?

  36. yoyoyo says:

    this is great thx

  37. mizo says:

    Please Upload Need for speed undercover with the smallet size you got and perefect work body

  38. NEEDING HELP says:

    Hi , I downloaded borderland .
    I got part 1 to part 16 in rar file.
    I extracted it and I got part 1 to 66 in .001 , .002 file.
    I used Hjsplit to join but it did nothing , only creating an new file that do nothing.
    It dont creat an iso

    • admin says:

      @NEEDING HELP just right click on the .001 file and use the open with option and open it with Winrar. It will show u ISO file, select it and Click Extract To and select the folder where u want it.

  39. NEEDING HELP says:

    @ admin , It worked but and I try to use the setup
    ( or install in the launcher ) it tell me :

    only part of a readprocessmemory or writeprocessmemory request was completed.

    than it close the installer

    • admin says:

      @NEEDING HELP Did u write the ISO on a DVD or mounted it in Daemon tools. if u did write it and ur DVD Writer is from HP then u get that problem. just use daemon tools lite instead.

  40. NEEDING HELP says:

    I mounted with poweriso

  41. NEEDING HELP says:

    worked finally ! ( with daemon tool lite )
    but it ask me to put the crack…

    • admin says:

      @NEEDING HELP yes you need to Copy the content from the SKIDROW folder on DVD 2 to your installation directory and overwrite

  42. 123456789 says:

    pls re upload fileseve links

  43. ChrisG says:

    Will this work on co-ap mode, and if so will i need dedicated server?

  44. 123456789 says:

    now im going 2 download and enjoy this!

  45. 123456789 says:

    hey man i downloaded it in fileserve (the reuploaded links) where’s the crack?

  46. kkkkkkk says:

    i ned the producet cod

    it won,t save

  47. 123456789 says:

    there’s no dvd2 nor dvd 1 the folder name is LP2_FULL

  48. 123456789 says:

    also i searched all folders in LP2_FULL there’s no SKIDROW, RAZOR1911, or any CRACK folder there

  49. 123456789 says:

    like i said before, “hey man i downloaded it in fileserve (the reuploaded links) where’s the crack?”

  50. 123456789 says:

    I said, the RE-UPLOADED links, because I said the old FileServe links are dead, so mattS RE-UPLOADED it. He said before, “@123456789 fileserve links have been added and dead links replaced with working ones. Enjoy!”

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