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Posted by admin on Feb 23, 2011


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How to Download Bulletstorm Full Game Free for PC.

Bulletstorm is a first person shooter game made for PC, Xobx360 and PS3. You have single player, co-op play as well as online play. The game has over the top action. You are given points for killing the enemies all sorts of ways. You get more points by killings that are weirder than before. This is one hell of a shooter. The multiplayer is not the greatest out there but the single player campaign kicks ass. You will want to play this game some more after you have finished it. A second or third playthrough is inevitable. Download Bulletstorm Full Game Free for PC from the link at the bottom.

Its 26th century and a black ops team protect the planets. Grayson Hunt, the main character of this story along with a cyborg Ishi Sato, are betrayed by the people they are working for. Instead of killing the people who deserve it, they have been made to kill innocent people by giving false information. After finding out about this they go into hiding. 10 years pass and Grayson wants to take revenge in that attempt they crash on a planet called Stygia. The planet is overrun by criminals, tribes, bandits and more. The first mission you have to do is to retrieve an energy source to power up Sato. As he comes back from the mission, the doctor fixes Sato but they are attacked by bandits. In a desperate attempt to Grayson kills most of his crew along with the enemy. Now Grayson and Sato must fight together to survive. Keep reading to Download Bulletstorm Full Game Free for PC.

The combat system is big to say the list with out of the world weapons and moves. You have the Skillshot killing system which gives the player points for killing the enemy in more creative and destructive ways. You can use these points to purchase weapons, skills and more. You don’t have the option to upgrade your weapons instead you have so many types of them you don’t need to upgrade. You can carry three weapons at any time. You have weapons ranging from a pistol to a cannon firing grenades.

This game is fun and gory. The action is over the top. Unique skillshot system makes you think of creative ways to kill as enemy. Vast arsenal of weapons and dangerous moves make the game challenging. The graphics especially the outdoors are fantastically rendered. If you are looking for a game that is just over the top fun then Download Bulletstorm Full Game Free for PC from the following link

Download Bulletstorm Full Game Free for PC

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61 Responses to “Bulletstorm”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Extract all the parts using Winrar or 7-Zip to get a ISO file

    2. Burn the ISO on DVD or Mount in Daemon tools lite

    3. Install the game, use XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX as serial

    4. Copy the ShippingPC-StormGame.exe and the xlive.dll from the Fairlight folder on the DVD to your installed game dir BinariesWin32

    5. To install the “Title Update” you need to delete the following 2 files:
    Now run the setup.exe in the “Title Update” folder

    6. Play the game

  2. 123456789 says:

    this looks great! (first one 2 comment)

  3. Morgan says:

    Thanks, at last a new game release!

  4. ObeyMe says:

    Thx, will be glad if this works

  5. sandvic says:

    Thanks for real crack and iso

  6. xfuctx says:

    sweet been waiting for this

    thanks uploader

  7. GunnerWolf says:

    Awesome, that was super quick. Thanks uploader. Hopefully it has a decent single player.

  8. jcosta223 says:

    flt on their game! first for dead space now bulletstorm! /slow clap

  9. wolfbane5 says:

    Hell Ya! Thanks, downloading now.

  10. scorpi85 says:

    sweet, thanks for the upload

  11. Dragonyte says:

    What the lang ? Only English or Multi

  12. energy2000 says:

    Amazing FPS thank you my love to the uploader

  13. Startrance says:

    Thanks for the upload

  14. axelpower says:

    Awesome Work

  15. OpBigEye says:

    First Dead Space 2, now Bulletstorm
    Thank you FLT !!!!!

  16. NoCoolUsernamesLeft says:

    Thanks, looking forward to this!

  17. MARCiNN says:

    FLT did it again.

    Dead Space 2 and now BulletStorm. Im already playng it

  18. Spoenky says:


    I was right in the mood for this game!

    thanks uL

  19. jcosta223 says:

    i put all A’s and it accepted serial

  20. xecret7 says:

    Can someone please explain what the “Title Update” is and if it is recommended to install? Thanks.

