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Posted by admin on Oct 3, 2010
Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2

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Download Dead Rising 2 Full PC Game Free

Dead Rising 2 is the sequel to the original game Dead Rising which was available on Xbox360 only. Dead Rising 2 has been released for PC and consoles as well. Capcom have developed this is a action adventure game. You will play the character of Chuck Greene. This game is set several years after the events of the first game. Download Dead Rising 2 Full PC Game Free from the link at the bottom of this article. Link to Download Dead Rising 2 Full PC Game Free is at the bottom.

The game takes place in Fortune City which is America’s new entertainment hub. People from all over the country visit Fortune City to win big money. Chuck Greene like everyone is here to win. He is fascinated by the TV series Terror is Reality. This show gives the people from common places the chance to win big money. The concept is simple you along with a group of people are put in an arena filled with zombies and you have to kill as many of them as you can and survive. The player with the most number of kills wins and gets a fat reward. This gives the player a chance of getting even more money by competing in bigger events.

Dead Rising 2 has remained unaltered from the first game, but this time you get to experience the action on PC as well. The game is great even if you haven’t played the first one. You start the game as Chuck Greene, a former motocross legend. His wife was taken by the zombies and daughter infected by the same thing. But she has been kept normal by using a drug called Zombrex. This is the reason that Chuck decides to join the TV show Terror is Reality. Chuck is accused of bringing about a revolt after one of the shows. He needs to clear his name and get the money for his daughter’s medicine. Keep reading to Download Dead Rising 2 Full PC Game Free.

The game has been improved a lot in every aspect and they have learned from the mistakes from the first game. The weapons as diverse as they can be, motorcycles with chainsaws attached to them and more. You can create your own customized weapons by using the items available around you, attaching a hand grenade to a football for example. You can pick any item that’s nearby and start using it as a weapon to beat the hell out of those zombies. As your level increases In game you can combine various items to make more deadlier weapons.

The experience system and leveling up are the best things that you will find in this game. At the start of the game you are not that strong but as you play through some levels you will gain points and then your strength will be unmatched by anyone. You need to complete all missions in time to complete the game. Due to the time limit you will need to skip some parts which make a second play through a good option. You want to play the game ‘one more time’ just to see what would happen if you had done some things differently. To experience the highly intense action, Download Dead Rising 2 Full PC Game Free from the following link.

Download Dead Rising 2 PC Game Full Version Free

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72 Responses to “Dead Rising 2”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions
    1. Extract the parts using Winrar to get a ISO image
    2. Mount image in daemon tools lite or burn it on a DVD
    3. Install the game
    4. Copy the content from the SKIDROW folder on the DVD to your Dead Rising 2 installation folder and overwrite
    5. Play the game

  2. Tigran says:

    omg!!!this is insane!!tnx!

  3. Kaoru8858 says:

    Finaly, have waited for this game forever xD thinks it´s going to be great!Ty for the up =D

  4. piacenti says:

    Thanks uploader and SKIDROW, you guys are PC scene saviors!

  5. xecret7 says:

    well this was unexpected! thanks!

  6. dreledrele says:

    Thank you very very much, I’ve waited so long for this game to arrive, is all for this game to work?

  7. quake4 says:

    OH Good Game, thank for Upload !!

  8. Upload3r says:

    great!! thank you very much!

  9. R2 says:

    thank you very much SKIDROW this was hellav fast nicley done

  10. schildt says:

    Finally Skidrow’s OUT! ThANK You. UPLoader !

  11. jojozOr says:

    awesome release, 3 days early

  12. sandra18 says:

    Waiing for this awile!
    Thank´s a lot for Skidrow and Uploader!

  13. Ryudo888 says:

    ny word on the co-op? will it work over hamachi or any program of that sort?

  14. psyko666 says:

    Works 100%.. W7 Ultimate x64

    Thanks upper, great share!

  15. CloudShadow says:

    Those of you who downloaded the clonedvd. Get the missing dll file from

    and then paste it in the C:Windows/System 32 folder.

    The game should work fine then

  16. Kaoru8858 says:

    where is the CD key?

  17. maximilian88 says:

    Hey guys,

    Where can you find the serial key for this game? While installing, it asks for the key and I can’t find it in the image.

  18. extrazileden says:

    @maximilian88 @Kaoru8858
    Just add whatever as your key, hold down 1 until you’ve reached the amount it wants.

