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Posted by admin on May 15, 2011
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

Download LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Full Game Free for PC from the link at the bottom

This game belong to the LEGO style of games and a action adventure game by nature. Its based on the Pirates of the Caribbean series of films. This game has the story of the 4 movies together. Its been developed for all consoles and PC. The gameplay is similar to previous games and you get split screen co-op play. For every film there are 5 levels, so for 4 films total of 20 levels are present in the game. You get the lego currency to purchase things like pirate ships, which you can collect playing the game. This game starts in Port Royal and as you play through the Port Royal gets better and better and bigger. Meaning you will get to explore more areas and things. Keep reading to Download LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Full Game Free for PC

The game has improved much more compared to the last game of Legos and even the gamers who have played it before will be happy with this new game. The game engine has been modified and feels better. The environments are rendered greatly. You will be looking at some cool graphics, which are the best yet seen from the LEGO franchise. The AI is great at some times but not so much at other times. The game feels polished at all right places.

You get many characters all from the films including Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. Around 70 characters are present which you can use to play as. You will also get to see scenes from the films being shown as cut scenes with Lego characters which makes them fun to watch. Each character has different abilities which will help you proceed to the next level in the game. Combat is intense with swords being used by all. You need to solve puzzles to get what you want namely, treasures and other things. You will have a lot of fun playing it with your friends and family. The game has received good reviews from all gamers and its a fun game.

Go to link below to Download LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Full Game Free for PC

Download LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Full PC Game Free

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Extract the parts using Winrar to get ISO
    2. Mount ISO in Daemon Tools lite or burn image on DVD
    3. Install the game
    4. Copy all files from the SKIDROW folder on the DVD to the game installation folder in Program Files
    5. Play the game

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  3. TheBigUNDERWORLD says:

    Thanks for the upload

  4. nimeni says:

    i was waiting for you to post this game.

  5. titograin says:

    i dont any lego game but thaxxxxxxxx

  6. erhan0647 says:

    Thanx.This is very good 😀

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  8. Nachoman says:

    wow, i cant wait, hehe.


  9. swingline says:

    thank you uploader!

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  11. adekil says:

    Thanks, works perfectly. Very similar to Lego Harry Potter, addictive!

  12. jamesdm says:

    Thanks for this one really nice for the kids no the no so kids. 😛

  13. matt0r says:

    awesome, thanks!!

  14. toaster09uk says:

    Kaspersky gives Paul.dll false positive blah blah blah. so remember to add it to exclusions.

  15. mershy says:

    hope it works ok.

  16. sLiPkNoT says:

    thanks for the game

  17. samerbo says:

    Thank You So Much ……….

  18. malvarez says:

    AWESOME! I didn’t even knew this one was coming out thanks a lot

  19. ReL says:

    I recommend you give the LEGO games a try if you haven’t before. They are kid-friendly games but are well executed and usually a lot of fun and humorous.

  20. Lom says:

    really fun game.. playing it from yesterday. thanks you.

  21. noa says:

    what i expected.. a great game..

  22. thanks says:

    thank you!!!!!
    thank you!!!
    thank you!!!
    thank you!!!!!!

  23. kavi says:

    great games and enjoying

  24. Aji says:

    too good man made so sincerely too good…

  25. manuel says:

    esto testando agora , depois de aprobar podria dechar um comentario del funcionamento de vc

  26. Ironide1 says:

    it’s very cool

  27. willisthe3rd says:

    keep getting wrong disc insert original disc can someone help please

  28. RoS says:

    Played PSP version… will play this version on PC right now….

  29. mershy949 says:

    Works fine many thanks.
    My son has played it for 3 hours this afternoon, with no problems.

  30. tom says:

    whenever i attempt to install it the setup wizard ends prematurely could someone help please

  31. apis says:

    its cool 🙂

  32. narin says:

    Thank you!!!

  33. hacir says:

    thanks admin!!!

  34. iluminacion led says:

    ein B�ndel von jammern �ber etwas, dass gade beheben, wenn Sie zu besch�ftigt, auf der Suche nach Aufmerksamkeit werent.

  35. firgiawan says:

    thanks forever

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