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Posted by admin on Dec 17, 2009


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Download Borderlands Free Full PC Game

Borderlands is a first person shooter game for Windows PC and you can get the full version of this game for free from the link given on this page. Borderlands is available for Windows as well as Mac and also for the major consoles. The game includes some of the role playing game’s elements like character building.

When you start the game you will have to choose a character for you to play from a set of four. Characters that you can play in this game are, a soldier named Roland, a hunter by the name Mordecai, a siren called Lilith and the last one a berserker by the name Brick. Each character possesses a special skill and all of them are experts with certain weapons. After selecting your character you will be given quests which will be given to you either by the non-playing characters or from challenges from the bounty boards. Each quest will give you experience points or a special item or money depending on the quest. Experience points can be earned by killing your enemies or by completing special challenges thrown at you during the game, like using a single weapon to kill a certain number of enemies. You can Download Borderlands Free Full Version Game for PC from the link given at the bottom.

As you start to gain the experience you can use the points to train your character in certain skills available from the skill tree. Each of the four characters have different skills that you can master like specializing in weapons or getting a health boost and so on. You can also use the money you earn to change the skill points distributed earlier in case you think you need to learn a different skill. If you select a character who can carry two weapons at the start of the game then later you can upgrade to carry four weapons at a time. Also you can upgrade to carry shields or grenades. The items that you collect during the game can be sold to vendors to get money. You can use this money to buy better items or upgrade the ones you already have with you.

The game has a system called ‘Procedural Content Creation System’ which creates custom weapons that you can find in the dropped by your enemies or in vaults in the environments or sold by vendors; these weapons are randomly generated by this system. All such weapons have different things changed about them, like the firepower or rate of fire or accuracy. Download Borderlands Free for PC from the link given below.

A colour code system tells you how rare the weapon is. The game takes place on an abandoned planet names Pandora. Many people are seeking to procure items left on the planet and some of them have found out that a vault which may contain a lot of valuable items is present on the planet. You as well as others are seeking the artifacts that can open this vault. You will find a little surprise when the vault is opened by someone else. Play the game to find out what happens. After you complete the quest are set free to roam the planet of Pandora and do the quests that are still remaining which gives you tons of fun.

The weapons and shooting with different types of them give you much fun. The game has so many items due to the new system implemented you will never run out of the new weapons that you find on this planet. The four characters given are very good and with a lot of funny conversations. The artistic style used in this game is well done and feels unique. The system for rewarding the character and the points system is well implemented. Following link will let you Download Borderlands Free for PC

Download Borderlands Free for PC

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139 Responses to “Borderlands”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Mount the ISO image in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game.
    4. Open the DVD and go to Crack folder and copy all the files from there to the folder where you installed the game on Hard Disk i.e BorderlandsBinaries
    5. Play the game.

  2. cri031 says:

    This game roCkSsssss………………………………….

  3. MetalHead says:

    i have to say the graphics look gr8 on my 8800GTX

  4. bslth says:


  5. awse12 says:

    can u you run this game without burning it ?

  6. awse12 says:

    @awse12, i installed it without burning the game. just use daemon tools to mount the image instead of burning it.

  7. INCsheep says:

    i got it to work- what an addictive game
    thnx for including the crack and instructions

  8. amjad15 says:

    thanx alot

  9. elmobestintown says:


  10. jack says:

    hi can anyone tell me step by step how to crack the game or just what you have to do once you,ve downloaded all the bits cuz i,ve got them all but i have ni idea what to do next. i dont know if you have to extract it using winrar (which i have) or you have to download something and crack it or mount or whatever. please can someone help me cuz im a retard when it comes to things like this.

  11. INCsheep says:

    use hjspit to join all the parts
    get it from here

    then if u get the ISO use daemon tools lite to mount it or burn it to DVD using the burn image option.

    if you get parts with .001 .002 etc after using hjsplit then select the first part either r00 or 001 and open it with Winrar it ll show a ISO file select it and extract where you want.

    Install the game from the DVD after that copy the crack from the Razor1911 folder on the DVD to where u installed the game and replace the Original file.

    Play the game.

  12. superb says:

    what a game. love the comic stype graphics.
    thanks for posting the links

  13. robt65 says:

    luv u guys keep posting the new games.

    when is assasins creed 2 coming.

  14. HA8945 says:

    finally a good source of games. Bookmarked!!

    are you people going to post XBOX360 & PSP Games.

  15. Gamespot says:

    read the review of this game on Gamespot and was looking for a download. found this through a youtube video.

    ha ha never expected to get to this.

  16. DLC Dr. Ned says:

    they have uploaded the new downloadable content (DLC) Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned here

    just now i finished downloading it . its around 1.21 GB and doesnt require any special crack to play. I m playing in Zombie Island. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  17. martyr says:

    Downloaded left 4 dead 2. now downloading this. L4D 2 superb game and what i heard from the reviews this also is fantastic. thanks.

  18. zortham says:

    Please guys help me i want to play this game for a long time …
    But i dont’t know how to install it …
    Please tell me..
    Thanks in advance…

  19. hoerensoer says:

    dont know wich links uve used for downloading? I took the repidshare and for them just,

    follow these few easy steps:

    1. Join the downloaded part1, part2, etc -files using “HJ-Split” (freeware) start the prog/klick “Join” select the .001-file and join the files into an dvd-image-file
    or select all files and use Winrar to extract

    2. Mount the image-file with alcohol120% or deamon tools lite or what ever…

    3. Install the game from the mounted image

    4. Copy over the crack given on the image DVD

    Play and be happy! Its a very nice Game!

