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Posted by admin on Nov 1, 2011
Football Manager 2012

Football Manager 2012

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Download Football Manager 2012 Free.

If you are a football (soccer) fan then chances are you know about this football manager series of games. Football Manager 2012 is the result of a steady evolution of the managerial simulation game that gets better with every new release. The game has been improving for more than 20 years now and now it’s so complex that you need to learn it through the excellent tutorial given in-game. Even if you have played the earlier games it gives something new to learn. You can download the full version of FM 12 for free from the link given at the bottom.

Football Manager is known for its in-depth approach to all the aspects of the managerial challenges faced in real life and Football Manager 2012 is no different. You have an in-depth game with so many options that you will be overwhelmed. But the tutorial mode included gives you the idea about all the changes and gameplay options. Download Football Manager 2012 Free from the link given below.

Of the many improvements done in FM 2012 transfer market is one which has seen some good and much required changes. During contract negotiations you have many options to consider relegation release, various bonuses like appearance, win, goal, promotion etc, agent fees, contract duration and many more. There is also one new option that will be important for the smaller clubs. You can now lock the wage per week if your budget is overshooting during contract offer. This lets the agent to get the cash from other aspects of the contract likes bonuses. Players will also make demands during contracts; this is kind of a mini game in transfer market. The locking feature is also available for other parts of the contracts as well which lets you certain parts to be locked meaning the player has to accept them. Link for Football Manager 2012 Free Download is given at the bottom of this page.

Teamtalks have also seen some changes. You now have different tones to the voice during the pre-match, half time and final whistle. You can be calm, aggressive, and passionate during these talks and each of them has a different set of comments to select from. As the series has progressed and became more complex the delegation part has become more important than ever. You cannot keep an eye everything so you can assign each of the tasks to your backroom staffs who will control everything and call a meeting to let you know of the progress. Also if you are the sort of player who want to do everything on his own then you can do all the micromanaging by yourself. Training, team talks, media talks, contacting the board for funds, hiring staff all these options are available from the previous games. Skip to the bottom to Download Football Manager 2012 Full Free.

One important thing of games such as Football Manager 2012 is that you will have too much information and statistics that need to be shared with you and doing it in a convenient and simple manner is important without cluttering the interface. This has been achieved in this year’s FM 12 game. Players with big resolutions will see a lot more stats on the overview screen than those with lower resolutions. You can also select which screens to display like before. Also you have the option of starting and stopping the running leagues at any time. So if you want to play in a certain league that you didn’t select before then you can add that league and look for a job there. You can also remove leagues to make the games faster. Download Football Manager 2012 Free for PC from the link given at the bottom.

The 3D game engine has been improved with new views and animation and more stadiums but the much preferred view for the fans is the 2D view. Every aspect of the game from 2011 has been improved in FM 2012. A lot of tweaks and new features make it only football managerial game that counts. But it won’t be easy as too many options will stare right back at you to be used and you will easily miss a lot of them if you are new. Football Manager 2012 is a wonderful game and the best in the series so far. So if you are a fan or starting out new then this one is for you for sure. Following link will let you Download Football Manager 2012 Free.

Download Football Manager 2012 Full Version Free


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63 Responses to “Football Manager 2012”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Mount the ISO image in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game.
    4. Open the DVD and go to SKIDROW folder and copy all the files from there to folder on your hard disk where you installed the game
    5. Play the game.

  2. Samson says:

    Did as the instructions said. At step 4 also installed the DirectX and dot net framework that was asked. Copied 5 files from SKIDROW folder to Football Manager 2012 folder on my hard disk.

    Started the game.

    Works flawlessly.

  3. SickRaider says:

    Finally its here!!

  4. vampireraven says:

    Stayed with FM 2009 when last one came out, found all the new graphics over complicated it but will give this a go. Thanks.

  5. JesusSlaves says:

    Thanks- one question do I just copy the content of the Skidrow folder or the folder itself?

  6. the123 says:

    THANK YOUUUU… Finalllyyy

  7. rsagir says:

    yeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :D:D

  8. pyuzinho says:

    Thank you skidrow !

  9. Larara says:

    Is it really working ?

