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Posted by admin on Sep 1, 2011
Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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Download Deus Ex: Human Revolution Free for PC

Third game in the Deus Ex series is here for PC called Deus Ex: Human Revolution, full version of which can be downloaded from the link given at the end of this page. Game is developed by Eidos and it’s a role playing action game. The game is a prequel meaning the events depicted in this game take place before the start of the original first game. The game is available for PC as well as for the major to consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

The game has received very good reviews from many gaming sites and also good response from the gamers. People have good reviews for the open-world nature of the game. The game’s conversation system is unique and it alone can decide the direction the game’s story can take. Some complaints were about long loading times and the boss fights but they are not going to keep this game from being a good game in the series. You can Download Deus Ex: Human Revolution Free Full Version for PC from the link given at the end of this page.

Deus Ex: HR has four main gameplay strategies they are Combat, Stealth, Exploration and Hacking. You can use any one of these modes to get past the hurdle that you are facing. You can switch between any of these modes whenever you want. Sometimes while you are using one gameplay type it can lead to another one without you choosing it. For example, if you are using Hacking as your game type then if you trip any alarms then your hacking game type has to change to combat mode so that you can fight with the enemies.

The hero of the game, Adam Jensen has been given superpowers due to the use of augmentations used on him. These augmentations have given Adam Jensen super abilities that he is using to solve the conspiracy that surrounds him. These augmentations perfectly complement the type of game you are playing whether it’s an out-and-out combat or stealth mode. You never have to choose any single form of game type, there will always be a way to get your job done with some other way. Sometimes you don’t have to use violence just converse your way out of the situation and complete your mission. To know how to Download Deus Ex: Human Revolution Free keep reading till the end.

Every enemy that you face has a boss who will be coordinating the attacks. If the boss is killed then members of his team will get considerably weaker and easy targets. The AI has a great intelligence and it shows when you choose a different weapon than the one you are using currently the enemies change things as well accordingly. All weapon types have different ammunition unlike the last game in the series. You can upgrade the weapons as well as ammo to suit you better.

The developers have implemented the regenerative health system as opposed to the med-packs from the previous game. This was done to prevent a situation where you are not able to go forward in game due to low health and you have to go backwards and search for med-packs just to get your health back. This makes better sense as you can now focus your time on using different strategies to get to your goal.

Overall this is a worthy successor to the popular Deus Ex series and you should definitely give this one a go on your PC with around 20+ hours of gameplay and a lot of scenarios to play the game for longer with choosing different type of gameplay each time. Following link will let you Download Deus Ex: Human Revolution Free

Download Deus Ex: Human Revolution Free for PC

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Extract all parts using 7zip or Winrar to get a ISO file.
    2. Mount the ISO image in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game.
    4. Copy all the files from DVDs crack folder to installation folder in Program files.
    5. Play the game.

  2. ...:::sVn:::... says:

    Thank you…..

  3. Moey says:

    it worked

  4. moses says:

    i have never seen this type of game before it is very strategic to play

  5. McShane says:

    Thanks for the upload

  6. Ganelon says:

    I appreciate the upload. Props to Skidrow and their releases.

  7. sup3I2Son1c says:

    THX uploader.

  8. johan says:

    Thanks = )

  9. Nicklasa says:

    Ty Skidrow , now i can finally play this game. Was waiting for your stuff. And ty uploader

  10. Exempt says:

    Plays well on on an i7 920 @ 4.2GHZ + 2 x AMD 6970s in Xfire + 6GB 1600MHZ RAM.

  11. rogshit says:


  12. sphenom says:

    Great game, thanks for the up

  13. haitman says:

    thx skid & thx uploader
    was waiting your release 😀

  14. snap3r says:

    Thanks for the upload. Already finished the game without any errors

  15. 0mn1 says:

    Thanks for the quality!

  16. cobradude says:

    thanks … 🙂

  17. SoulLance says:

    No problems here with this version. AMD Athlon II x4 @ 3GHz, 4GB DDRII, 5770 1GB.

  18. Dorico says:

    already finished the game twice, it’s incredible. thank you very much uploader!

  19. telegra says:

    works perfectly.. thanks 🙂

  20. bjosarn says:

    So does it work okey for everyone?

  21. rubinho says:

    Install, copy crack and play. no problems

  22. chrispr says:

    they work fine thank you

  23. Rockmanx says:

    Thanks! 😀

  24. Sebitas says:

    work for me win7 x64

  25. spladao says:

    work fine!!!!!!

  26. Xsmart says:

    works fine We have to admit you did a good job 🙂

  27. ZerocolBR says:

    Just finished the game, worked fine from beginning til the end

  28. bepponen says:

    deus ex works perfectly.

  29. Fun2oosH says:

    nJoY 🙂

  30. tetak says:

    worked fine, no problems.

  31. kwaidan says:

    alot of hours of fun in it, never gets boring, now im just waiting for DLC’s

  32. r4miro says:

    i followed the notes, installed it and works great.

  33. RIHA21 says:

    thank you

  34. Bertrand says:

    Ty for the upload.

    One question, Has the release the Extra content DLC?

  35. DarkNose says:

    how this game ? beautiful like the video game ?

  36. rikardo says:

    works fine for me so it should be OKi for u 2 😉

  37. assafshemesh says:

    thanks for the up!
    great game!

  38. thedeadm says:

    thanks for that m8 😉

  39. hokage says:

    thanks !!@!@!@

  40. skrowl says:

    FYI saves are located at C:UsersYourUsernameHereAppDataLocalSKIDROW28050 if you ever need to copy them to a different computer

  41. kabo says:

    Amazing Game, Thanks

  42. CamaroUV says:


  43. pandajeking says:

    Nice, thanks
    works great. just followed the instructions.

  44. hacir says:

    thanks!!! love this games so much, and i would love to see a system requirement… if your put system requirement at games info, will be easier for me to download it.

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