  20. BoomSchakka says:

    THX Love this Game 🙂

  21. trooper says:

    plz help says disk not found i really want to play plz.

  22. jag says:

    thank you.

  23. jag says:

    read the comments dude. 2 comments before you “hoerensoer” has posted the procedure on how to play.

    you forgot to copy the crack files from the DVD.

  24. pandaondiet says:

    what does it mean by copy over the crack? which is the crack?

  25. Dragon says:

    when you install the game from the DVD there is a folder named razor1911 inside that is the crack folder. copy the content of this crack folder to where you installed the game Gearbox Software/Borderlands

  26. barrel says:

    thanks so much.

  27. chore says:

    thanks for posting the DLC for this.

  28. Zheng says:

    I got questions, hope some body can answer them.

    1. Where is the crack at?

    2. I downloaded all the rapidshare links for borderlands, but what do I do next?

    3. Was I suppose to download both of the torrent links? Or was it just another link for you download if the first link isn’t working?

    4. I downloaded the torrent link 1, but what do I do next?

  29. dse says:

    1. crack is in the Razor1911 folder on the DVD

    2. You need to join all the parts downloaded using Winrar or HJSplit Program or use jDownloaders addon button.

    3. no need of torrent links if u downloaded it from rapidshare only need to use one source.

    4. after you joined/extracted all the parts use daemon tools to mount the ISO image you get and install the game from the Virtual Drive you see in My Computer. In that DVD you ll find the Crack in Razor1911 folder. Copy that to the folder where you installed the game to replace the original ones.

  30. Zheng says:


    Oh I downloaded the torrent 1 though… was I suppose to download both torrent links?

    When the first torrent link download finished and I open it… I see whole bunch of files. Some of them need Winrar to open them and others don’t. How do I join them together with winrar?

  31. dse says:


    you dont need to open and extract all the parts. Winrar will do that for you automatically. Just open the .r00 using the Open With Option using Winrar and it ll show you the ISO file select that and click extract to. it ll use files from all the other parts

  32. Zheng says:

    okay I open some of the parts. Do I make a folder somewhere and just extract all the ISO file to the folder?

    I finished downloading first link of torrent given. I open it and it showed all the parts, but some of them were ISO files. Do I just copy and paste it onto a folder where I extract all the ISO file?

  33. Zheng says:


    what about the ISO file that is a zipped folder or whatever you call it?

  34. jacob says:

    i dont understand what you mean there is no ISO file except the one which you get after extracting all the rar files.

    You need to mount this ISO file in daemon tools or burn it using the ISO option on a DVD. and install the game from there and copy over the files in crack folder on the reloaded folder of that DVD.

  35. Zheng says:

    I mean like when I download it and open it I see a lot of folders or files of a winrar icon for it. When I open every one of those,I see 1 of this file or whatever named as rld-blns.iso. While there I see like just files that is parts, which is rar files. It begins at part 30.

    By the way, I just downloaded borderlands using another torrent link without joining files. I played the game, but there seem to be mouse problems. Like the mouse was moving so slow, it was like it was lagging or something. Plus why does the mouse move up when I move the mouse down and when I move the mouse down, it moves up. Why? How I fix this? Please help.

  36. jacob says:

    dude there is only one ISO file which is split into all those parts. you need to just open the the first file and extract it. all the parts will be used for extracting.

    remove the invert mouse option for your other problem.

  37. Zheng says:

    Okay now I fixed the inverted mouse problem. How do I fix the mouse lag problem? My mouse moves not that fast and it moves sloppy.

  38. Sigilstun says:

    Something that might work for you that seemed to speed up my mouse a bit:

    Look in Documents/My Games/Borderlands/Willowgames/Config for WillowEngine.ini and look for a line – OneFrameThreadLag=True and change the True to False.

    Seemed to help me quite a bit.

  39. Sigilstun says:

    Also Try disabling mouse smoothing and vsync, if you have it on.

    To turn off mouse smoothing look in the same folder I mentioned above for a file called willowinput.ini.

    there should be a line near the top called bEnableMouseSmoothing=True. Change true to False.

    V-sync is disabled by default so you shouldnt have to fiddle with it, but its located in the willowengine.ini as UseVsync=False.

  40. Zheng says:

    In the config folder I don’t see any file that says willowput.ini.

  41. Zheng says:

    I only see –


    Don’t see any WillowInput.ini or WillowEngine.ini in the config folder

  42. Sigilstun says:

    then search for it and see where it is and then edit. and remember to start the game first and save it, some files will be created only after that.

  43. Zheng says:

    Found it! USed the Start search box and found it! Okay trying to see if it works right now.

  44. Zheng says:

    The mouse still lag a little bit like moving a little bit slow, any more thing that will fix it?

    What do I need to do to play online? IT says I need to have the current patch, so do
    I go to the website of the game and download patch and that’s it?

  45. Davidbre23 says:

    Thanks, it works.

  46. TeethPwned says:

    This is really the best game i ever played;) im downloading part 7 now so i can play today:)

  47. justin says:

    will i get a virus

  48. anti says:

    did u even read the comments.

  49. justin says:

    ya but idk if i will get one

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