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Posted by admin on Apr 29, 2012
Binary Domain

Binary Domain

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Binary Domain PC Download Free

Binary Domain is a squad based action shooter game released by Sega. It has been already released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and the PC version was ported from the consoles and now is available for download from this site. It was released for consoles in February and was well received by the gaming community for its great gameplay and other new features which you will find out soon enough after you read the entire review of Binary Domain. The creator of Yakuza series of games is behind this title as well which means a stylish gameplay can be expected from Binary Domain. Binary Domain free download is available from the end of this page.

When we first saw Binary Domain on consoles we were hoping for it to come on PC so that we can enjoy it more, let’s face it shooter games on consoles are a bad idea as far as we are concerned and PC is the forte for these kinds of games. So when we heard the game was coming to the PC we were pretty excited to get our hands on it. We didn’t expect dramatic changes or high resolution texture to come with the PC version but neither did we expect a bad port and that is what Binary Domain PC version is for the most part. Binary Domain assumes directly that you will be using an Xbox 360 controller and shows you all the button combinations that you have to press on screen, a really bad thing for a PC port. Binary Domain PC download is given below for free.

The game was tested on a good system and we didn’t have any problems playing it. A quad core PC will give you better performance but a dual core PC is also great for the game as Binary Domain scales good with any PC. The game runs great at high setting with constant 60 fps with all the special settings enabled. The game will run well on any platform as it doesn’t feature great quality texture that you would expect from any of the latest games. The textures are low resolution so there is nothing to write about the graphics department of this game. If you want to know where to download Binary Domain free for PC then keep reading this article.

The lighting and the environment at best can be said as average looking, with the light coming from unseen sources. The maps look empty at many times and the levels are dull to start with. The only saving grace of this game are the enemies, with the new enemy AI giving a run for your money. The enemy are the robots so there are many ways that you can destroy them, like you can destroy parts of them before killing them off. Destroying their feet will make them unable to move anywhere and the only way for them to move will be crawling. Destroying their arms is another way to stop them from using a weapon. Binary Domain free download is given below for everyone.

The destruction of enemy in parts is the best thing that has come out of Binary Domain. If you want to play the game using a Keyboard/Mouse combination as we did then you should first configure the controls from the options menu. You should enable the on-screen display of buttons for the Keyboard from the Input Configuration menu otherwise the game will keep throwing Xbox 360 controller buttons at you. One more thing that you should do is if you want to play the game in traditional was by giving commands using keyboard /mouse then you should disable the voice command system or you will not  be able to issue any commands using the button combinations. Binary Domain free PC download is given below this review.

Binary Domain plays like a console game in all the ways possible, this would not have been a bad thing if the developers had polished the game a little to make it better for the PC gamers like the controller issue for example. There are options to change the key combinations but many people won’t even go that far to configure the game and just try to figure out the controls on their own which will be a frustrating part, we know. But still if you want to give this game a try as you are getting it for free then following link will give you Binary Domain free download.

Download Binary Domain Full Free for PC

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36 Responses to “Binary Domain”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Mount the ISO image in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game.
    4. Open the DVD and go to SKIDROW folder and copy all the files from there to the folder where you installed the game on Hard Disk
    5. Play the game.

  2. mzejak says:

    Thnx guys!

    And First:))))

  3. sebasthiao says:

    Thanks. love this game

  4. Bukkebrusen says:

    Thanks 🙂

  5. 17mayis says:

    waiting for Risen 2: Dark Waters

    thanks for this game

  6. oagar says:

    thanks! but cant wait for risen also :0

  7. tronny says:

    would a dual layer work..let me know 🙂

  8. Agamemnon says:

    Another brainless, generic shooter…

  9. dbs12311231 says:

    SwEET many 10x

  10. kesadisan says:

    From the creator of Yakuza, you guys should really give it a try. The Idea probably too classic, but it’s kinda refreshing to play Third Person Shooter from Japan.

  11. maelstorm says:

    thanks hope its fun to play at least.

  12. azman says:

    Xbox360 controller 🙁

  13. budluva says:

    an xbox port…

    thanks mr upper man

  14. zellar says:

    Great game….good fun…good port! Runs sweet….xbox360 controller works great!

  15. miche says:

    LOL what do i do if i don’t have a controller ? what games these days do not support keyboards ?

  16. axelpower says:

    Bloody Fantastic! Skidrow is the best group, hands down. Been waiting for this. Got mad when they were only gonna release it on the consolls. And happy when they decided to give us PC gamers the oppertunity too play it!

  17. sabor says:

    About time my 2xHD6870+FX6100@4GHz got something to chew down on! 😀 Thx again, I will not spam the commentarium. Just know that I´m grateful. =D

  18. Larara says:

    Thanks mate!

  19. skotten says:

    if you dont mind playing with a controller, this could be fun I guess, otherwise skip it, the game is a very very poor port, that is no fun to play. No precision in keyboard or mouse controls.

  20. Nvidia says:

    in the menu, you need to prees E to select something , 4 to go down, F to return.

  21. baviv says:

    you don’t need a controller.
    go to BinaryDomainConfiguration
    in the game folder and define the keys

  22. AeroFan says:

    Thanks… I don’t know why but the game runs shitty on my crossfire 6970, but when i turn off the crossfire it runs smoothly.

    Nice game btw.

  23. geizoncn says:

    thanks for the game o/

  24. maoz2 says:


  25. AmmonCBT says:

    for who have problems with BinaryDomainConfiguration.exe just run it like admin.

    thx for the up.

  26. mark says:

    thanks alot

  27. raposaroxa says:

    Hey thanks for the advice AmmonCBT, didn’t think about using that option.

  28. rishi verma says:


  29. avinash kumar says:


  30. chaitanya says:


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