  21. Kooty619 says:

    been playing for about half a hour, impressed with the graphics and gameplay!

  22. 17mayis says:

    I wait this game for along time 😉 THX uplouder

  23. tacosdegato says:

    i waiting for games in very ages of duration.
    final arrival is present.
    when nippon.

  24. scorptime says:

    is this version cut or uncut?

  25. herculestec says:

    until finally, was waiting for the PC version, downloading now

  26. reaper787 says:

    only the German release was Cut, this is the proper version,

    Thanks for the up!

  27. calypso86 says:

    Assimilated :D!

    Thanks, Fairlights waking up from a long sleep

  28. codemaster75 says:

    f**k man 🙂
    great up … thxxxx

  29. Laufas says:

    Got it working

  30. frodo518 says:

    I didn’t see it mentioned on the comments/nfo, but is multiplayer playable on this? Thanks in advance

  31. NoCoolUsernamesLeft says:

    Game works great on Win7 64 bit. Getting great performance too, a constant 60fps.

  32. mayoko says:

    Thanks for an awsome game!

  33. eshami says:

    yay! i can finally play something else but starcraft2

  34. Kurth says:

    Anyone getting performance problems using a resolution different of 1280×720 that the game uses as default ?
    If I use the resolution of my LCD monitor 1440×900 the game runs fucking slow 30 FPS but if I set the game at his default resolution 1280×720 the game runs at 60 FPS.
    The V-Sync option is OFF.
    Im running Windows 7 x64 on a Core i5 750 and a GeForce GTS 250 1GB with the latest drivers for everything.
    Well I can play the game at 1280×720 but if I dont use the LCD native resolution the image seems blurry in fullscreen its annoying.

  35. JtruzmaH says:

    Wow, that was quick! So much 😀 THANKS!

  36. Glocker says:

    Tnx Uploader.

    DL atm i hope it doesnt give me any trouble like Dead Space 2 (button config)

  37. 890201 says:

    THanks for the Upload!

    But can anyone tell me which program they use to mount these files? I use PowerIso and it seems to not recognize the files 🙁

    Jesus i feel like a nobb…

  38. Paft says:

    Daemon Tool Lite.

    I’m on a 470 and I also get fps drops. Doesn’t stay solid 60.

    One thing I hate about modern games are CUT SCENES! Too many.

  39. AeroFan says:

    Thanks… The game is little heavy, But it runs fine. Locked on 30 FPS, 1920X1200 resolution, 2XAA, all settings on High. (Core i5 2400, HD5770).

    (When i turn the AA to 8X it runs on 20 FPS on battles and action scenes.)

    Great Game so far.

  40. SoFo says:

    I just finished the game an hour ago. Its not too long, about 8 hours worth of game play if you take it easy peasy. Ran smooth with some random frame rate drops that didn’t make sense, but otherwise a very fun game. The “look ma! I jacked him up in the air, shot his gonads of, pulled him back down, and kicked him into some power lines!” … system is such an awesome thing, really.

    Had everything on highest settings with 1920×1080 on an old AthlonX2 with 4 gig of memory and a brand new HD 6850 card.

  41. RAGE @! says:


  42. bullet says:

    who or what are the binaries/win32?

  43. bullet says:

    have done but when i will play i must log in windows live , but when i do that they can catch me or not? :O

    • admin says:

      you need to create a offline games for windows live account. check out the video on homepage to learn how to do that.

  44. Legend says:

    F**k Yeah great upload!! keep it up WOOHOOO!!!!

  45. bantersaurus rex says:

    it says that i need permission from everyone to make changes to “xlive.dll”
    please help.

  46. bantersaurus rex says:

    I also can’t create an offline profile, i don’t know if this is because i couldn’t change the “xlive.dll” file or whatever but there isn’t the option.

  47. henry says:

    how to extract it? theres tonnes of files = =

  48. henry says:

    thx a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. henry says:

    why cant i choose Mission Select even after i finished the game?? T^T…

  50. henry says:

    xlive.dll got problem..

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