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Posted by admin on Dec 2, 2009
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince PC Game

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince PC Game

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Download Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince PC Game Full Free

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a game based on a movie of the same name you can download full version of this game for free from the link given at the bottom of this article. The game was published by Electronic Arts. IT was released for all the consoles and for Windows PC as well.

Game lets you roam and explore the famous Hogwarts School and you can cast spells on the items that are present in school. The game lets you attend classes, create potions, play Quidditch matches, participate in duels. You can also see that the time of the day also changes in the game. The map which reveals the locations of people on it and all the hidden passageways is also given in this game. As you progress in the game new and hidden paths will be opened and you can also call the ghost characters to show you the way at certain times. Keep reading to know how to Download Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Game Free for PC.

The game features around 150 shields that you can collect and they are scattered all across the school. You can use spells to get the shields which are not within your reach or have been broken down. You will also get shields when you complete a mission. The game features the same school so there is nothing different than the previous games. Some new parts have been introduced which were not available earlier.  Some other parts have been made inaccessible due to the tight security.

The Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Game is made using the book and not the movie so it is a much more detailed outing. Some of the things that were added to the game which are not present in the game are the duels with friends of Malfoy. The game also includes side missions that are not important to the main story but they take your focus away from the main story. But the actual story closely resembles the book so that’s good. Skip to the end of this article to Download Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince PC Game Free.

It’s better to have read the book or seen the movie before playing this game or you will not get the hang of it and will feel lost. Also the navigation through the castle is also difficulty and you will always need assistance to get where you want. They have made Hogwarts too big when you only go to a small number of locations. The game will get finished quickly if you know the story from book or movie, even if you complete the mini games. The mini-games are fun at the start but get repetitive and boring after some time. You only get a couple of spells to cast and then you will easily beat the game without any problems with these. No need to use extra spells even to beat the final boss. After you finish the main story you will get the free roam mode where you can complete the tasks like collecting shields which you didn’t complete during the main story. Overall this is an average game at the best and if you are a fan of Harry Potter then Download Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince PC Game Free from this link.

Download Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince PC Game Free

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38 Responses to “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince PC Game”

  1. Harry says:

    works thanks.

  2. mores says:

    thanks for posting HArry Potter

  3. do-it says:

    thanks the links are working currently downloading the game.

  4. Waxbar1 says:

    thanks for all the amazing games. Keep it up.

  5. laso4ever says:

    Thx alot for the Game

  6. Larara says:

    Thanks, im a fan of harry potter ^^

  7. puc808 says:

    Thanks a lot
    you are the BEST

  8. Evildemon says:

    thx man for up

    it works well with me

    nice game

  9. bcks says:

    thanksss.. this game is great

  10. SupYaw says:

    using Vista x64 here and no problem at all works perfectly.

    • Felipe says:

      “it feels like every week there s another batch of pesrots” Yeah cuz they’ve delayed release for so long that they have give us expectant fans SOMEthing to remind us there actually IS a movie coming out .. not bitter at all, btw

  11. eSTatiC says:

    ty uploader!
    i also have to say this game is too easy..
    i finished it in less than 2 hours..
    real easy learningcurve, really low amount of spells for a wizard..
    the duels are easy, the potion making also is easy. the quiditch/flying is even easy if ur drunk, high and further spacedout..

  12. repp says:

    lovely, my kid will love this. thanks DGD team.

  13. juga says:

    works fine you need to just set the resolution lower if you have a big monitor.tnx.

  14. V says:

    But do you have to fill out the survey things? Isnt there a website you can download the game where filling out a survey isnt neccessary?

  15. harryP says:

    @ V
    i found a bunch of them but all were having dead links. the guys here keep the links updated if any one is dead it ll be replaced immediately as they did when i told them.

    so i suppose they need out support for keeping that up.

  16. lady says:

    i downloaded it, but i only got a map with files that dont work. There isnt any setup. what to do? help pleas!

  17. RRT says:

    what links you downloaded it from. you should get a bunch of files if you downloaded from the rapidshare or the first torrent link. the other torrent link has a single ISO file.

  18. JASMINAA says:

    When I click on the “Click here to Download Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince PC Game” it’s only showing blank …??!

  19. Julian says:

    sometimes the first link will be down so try again in 10-15 min or use the 2nd link.

    I would recommend to use the first link coz it gives better speed or use the rapidshare links and use jDownloader to download using them.

  20. anny says:

    i don’t know how to download this game,but i really want…can someone tell me how to do that??? :S

  21. swarooop says:

    guys how can i get the razor keygen

  22. Ripp says:

    look for the Razor1911 folder after extracting the files on the DVD ISO.
    if you need serial number then see the 2nd torrent link you will get 5 numbers use any one of them.

  23. rax says:

    Harry Potter is a Best 😀

  24. jrpotter says:

    what should i do after download?…
    help me please…

  25. jrpotter says:

    @admin what file should I use?…
    i already extracted it and when I open it, it looks for the disk or just shows up a black screen no matter how long i wait… i’m kinda new to this…

  26. Alex says:

    give the second link and download it there? please answer

  27. Alex says:

    Guys tell me and me to him descart be a link? huh?

  28. Alex says:

    Please someone answer me so I have to install in Program Files?

  29. ADude says:

    hey, can u get Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban on this site?

  30. ginny says:

    please can anyone tell me how can we sign up in the site to dowload the game?

  31. hafizzul says:

    me have Harry Potter disck to

  32. vishesh says:

    I love harry potter

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