  10. Simonator says:

    Finally! Really nice work Skidrow!

  11. widde says:

    masters have done it, again!

  12. hendrik34 says:

    Finally, thanks for the update!

  13. m1ck33 says:

    thanks for the u man 😀

  14. Heszar says:

    Thnx. u guys rules!!

  15. NightBird says:

    Thank you SKIDROW. I was eager to play this game. Thank you again!

  16. bentley says:

    Finally its here. the game rocks. 🙂

  17. earwax says:

    Thanks for the share uploader! :party:

  18. mangass says:

    Worked with me

  19. alexdcpe says:

    working fine… I’m playing right now…

  20. abadlad says:

    worked for me too. Thanks.

  21. tompkins says:

    Works perfect for me, THANKS !

  22. mersk says:

    Works just fine (so far). Downloaded it, mounted the iso, installed, copied the files from the Skidrow folder and ran the game. Pretty easy instructions to follow tbh.

    Thanks to Skidrow for cracking this “uncrackable” game.

  23. concave says:

    At last , great work skidrow ! , best upload this year

  24. cocaselsapo says:

    witch one is the crack folder?

  25. farko says:

    Many thanks!!

  26. wafles says:

    Works fine, already at my second season. Many thx!

  27. Harkamal says:

    Can you play on-line on network games on it?

  28. Andrew says:

    the link isnt working for me

  29. andrew says:

    d3dx9_41.dll is missing?

    • admin says:

      go to where you have installed Football Manager 2012 then open the folder directx and run the setup that you see there. The problem will be fixed.

  30. deerfen says:

    Thanks uploader, well done.

  31. ripper says:

    thanks.. works fine

    Downloaded the game and update and followed the instructions exactly..

  32. scenekiller says:

    works fine, thanks

  33. Demourge says:

    Game works fine but the editor was not starting so i updated the game with the files given on download page. and now it works as well..

    Great work guys. keep it up 😀

  34. Elliot says:

    Good game 😛 thx for uploader and release work

  35. Kidreidy says:

    installed fine and cracked it perfectly.

  36. iomega says:

    How can i download patch 12.0.3???

  37. xzedx says:

    Thank you for sharing the file.
    1st download here

  38. YTM says:

    Fantastic game! no problems so far

    Thanks for the upload !

  39. theAlexFH says:

    Thanks alot for great game!! Playing now..

  40. callkiller says:

    ok this my first time mounting an ISO
    Everything seems to work ok, got as far as it says install which I did
    Then it says copy the contents Of the Skidrow folder (which I have) to the installation…….
    can anyone just step by step talk me through this as I have never done this before and I seem to be getting lost as to what I do or where I put the contents of the skidrow folder.
    PM me if you want,, Please help
    Thanks for the Up

    • admin says:

      copy all the files from the SKIDROW folder then open the folder where you have installed the FM 12 game on your hard disk then paste the files you copied inside that folder and you are Done!

  41. Stonios says:

    Works great, thanks uploader.

    Just one issue, not sure if its actual game or crack or anything, but I cant seen to enter player contract discussions with ANYONE, even the lowest players wont let me, can’t sign new players or renew old contracts, it always says that. Any help?

  42. Sitch says:

    Thx a ton, will try this out!

  43. Vivasboy says:

    or those who have the 0xc0000005 error on xp I HAVE THE SOLUTION… Install the game and copy only the fm.exe to fm folder and uninstall steam. game works !!!

  44. Kazablan says:

    uninstall steam if you have installed it previously or the game wont start.

    I did just that and it works flawlessly now.

  45. capone88 says:

    how do you uninstall steam? Do i just delete the steam files from the intallation folder? im using vista

    thnx in advance

    • Kazablan says:

      go to control panel and than programs and uninstall steam and than install your game and copy just the crack and play it will work
      well it works for me lol

  46. monkeyman says:

    game works fine thanks for it. BTW does anyone no how to get the club logos and facepacks for this game yet ?

  47. spacejesus says:

    cheers for the share.

  48. yankiee says:

    Great game

  49. nic says:

    is the link secure cos i had anti-virus alert

    • Siman says:

      yes its good. anti virus programs dont want you to download games for free so they are blocking this site

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