  19. Kaoru8858 says:

    @extrazileden: lol thanks ^^

  20. Wesley1984 says:

    people that need cd key use 00000-00000-00000-00000 just press 0 it puts the – in for you!!

    im keep getting missing MSVCR100.dll downloaded from and still not working?? anyhelp

  21. SneWs says:

    @Wesley1984 and to all getting the missing MSVCR100.dll
    You need to install Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Redistributable package.

    You’ll find it here: [Microsoft download site]

  22. GunnerWolf says:

    I think my head is gonna explode from all the good games being released. Thanks uploader.

  23. kejban says:

    thanx man,its working perfect

  24. Skippy says:

    OS x64 users who downloaded the missing dll file, and still got that error, place the dll files in your “C:WindowsSysWOW64” folder.

  25. Elidioto says:

    This game looks hilarious! Downloading now!

  26. Flitz says:

    Looks like some fun killing time game here, thanks

  27. Sirkiko says:

    It’s working smooth and fine here and I’m able to save the single campaign.

  28. arioch82 says:

    Windows 7/Vista Users: If the game is crashing even after you’ve put msvcr100.dll into the game folder, then it is most likely due to the sound sampling rate. It won’t run with anything above 24bit/48khz, like most other Capcom games!

    You can change your sample rate in the control panel > open the Sound applet, right click Speakers and choose properties, then go to the advanced tab.

  29. lexsparley says:

    I had the same crash problem when starting the game but then i read that lowering the sample rate in the sound setup in windows, made it launch properly.

    So i tried it and now it works!

  30. Ivar86 says:

    @arioch82 It Works thank you

  31. GoDofWaR05 says:

    works like a charm thanks a bunch 4 teh upload…since it’s a LIVE game I don’t presume it’ll work on hamachi?

  32. Nachoman says:

    i copied the msvcr100.dll file to system32 folder of the windows directory, but it did not help. then i copied it to the the game install directory. works fine now.

    win7 64 bit

  33. Kicks2004uk says:

    I’m reading all these comments about gamepads and thinking to myself, am I the only person playing this with an xbox 360 pad ?

    I started the game up and the gamepad worked perfectly, I didn’t even have to change the controls from keyboard and mouse to gamepad. wtf…

  34. chorthy says:

    Very fun game, thanks for the up!

    Does anyone know if you can co-op this?

  35. Telboy1969 says:

    works perfect
    burnt with power iso at 4x
    on a verb d/l disk
    copied crack over
    had to do the dll fix (thank you for helping)
    put it in the system32 and syswow64 ..folders
    had 360 pad connected and no issues… pad works
    running on win7 64
    worked like a dream
    thank you so much for sharing
    skidrow are awesome

  36. ExtremeTurdball says:

    hey all the different parts take forever. getting the full game looks like it takes like 2 or 3 days, and the torrent is the fastest, but is still extremely slow. is there anyway you could add links to sites where you can instantly download?

    • mattS says:

      @ExtremeTurdball i suggest u use the torrent with more number of seeders… if u dont want to use the direct links..

  37. ExtremeTurdball says:

    @mattS finally got the torrent downloaded. now to install. thanks guys for all the help.

  38. a big rich douche says:


  39. a big rich douche says:


  40. a big rich douche says:

    uM Guys can someone post a link for Windows Service Pack 3 THX 🙂

  41. 123456789 says:

    looks like CAPCOM is hot these days!

  42. beef says:

    this is not fair i downloaded it and it said this content can not be played and it said the file is corrupted

  43. UNKNOW51360 says:

    Dammit it says “Dead Rising 2 doesn’t support your Graphics Card”…..
    Can I download something that will update my graphics card & let me play the game?
    Someone please help!!!

  44. Shark says:

    how to download

  45. awkward111 says:

    Help, all the direct links are not workig and the torrent saysit will take 2 weeks to download!!

  46. DedaLord says:

    I don´t know the password could someone give it to me

  47. admin says:

    Non working links removed and
    New working links added today (1st June 2011)

  48. Z4CH13_KH4N says:

    How do you make an account so that you can save the game?

  49. stephen00000 says:

    hey admin help on my problem here i don’t have a cd key i only have is crack when i install it when i try it it is an eror please i want to play that

  50. emmanuel says:

    i like the game dead rising 2!

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