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Posted by admin on Dec 15, 2009
Fifa 10

Fifa 10

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Download Fifa 2010 Free

Fifa 10is the new game in Fifa series of football game and its full version is available for free download from the link given at the end of this page. The game has been out on all the major consoles and also on Windows PC. The game is good but the graphics and engine used on PC version of Fifa 10 is inferior to that used on the console counterparts. If you have not played on Xbox 360 or PS3 then you won’t get disappointed as you won’t have anything to compare it to.

Fifa 10 has a lot of improvements from its predecessor and you will be see some new things added. The ‘Be a Pro’ mode is fantastic and will keep you occupied for a long time. No Virtual Pro though on PC version. So if you want to make your player the best one then there is no other way than to continue playing through the career. The AI in Be a Pro mode is disappointing with the computer controlled players keeping the ball to themselves for long periods of times and using short passes. Go to the end of the page to Download Fifa 2010 Full Version Game Free for PC.

The Manager Mode is kept as is and many new improvements have been implemented, its better and engrossing than before. You will see a new mail system which is used to deliver news to you like expectations from the season by the owners and news about any injuries or recoveries of the players. With this system you will feel like an integrated part of a big club with the in-depth things that are introduced in this game. There is also a season Mode where you will play the entire season without having to worry about any managerial aspects. This mode is perfect for those who don’t want to interfere with the game and just want to enjoy the matches. If you pay the game for a long time then you may want to skip some matches with the minor teams, this can be achieved using the ‘Quick Sim’ option or watch it in a visual Sim mode like Football Manager. Download Fifa 10 for PC free from this site.

‘Live Season’ feature has been included in the PC version which gives you information about the news, tables and injuries and more. You will see all these stats for a complete season for your league of choice. The game also has some multiplayer features but playing them with the cracked version is not possible unless you find cracked servers to play on.

The system employed for the growth of the players in the previous games has been removed and now only the performances on the pitch will give you the boost in your attributes. You can gain attributes in mainly three categories which are, Skill, Mental and Physical.  You players will gain experience and attributes much faster and will develop in world class players. The game has around 50 stadiums for you to enjoy playing in which include many of the prominent ones from Europe. The weather conditions also vary from time to time with rainy, cloudy or clear forecast either during the day or night. Overall it’s a good game if you don’t compare it with the console versions and the new Manager Mode and improvements in the graphics department make it worth a shot. So to Download Fifa 2010 Free click on the following link

Download Fifa 10 (2010) PC Game for Free

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241 Responses to “Fifa 10”

  1. gamer says:

    thanks for the links

  2. helloworld says:

    i love this better than PEs 10. thanks for letting us download.

  3. thnaks says:

    just finished downloading an hour ago from the hotfile links. been playing it since just came down to thank you..

    So thanks you for posting such wonderful game.

  4. moh1979us says:

    It is a lovely game

  5. iloveDGD says:

    Nice game..but pes 2010 is the best

  6. adi235 says:

    working great thanks

  7. mikekiller says:

    Que bien lo estaba esperando gracias….The Best Site Ever

  8. antic says:

    this game has worked perfectly for me

  9. chisoxrock says:

    These Downloads work perfectly fine!! I downloaded all 29 hotfile links, joined them with HJ Split, Opened the whole thing with WinRAR and extracted that to a folder. Then I ran the setup, took about 10 minutes, and now I have Fifa 10. Its a pretty big game though, you might have to free up some hard space for it takes up 10 GB for installing.

  10. golden lion says:


    & very niceeeeeeee

  11. heavydude says:

    in this game oppenent AI is very good but your own team members are stupid.

    thanks for the game anyway.

  12. abdul-m says:

    I love this site

  13. nwalker says:

    again great upload, …
    my little brother is happy and now he stopped kicking my nerves 😉

  14. amerikan says:

    real cool. like it alot. tkx

  15. Markydokdok says:

    thanks dude

  16. Nightmare14 says:

    Hi every one

    I am new in this site but I loved very mutch,

    I download this game thnx

  17. manurocks says:

    this is the perfect game.

  18. manudoentrock says:

    i dont agree PES10 is better play it before you say anything.

  19. banfs says:

    this one works perfectly. now off to download Football manager 10

  20. never says:

    Are hotfile links complete? Because there is no part 27. Please help.

  21. never says:

    Who had completed downloading using hotfile ? Can you join them all ? Plz advise.

  22. jerem says:

    i guess you should try using the Megaupload links till they fix it then

    • Nicolas says:

      Have you played NCAA fobtlaol or maden 11 for xbox 360? they are fantastic. Soccer video games have never been as big, so i guess they don’t care for the graphics and all the other stuff.

  23. jerem says:

    now they have removed them altogether and put rapidshare links. guesss it slipped there eyes while posting.

    @never you can download them using the rapidshare links and use jDownloader for downloading.

  24. asrwqerwerwerwer says:


  25. never says:

    Thanks @jerem.

  26. Fifa10 says:

    How do you download it once you have downloaded the torrent to your pc?
    bittorrent isnt downloading it and i dont know how to burn it to a disk?
    help me!

  27. dse says:

    use utorrent software to download using the torrent.

  28. LUis says:

    how do i download fifi 10 i have windows vista pleas help

  29. jacob says:

    just go to the site and download all parts and extract them.

  30. 9865 says:

    thx for the game

  31. rela says:


  32. jpnguets says:

    thank you man!

  33. GCC404 says:

    Thanks for the release.

  34. siklas says:

    First of all thanks to the uploader…

    I really can’t understand the bad comments about this game on some forums…
    It is a typical fifa game , graphics when set to high are pretty
    nice and the gameplay is also fifa typical…
    I actually like it…
    Maybe most of the people here are PES lovers….

    Its quite good and FREE…. !!!!
    And that’s enough for me…

  35. valz says:

    thanks so much 😀

  36. Fun2Wii says:

    Merci Pour La Jeux

  37. danube100 says:

    thanx for sharing such a lovely release

  38. guiluccas says:

    thank you soo much!!

  39. zoharppp says:

    good grafhics better than 09.

  40. TheBigPoppa says:

    Thanks , great game.

  41. kavaron says:

    Game not that bad.. FIFA has improved tremendous during the last years. I love the new 360o movement and I predict that pes2011 will copy FIFA for the 1st time in history for this feauture…

  42. bjosarn says:

    Thanks for the up.

  43. Morrowind says:

    I got windows 7 64/bit and it works great.

  44. stealth1 says:

    thanks u for this perfer the xbox360 version cheers A++++++++++++


  45. yanivf says:

    tnx but pes 2010 is beter 🙂

  46. izajasz says:

    THANKS very much !!!

  47. tunx says:

    great post thx

  48. Aziz says:

    can sombody please help me download fifa 10
    I dont know how to download this game . can sombody tell me how to download. thanksss

  49. juggs says:

    you can use the torrent file to download in this case you need utorrent software to download the game.

    if u want to use direct links then add the lins in jDownloader to download.
    if u dont know how to use these softwares just search for them in youtube you ll get some how to use videos.

  50. wstefan says:

    do i need a key or something ?

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