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Posted by admin on Aug 20, 2011
From Dust

From Dust

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Download From Dust Free

From Dust is a game developed by Ubisoft and you can download full version of this game free from this site by using the link given at the end of this article. The game was released for Xbox 360 and now it’s available for Windows PC. The game lets the player to play god in a first person view. You will get to control all the nature’s forces and use them to guide a tribe to prosperity and save them from any danger. The player will be controlling matters like water, soil and lava. Soil is useful to grow vegetables and it will grow as the village grows. Lave when cools of forms a solid base increasing the area of the land. Controlling water for better irrigation for the land is also in your hands. Fast moving water will take away all the minerals that are required for the plants. The game is fast to show physical changes on the environment, so if you want to change things around they will happen within minutes.

From Dust has a campaign based gameplay. Each campaign will have missions that you need to complete. Once you complete the objectives given to you the tribe is improved because of that. Each objective you complete will also give you powers that you can use to further improve the tribes. Powers like ability to Jellify Water will be unlocked as you complete the missions. You can Download From Dust Full Game Free for PC from the link given at the end of this page.

Shamans from the tribes will act like monitors and they will tell you about any of the natural disasters that are about to occur. This gives you a chance to take precautionary measures to safeguard the tribe. Natural disasters include Volcanoes, Tsunamis and more. You can prevent these disasters by using your powers to change the physical environments. Tsunamis can be prevented by jellifying them. Lava from volcanoes can be diverted away the tribe. Each campaign of the game has a different map and you can manipulate all parts of it anytime you want.

The game has received positive review from many of the gaming websites and magazines. From Dust gives you very challenging environments to put your skills to use. You will be frustrated at times in this game as the game has not been properly optimized for PC. Controls are not very good either. The game required you to be online to play but with the cracked version from SKIDROW you no longer need an internet connection to play. The manipulation of world physical is fun and very enjoyable. The challenge mode is also good. Each level will give you the satisfaction of saving your people and the levels are designed wonderfully.

You get to transform the world around you and gave the people from the tribe a chance to survive. Sometimes you will be far into the game and you will realize that you missed something and you cannot recover from there, so be careful and look for all the alternatives before you commit anything. Overall From Dust is a good god game to play. The link below will let you Download From Dust Full Version PC Game for Free.

Download From Dust Full PC Game Free

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24 Responses to “From Dust”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Mount the ISO image in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game. (uninstall Ubisoft game launcher if you have it installed already))
    4. Copy over all the cracked files from the DVD’s SKIDROW folder to installation folder of From Dust in Program files.
    Also copy the files from SKIDROW/Orbit folder to C:Program FilesUbisoftUbisoft Game Launcher
    5. Play the game.

  2. DjDayV says:

    thanks. was looking forward to get his game free

  3. hazil says:

    OOOOOOOO thanx I wait this game!!!!!! hope this 1 work.

  4. BraMMe says:

    Thanks for the upload

  5. Krutaan says:

    To everybody that have problem with the launcher, try to launch it one time and let it update before you crack it. Worked for me.

  6. DjDayV says:

    works fine here guys

  7. wootoow says:

    Followed the instructions and it worked fine for me.

  8. digiwand says:

    I followed the “install/patch/apply crack” instructions and it’s working fine for me, thanks all!

    You can force vsync with Direct3Doverrider and forcing AA & AF through AMD’s control panel seems to work just fine. 🙂

  9. Riwels says:

    Yeah, it works. Just put the cracked files overwriting and let the launcher connect to internet. It will work.

  10. mattisbowser says:

    Thank you this is a fun game.

  11. btb1 says:

    Works for me on windows 7 64 bit

  12. sadira says:

    i had to copy everything from ORBIT subdir into UBISOFTUBISOFT GAME LAUNCHER dir (whereever it may be located in your system), only then did the game load.

  13. Bonius says:

    Crack is working, just run the launcher once and update the game.

  14. Tun says:

    what i did to get working:

    copy contents of skidrow/ into From Dust
    copy contents of skidrow/orbit into Ubisoft Game Launcher
    copy contents of skidrow/orbit into From Dust


    • mobusta says:


      took me 10 minutes to figure out what was going on but this above method works!!!

    • jkai12 says:

      Thx to you and the others who explained this… copying the files over the Ubisoft Game Launcher folder worked perfectly.

  15. Xare420 says:

    At first it didnt work, because I had an old ubisoft launcher installed. After I removed that and reinstalled and did what the first post said, it worked.

  16. BrunoSantos says:

    all i did for this to work was….copy crack over original…click exe

  17. ZzFDKzZ says:

    Works fine for me. Thanks!

  18. omerk84 says:

    Here’s how i got it to work,
    install the game, and before you copy the crack over it, run the game and let it update.
    when it finishes updating copy the crack over to the from dust folder
    copy all the files and directories from the folder orbit in the crack folder to your game directory and to the ubi game launcher directory. then the game should play.

  19. Zpnk says:

    I got it working…

    1. install
    2. start with exe and patch/update
    3. take the exe and the two .dll from the skidrow folder and put them in your game folder
    4. take all files from the orbit folder and put them in both the game folder and in the ubisoft game launcher folder

    If you get the message “fatal error can’t create sound device”

    1. disable all sound devices that you don’t use
    2. reboot
    3. start the game

    I had both those problems and I eventually got it working 🙂

  20. eyie says:

    Followed the instructions exactly and it worked.

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