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Posted by admin on May 20, 2011
Fable 3

Fable 3

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Download Fable 3 Full PC Game for Free

Fable 3 is available for PC after taking a break for fable 2 which was not released for PC. Its a role playing action game from Microsoft. Its based in the land of Albion where you as a player need to dethrone the king by forming  a revolution by making alliances. You will then need to make the decisions to take forward or backward the land of Albion. PC version of this game has a hardcore mode and also 3D support.

There is plenty to play in the game with a different art style which is maintained throughout with a pretty interface. The sounds and voice acting is very good. You will extend the gameplay a little more with the co-op mode. See link below to Download Fable 3 for Free full PC game

The events of fable 3 take place 50 years after fable 2 in which you as a player have taken control of the Albion land. but the land is then handed over to the older brother Logan, of the player as he passes on. After running the land well for some time the leader has become evil in recent times. Once Logan mistreats the player and his friend and the player escapes somehow with his friends and he decides to bring down this corrupt and evil empire of Logan. He then starts to gather allies to revolt against Logan and take over Albion. But as the game progresses you learn that Logan has been accumulating money to fight a darker evil called the Crawlers.

Finally you will take over Albion and become a King or Queen and then make the decisions that will shape the future of Albion. You can either make them great or ruin their existence. Its in your hands.

Go to the following link to Download Fable 3 for Free full PC game

Download Fable 3 Full PC Game for Free

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94 Responses to “Fable 3”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Extract all the parts using Winrar to get ISO image file (See video in HOW TO page)
    2. Mount it in daemon tools or burn image on a DVD (See video in HOW TO page)
    3. Install the game. use serial: 11111-11111-11111-11111-11111
    4. Run setup.exe from the UPDATE folder on the DVD to update game
    5. Copy all files from the SKIDROW folder in that are on the DVD to the game installation folder in Program Files
    6. Play the game

    Note: Create a games for windows live offline account to save game (See this video)
    Remember the serial number is for installing only (Not for Games for Windows Live)

  2. nimeni says:

    I love this site and the uploaders 🙂


  3. MELLO says:

    Thanks :0)

  4. ultrAslanci says:

    yeeeeeeeeeeeessssss i love you downloadgamesnow love you uploader i love you skidrow looooooollll thanks alll… for the best release everrrrrr…………

  5. grispitt says:

    I hope this will work. i want to play something good tonight!

  6. fatjivi says:

    thnx for the upload….as usual great job

  7. Najm6 says:

    yea witcheer and fable 3 cooooooooool thnx uploader ur the best 😀

  8. Gokolomb says:

    Waited so much for this, thank you! =)

  9. kamilek says:

    Thanks Uploader and SKIDROW. You are Amazing! 😀

  10. traeben says:

    This is awesome! Thanks! Fuck this will be hard to fit in with Fable 3 and The Witcher 2.

  11. sunka says:

    thank you, will put this in my collection!

  12. torspirit says:


  13. mohamedsamy says:

    thank you uploader thank you my love skidrow
    thank you my best site

  14. Datahummer says:

    FINALY!!!!!!! Skidrow totaly rocks!! 😀

  15. notImPortant says:

    So many games lately 🙂 :w00t:

  16. bernardosgr says:

    Thank you so much!!! I’ve waiting for the day the sequel to the lost chapters came..

  17. squelds says:

    with these releases you are really spoiling us 🙂

  18. ybx400 says:

    OMG !!! First The Witcher 2 and now this !!! Finally my hunger for new (and good) games will be satisfied.

  19. Talazemico says:

    One question; Is there anything extra added that werent in the xbox version? 🙂 or is it teh exact same game?

  20. OzBs21 says:

    OMG ! wainted so log for this PC game !
    Thankssssss Love you downloadgamesnow!

  21. pablosueco says:

    awesome guys!!! thanks!

  22. GunnerWolf says:

    Oh lawdy 2 big titles in two days. first the witcher 2 and now this fable 3. I’m gonna be busy for a while. Thanks uploader.

  23. Furtivecoder says:

    Witcher 2 AND Fable 3 in the same week?!


    Thx uploader 😀

  24. ALeCoq says:

    This is just awsome. Two games in a row. I cant decide what i’m going to play. you guys are just the best.

