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Posted by admin on Feb 6, 2010
BioShock 2 XBOX360

BioShock 2 XBOX360

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Download Bioshock 2 Free for Xbox360

The game takes place in a underground facility called the rapture where you play the central character of the game as a Big Daddy. The city is highly dysfunctional and has many dangerous creatures trying to kill you. The place has been totally destroyed and you are fighting your way through to find the little sister that was paired with you before you were unconscious. You get activated at the start of the game and start looking for the little sister that was supposed to be with you.

10 years have passed since the events of the first game and you don’t have any memory of the last decade or so. So you are unsure of what is true and what is not. Sofia Lamb is out to stop you from reaching your goal of finding the little sister. She fears that you will destroy what’s left of the city once you find out the truth. She will send her army of Splicers to stop you at any cost. The atmosphere in the city is as dark as the first game. Although the game has been improved a lot but you won’t see much of a difference if you have played the first game and the surrounding look all too familiar. The fear factor of the unknown places that was there in the first game will be absent in this one. Keep reading to Download Bioshock 2 Free for Xbox360.

Even after being similar in gameplay to the previous game Bioshock manages to keep you interested with some new stuff. You will mainly depend on melee attacks this time around as you are a Big Daddy. As you play the game you can acquire different abilities with the help of the Adam that you collect during the game. Some new weapons are at your disposal. These weapons are the same ones used by the Big Daddy in the first game against you.

Once you start your mission of finding the little sister you will encounter other Big Daddies and you can attack them and make the little sisters that were along them to join you. You have the option of either saving them or destroying them to get extract Adam boost. If you decide to save them you will have a different ending a good one and if you destroy them another ending awaits you.

If you liked the first game then you will also enjoy this one as well. Give this a try by Downloading Bioshock 2 Free for Xbox360 from the following link

Download BioShock 2 for XBOX360 Free

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64 Responses to “BioShock 2 XBOX360”

  1. trem says:

    thx for up

  2. xem says:

    Works just fine on iextreme 1.4 with patch.

    I just finished the game and I have to say, this game has potential for Game Of The Year.

  3. Ranma says:


  4. JASYMORR says:

    Loving it. Great to be back in the world of Rapture

  5. GTherio says:

    much better than the 1st one. thank you

  6. DrAlly says:

    Saved my weekend, damn it´s coold in Sweden.
    Thanks U

  7. mrjoaos says:

    Does anyone know if this is the German censored version?

  8. cjhard23 says:

    Thanks, the game seems good so far.

  9. Razorba says:

    woohooooo THX for this!

  10. pecado says:


  11. 4cks says:

    Thank you sooooooo much.

  12. mini123 says:

    Wooo0000ooot, thanks for teh up

  13. igra says:

    i want this for pc!!!!!thanx anyway!!

  14. thepipi says:

    ok THX for this!

  15. Will says:

    Played it alot now, LOVE IT!

  16. redm2006 says:

    holy mother! thank you so much!

  17. jjmucker says:

    Hi guys. i have an older firmware, not sure which one but i usually just run a ppf patch to play the latest games as im not too bothered about online gaming, now its telling me i have to apply an update.

    any ideas on what i have to do.
    Thank you

  18. AeroFa says:

    The game is awesome.. The graphics are sick great.

  19. elviscrid says:

    Thanks, even better than the first one!
    Nice one uploader

    Just waiting for AvP now!

  20. Blac says:

    I just wet my pants ha ha.

  21. onke says:

    Lav u thanx suuue mooocch 🙂

  22. m0bzie says:

    oh YES! been waiting for this baby! Thank you so much

  23. aesthetics says:

    Remember it works FINE on ANY region if you have XBR installed on a JTAG-machine and run it from HD.

  24. soraky says:

    I love the uploader
    I’ll finish it today on my 360 and than again on the PC.

  25. nski35 says:

    Throwing my toy’s out of the pram ! i have a pc only as my xbox chip needs thermal paste and i don’t have any so i am waitin for the pc release,come on !

  26. JDlife says:

    Holy shittttttttttttttttttt so many games thanks guys

  27. atlix says:

    thank you!

  28. PTyTb says:

    Oh, finally ! Love this game ! TY!

  29. tonicboy says:

    So what if it’s PAL? That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s LOCKED to PAL, only that it’s the PAL version. I’ve played plenty of PAL games my NTSC/U console (not JTAG-hacked). Now, I’m not saying that it isn’t locked, only that the two issues are completely independent. You can legally buy many PAL games which will work fine on an NTSC console.

  30. hnwo says:

    i still think the original is the best game ever made, it quickly got overlooked because of gears and modern warfare, been scouring tl dozens of times every day for this baby, many many thanks 8)

  31. NFSbtown says:

    To the genius above me:
    Why don’t you waste one of your discs for us and let us all know how that works out.

  32. RedS says:

    this time i’ll wait the PC version.. Mass effect 2 is much better on pc

  33. guyk says:

    Thanks a lot

  34. Doujinshi says:

    just finished dantes inferno, perfect timing

    Thanks for great up

  35. ricakru says:

    thanks uploader, great up

  36. toolband says:

    Jesus christ, the big daddy looks like Bomberman and I can’t unsee it.

    the pc version likely has a activation date DRM thing in it, which means we wont be playing it until release day, but who knows.

  37. stryder99 says:

    I downloaded, burnt and now have confirmed it is PAL only,wasted a disc but had to make sure

  38. ChaosPLT says:

    lol if you have a jtag xbox 360, you can remove the pal restricktion and play this version of the game! LOL im doing it right now! hahahaha im NTSC user. Thanks uploader.

  39. 6bruno6 says:

    thx so fuckin much

  40. Abaddonk says:

    always great to see use pal users getting a game before the us for a change

    Thank you uploader can’t wait to play this

  41. novarell says:

    You, sure as hell, made my weekend! Thanks!

  42. Yaad says:

    OMGGGGGG Thanks alot upper !!! you made my week !!!

  43. Bajs says:

    T H A N K S ! ! ! !

  44. PAL says:

    people complaining abt PAl release and all should download the region free release that is the links from the first 2 sources given as region free.

  45. Seriously says:

    for Region Free Links
    When you open the .dvd file in notepad you will see:


    Simply add .iso so it looks like:


    and save. simple as that.

    Edit: BTW works great on lite-on LT.

  46. dubaru says:

    RF Works like a charm!!!

    thank you

  47. hysteria says:

    Finally got this RF!

  48. PVpimp says:

    Thank you for this wonderful early release! I can play this while I watch the 25’+ of snow build out side my house

  49. psmo says:

    Thank you for the Region Free links worked like a charm.

  50. iamjero says:

    Awesome. I KNEW it would come today after the PAL release the other day.

    Gonna be awesome. Thx uploader.

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