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Posted by admin on Feb 5, 2010
Assassins Creed II XBOX360

Assassins Creed II XBOX360

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Download Assassins Creed 2 Free for Xbox360

The sequel to Assassins Creed is released for Xbox 360 and its better than the first game. For those who are not familiar with the game it’s an action adventure genre game. The story is about revenge and secrets and conspiracies. The game takes place in beautiful landscapes of Italy with some really well designed levels.

You play the central character of Ezio, who is acting as an assassin to take revenge. You travel through the dark places of Italy from where he learns to be the deadliest assassin. The gameplay has been kept the same with some updates but mostly it remains unchanged. The game was received very well by the gaming community with many gaming sites giving it great reviews. The developers have removed all the flaws that plagued the first game of Assassins Creed series. The game features some new and unique missions which differ from the original game and keep you interested throughout. If you have played the first game then you will definitely notice some of the minor enhancements that have been implemented. Swimming is a possible in AC 2. The game features an economy. Apart from these smaller adjustments the game has been improved a lot. The link given at the bottom of this page will let you Download Assassins Creed 2 Free for Xbox360.

The game takes place in two different times one where are in current time and one when you are transported to the historical time. You will go through a device called animus which will take you back in time to learn the tricks to be an assassin. As from the first game you will be playing as Desmond Miles in the modern day version who is using the animus to learn about his ancestors who were the best assassins out there.

As the game starts you will wake up in the labs where you were in the first game and you will know immediately that something is not right. The assistant from the first game lets you know what’s going on and takes you out for safety. You will be taken to a safe place where the assistant has a team and you will see an animus device created by them it is the new and better version.

The game is set in a open world where you can travel anywhere in the city without trouble. You can either complete the missions or look for side missions. The game world is beautiful and you have a lot of time to explore every nook and cranny as you wish. The game has some minor visual glitches that can be ignored considering all the new things Assassins Creed 2 brings to the table. The new character of Ezio is very fun to play with. The platforming as usual is excellent and you will go up on the highest points of building and like in the first game jump from there directly into a hiding place in the dry grass. The missions are very diverse and enjoyable. So if you liked the first one then you will like this one as well. Give this a try, Download Assassins Creed 2 Free for Xbox360 from the link below.

Download Assassins Creed II Free for XBOX360

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29 Responses to “Assassins Creed II XBOX360”

  1. xbox owner says:

    thanks guys. worked great. i ve iXtreme 1.61 and used i shot boot DVD to play.

  2. d3xtro says:

    Thanks !!!

  3. reckon says:

    thx a lot been waitin for this.

  4. SadDevil says:

    Thx buddy cheers…….you the best…

  5. hugo68 says:

    got banned last week. so im gonna play this motherfucker all day hahaah

  6. redsox786 says:

    Sorry for the noob question: Will this work in an NTSC console? I have a Ben-Q drive with iXtreme 1.61. Thanks!

  7. trilious says:

    thanx upper yeah will work its RF (Region Free)

  8. bigfoothazza says:

    cool nice upload!!

  9. smithy02 says:

    Cheers upper, will play this one offline, still not banned

  10. gmarl says:

    Thanks a lot upper!!!!!!

    Never connected an ethernet cable to my elite, I just hate online gaming, don’t care about banning and stuff…..

    So…… grabbing this one and melt the controller until the pc version arrives along with my new 2 5870s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. paulo8 says:

    OMG !!

    Thankyou !

  12. makedon says:

    Wave 4

    1.61 FW need it (or activate.iso).

  13. Remix1 says:

    Game is bloody awesome! I’ll get this for my new xbox when the new firmware is out. So i can get the 1000 achivement points .

  14. ugg says:

    Dam when the Lite-on firmware going to be released as can’t get the dam iso thingy to work hope its soon!!!

  15. AgentClow says:

    BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER! … im 20 today .. w000t … ty so much uploader <3

  16. klop51 says:

    I love this game ^^ Thanks for up…

  17. davi says:

    I know it says 1.61 needed, but actually 1.51 should work too, right? (as long as you play off-line or are already banned)

  18. phonz says:

    1.51 Hitachi, yesh – not any of the other drives though.

  19. NIGG says:

    alright so, u cant ever get banned if ur ethernet cable isnt connected to ur xbox?

  20. Null says:

    Right — same concept as, for instance, your XBox will never turn on unless you plug it into an electrical outlet.

  21. realizer says:

    thank man , i’ve realy waited for this one! and i hope it will justify it.

  22. makedonii says:

    can someone explain what the Yellow text when i run it in abgx actully means?

    i know its ok but i just wonder, for someone who knows what it really means so you can explain more specificly

  23. ide says:

    works great.

    just open it with winrar

  24. santipr says:

    2 questions to all the xbox pro out there:

    I dont have the money to play online xD, so i only connect the Xbox to Live to actualize the dashboard (The last time i did it was a week ago with MW 2), so im guessing i have the latest one and im in danger of ban. I connected it, because the actualization from the disc itself didnt work.

    My questions are: How can i actualize the console without connecting it to Live to play game like MW2 one week ago which needed a new Dash?
    Can a game ban the console or at least corrupt the HDD ?


  25. xpider says:

    Hey folks just a quick question, i have liteon 1.6 can i play this game with the wave 4 boot disc ? Cheers

  26. 0x0007 says:

    Yes, you can.

  27. Kitkatlover says:

    maybe that would help

    I have an xbox360 with Liteon dvd reader, patched with Xtreme 1.6…how did I get this to work ?

    1- burned it into Verbatim DVD+R DL using Imgburn @ 4X
    2- inserted the Wave 4 loader DVD (you can search on torrentleech or anywhere else about it)
    3- put that Wave 4 loader Dvd first, your console will restart, then insert the burned game into the console and vioala!

    p.s if you get that and you have to update your console, search for the lastest dashboard version, put it in a USB memory and update it!

  28. hafizdon says:

    nice game

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