  25. Taurus1979 says:

    This game i have waited for almost too long.
    And now, it’s time to rock them socks off.

    Thanks uploader!

  26. paragon says:

    With this and witcher out i’l propably be dead in week from lack of fluids and food.


  27. schildt says:

    wow quite a busy week ahead. witcher2, fable3, LA noire soon…
    Thanks uploader.

  28. JakobDA1337 says:

    Thx for the release. After installations is complete i update and after that ill move one file “paul.dll” from crack to directory. works!!

  29. StupidDog says:

    To those having trouble getting past the windows live part. Make sure your antivirus isnt eating files as you extract them.

    Meaning disable antivirus or add an exception for that file.

  30. Downa says:

    “You need to make an offline Games For Windows Live profile, for being able to save”

  31. modimodi says:

    thanks for up

    works like a charm, need to make an offline account by selecting create new profile/account then scroll down, there is a blue text you can click.(create offline…etc)

  32. Sarkar says:

    Please all read DONT use the 1111 CD-key when you are going to log in on Windows live. Press to make new account, and read and you will find out how to Creat a “local account” Its offline. Then you won’t need any CD-KEY at all.

    Install the game use cd-key that you find in instructions.
    Run setup.exe from the UPDATE folder on the DVD to update game.
    Copy Paul.dll to your installation folder.
    Start the game with Fablelauncher and not Fable.exe
    Creat an offline account (Using the 1111 cd-key wont work.)
    The games works perfect without any problems. Thanks Skidrow for this.

    • modimodi says:

      yep what you said, works.
      make offline account by scrolling down when creating new profile there should be a blue text you can click

  33. duchkata says:

    Wow! Thx!!!
    I never expected this game anymore.

    But i need to finished The Witcher First.

  34. imboring says:

    yeah when it first tells you you need a microsoft profile, scroll down to the bottom of the page and it says create offline profile. do that (no email required) and you can save all good and clear. and for some peoples antivirus (in my cause, NOD32) it may say paul.dll is a virus. i had to turn of protection to get the game to play which is quite annoying but its not like im gonna get a virus just by playing a game.

  35. bodyguard0 says:

    Thanks.. Good working ..

  36. natedog says:

    I had to run gfwlsetup.exe in the g4w folder of the dvd in order for the launcher to run. After that just followed instructions as mentioned below and works great.
    Im running XP. Thanks uploader!

  37. ZzFDKzZ says:

    Weird, after restarting my computer the game works!

  38. TLQ says:

    finally got it to work (:

    Heres a step by step in case some are still stuck (:
    Install the game use the serial in the nfo
    run the setup.exe in the update folder on the dvd
    close the activation screen
    Run the gfwlsetup.exe in the g4w folder on the dvd
    copy the paul.dll to your game dir.
    Run the game with fablelauncher

    When u are in the game create a local/offline account keep looking till u find it (:
    and voila that should be the order got it working here oh btw turn off your anti virus or exclude the .dll file

    Thanks uploader run great on my laptop now i just need to sync my xbox controller

  39. esteves77 says:

    it work´s well, don´t forget to do the local profile (offline), and not a new one.

  40. ohmlo says:

    Thx for uploading! And thx TLQ for getting it to work 😛

  41. earwax says:

    Thanks soooo much! Works great! It seems most people have it working.

    I even installed it on a different computer in the house and it worked, no issues. :clap:

  42. Kester says:

    great game!

  43. R0DeX says:

    Thank you very much 🙂

  44. squelds says:

    Finally got it working… seems i had to install the gfwl setup in order to get it to run. Many thanx guys.

  45. Tyrion says:

    giving credit where credit is due now:-) Comment by TLQ has been the solution for me to. I was have having the “xlive.dll” error with the fable exe.

    Finally it works!!

  46. Darioss says:

    What daemon tools you use

  47. zedx says:

    First and foremost…thanks for this great release.

    And thanks for all teh great users posting the solutions to the problems..

    Game is working great.

  48. r3b311 says:

    its working fine here, people that can’t get it to work, they are doing something wrong….

  49. archangell says:

    I play it 3-4 hours ago, and do well..

  50. yfital says:

    running at great on Q9450 + 560TI everything on max @ 1920X1200.

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