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Posted by admin on Oct 11, 2011
Dead Rising 2 Off the Record

Dead Rising 2 Off the Record

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Download Dead Rising 2 Off the Record Free

Dead Rising 2 Off the Record is a kind of reimagination of Dead Rising 2, full version of which you can download for free from the link given at the end of this page. The game features Frank the main character from the first game of Dead Rising. The game has been released for Xbox 360 and PS3 and here you have the PC version of the same.

Dead Rising 2 Off the Record features new missions, enemies and environments and also new weapons. The game has been improved on technical level as well as optimized for PC. The game is provided with an open and sandbox style environments which allows you to wander around the city without having to check time and complete missions hurriedly like in the original Dead Rising 2. The game also features the popular camera capture where you capture your best moments in the game. You can Download Dead Rising 2 Off the Record Free Full Version PC Game from the link given at the bottom of this article.

The game has a lot of new areas and bigger too compared to Dead Rising 2. Interactive objects and weapons are scattered all across the game. The loading times of the game have been reduced tremendously which would have let down the fun part of the game. Making the experience a continuous one rather than in parts split between loading screens. Every time you cross in to a new area these loading screens will come and the reduction in the time it takes to load means a more smooth looking game. The game engine now gives a lot more of zombies in number which adds to more fun.

The game takes place in an alternate universe with Frank in it. It is same in most parts but fitted with new cut-scenes, weapons, enemies and twists. Frank thinks of using this opportunity to restore his fame this is where you will be using the camera you carry to take some great shots and shoot to fame. Skip to the end of the story to Download Dead Rising 2 Off the Record Free Full or keep reading to know more about this new game.

There is a rating system in play when you take pictures. If the pictures contains scenes of horror or erotica or drama then you score more points. The trick is to find a scene where you can get all the three together to score maximum points like a terrified sexy lady caught between zombies screaming for help. This mode is very much fun and you will keep looking for moments where you can score more points which was missing from original game. The game also has included the checkpoint system which is a big addition as you can now start from where you last reached a checkpoint. The new weapons and the combinations that you can make of them are great.

Dead Rising 2 Off the Record has many plus points compared to the original Dead Rising 2. Addition of Frank and his camera is one such thing. If you have played the earlier game then this game has enough new content that warrants a play through of the game. And if you haven’t played any of the two previous games then this is a good place to start the enjoyment of the game. Following link will let you Download Dead Rising 2 Off the Record Full Free.

Download Dead Rising 2 Off the Record Free

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download all parts from one box and use Winrar or 7zip to extract them. You will get a ISO file.
    2. Use Daemon tools lite to mount the ISO or Burn it on a DVD
    3. Install the game. Use all 11111 as serial number.
    4. Copy all files from SKIDROW folder (DVD) to installation folder in Program files (Hard Disk)
    5. Play the game.

  2. jonathan says:

    pwede po bang paturo kung paano mag download ng dead rising

  3. cyrus says:

    come agian i need help im only 12 and my parrents let me play anything so can you help a guy out and say it how i would understand

  4. peikadae says:

    how do i download

  5. FRANCES says:

    i have a disk DEAD RISSING 2 ?

  6. FRANCES says:

    i m just a FILIPINO

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