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Posted by admin on Sep 28, 2012
F1 2012 Xbox 360

F1 2012 Xbox 360

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F1 2012 Xbox 360 Free Download

Codemasters have released their third title of the F1 racing franchise, F1 2012. You get to download games from this site for free which include games for PC and Xbox 360. Codemasters with their new game don’t just want you to play it but get educated about the F1 racing and the rules. F1 2012 Xbox 360 game download free and enjoy, here you have the region free version of the game meaning you can play it on PAL and NTSC both the consoles.

If you are a newcomer to this type of game then you will welcome the inclusion of young driver test mode. This mode will take you through some of the basics of F1 racing and also touches upon the more advanced topics such as KERS and DRS. F1 2012 Xbox 360 free download is available below.

Visually the F1 2012 feels not much different that it predecessor which is not bad as it was a gorgeous looking game. F1 2012 has undergone some fine tuning in the weather system and the effects of this on the racing. All the car models are depicted perfectly with great detail. Get the ISO from the F1 2012 Xbox 360 download for free then use steps give below to burn the Region Free full version of this game using an iHas burner.

The Season challenge mode will attract the fans of arcade racing and casual gamers. In this mode you can choose a rival and then race against him to beat. In this process you will get some new contract offers from better team. Once you feel confident about the car handling you can move onto the career mode which will give you a very realistic experience of F1 racing. F1 2012 Xbox 360 free download is just given below, download and start playing. Here the smallest of tweaks to the car and tyres and also the racing conditions will affect the outcome of the race. In this mode you have to be very careful while approaching corners and hairpins because the smallest of errors will send your car spinning off in the gravel.

This gave will cater both the newcomers as well as the hardcore fans. The game gives you an authentic and a close to real life experience of F1 racing. Following link gives you to download F1 2012 free for Xbox 360.

Download F1 2012 RF Xbox 360 Free

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Then burn the ISO using an iHas burner like you burn any xdg3 game.
    3. Play the game.

  2. respect says:

    worth a try. gonna download now

  3. awday says:

    enjoying it a lot

  4. awesome says:

    awesome works great.

  5. WoW says:

    wow wow wow wow wow tnx

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