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Watch How to Download all the parts given on Download page

Watch “How to use Winrar to extract the parts”

Watch “How to use Daemon Tools to mount the ISO image”

Watch “How to create Games for Windows Offline Account”

How to Download

Using Direct Links (Watch Video)

1. First get jDownloader software from here and install it.

2. Start jDownloader and again go to the download page and copy all the links from a single source jDownloader will automatically take them in for download. First see if all the files are online.

3. If they are then hit the Start button and the download will start. Select the place where you want to download in the setting tab.


Using torrents

1. Download the latest utorrent software from here

2. Go to the download page of the game, you will get links to download the torrent file at the bottom. Choose any one link to download the torrent file. (Choose the one which has highest number of seeders) and download the file.

3. Install utorrent and Now open the torrent file using it.

4. It will ask where to save the downloaded files and start downloading all the files.

How to Install

After you have finished downloading all the parts follow these steps. Sometimes you have to extract the parts twice.

1. Go to the folder where you have downloaded all the files and open the first one in Winrar using the Open With Option which will show you a ISO file. (Watch video Using Winrar)

2. If it still shows parts like .001 or .r00 then you have to extract it twice if you see a ISO file then just select it and click extract to.

3. If you have to extract twice then select all the files you have downloaded and right click and click extract here option which will give you all the files. then follow the above procedure of opening the first file to get the ISO.

4. Once you have extracted the files you will get a ISO file.

5. Now download Daemon Tools Lite from here and install it. (Watch video Using Daemon tools to mount ISO)

6. After mounting, install the game.

8. Copy over the cracked files. They will be in the DVD itself (search for Crack folder) and copy those files where you installed the game usually it will be in C:\Program Files\Some Game Company name\Game and replace the original files there.

9. Start the game using the game.exe file