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Posted by admin on Mar 22, 2012
Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space

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Angry Birds Space Free Download for PC.

Angry Birds Space PC download is given at the bottom of this page. Rovio are back with a big release after a long time. Angry Birds Space has been released as always for Android, iOS, MAC and the PC version of the game is given for download here. This time the birds take their fight with the green pigs into the space. As always the pigs have stolen the precious eggs of the Angry Birds but this time they have used spaceships and escaped into the deep space. Angry Birds are not going to give up though as you travel through space with the birds killing the pigs and getting back the eggs. The game features new astrophysics style and this may be the best Angry Birds game that has been released by the developers Rovio. We have another winner on our hand.

Angry Birds Space free download is given at the end of this article skip to it or keep reading more about what new in this game. I have been playing this game for couple of hours now and tell you the truth I am really impressed. The game features totally new physics based gameplay. The first things that you will notice when you start the game is the two new types of space areas. One is the open space area and the other is a blue colored space area. As the open space will not have any effect of gravity the birds will float through them and when they collide with any object a part of their momentum will be given to that object making it move from the stationary position.

Angry Birds Space free download for PC is available from the bottom of this page. The blue areas have enormous pull of gravity and anything that enters this area will be pulled in instantly. The objects in open space can be used to knock down the pigs that are present in the blue areas by hitting the objects with the birds and make them move into the blue circles. Sometimes you can send the birds in right angles to the blue circles and when they enter the area they will keep circling the orbit and finally crash down. You will be playing with gravity in some areas and some areas will be free floating where you will see objects colliding with each other all the time and explosions happening all over the place.

Angry Birds Space Free Download is given below. One thing that will catch your eye if you have played the previous games of Angry Birds is that you will no longer need to sling the birds in any given direction. You can sling them in clockwise or anticlockwise directions around the gravitational or non-gravitational areas. You can also use one blue circle to slingshot the bird to the next area and so on until the bird reaches its destination. This game is more fun than any of the previous games, if you ever imagined that would be possible, but it’s true in case of this game.

Angry Birds Space PC download is given at the end as a free download enjoy the game by downloading the full version. Another one of the things that we bet you have never seen before in the Angry Birds universe is the new trajectory link. This dotted line shows you the path the bird will travel when you have positioned it to sling. This means that you can get a more accurate shot on the pigs. When we first found out that, we though this will ruin the game, but take it from us it doesn’t. Once you use this mechanism you will enjoy it and you will feel it makes the game a lot better.

Free download of Angry Birds Space for PC is given at the bottom of this page. The game comes bundled with three chapters to start with. They are Pig Bang, Cold Cuts and Eggsteroids. There is also indication that more chapters will be added by Rovio in the future as they have included another planet with the tag coming soon. Still there are plenty of levels to play and enjoy this game for a long time and once you finish it we are sure there will be even more levels released for it. This game will keep you occupied for a long time and make you invisible from other things happening around you. Angry Birds Space is a great new addition to the Angry Birds series and the best one in our opinion to have come out. Following link will give you Angry Birds Space Free Download for PC.

Download Angry Birds Space for PC Full Free

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download the game from any one of the links and extract it using Winrar or 7zip.
    2. Install the game using AngryBirdsSpaceInstaller_1.0.0.exe from the setup folder. (Don’t start the game yet)
    3. Now copy the file AngryBirdsSpace.exe from the Crack folder to C:Program Files (x86)RovioAngry Birds Space (or where you have installed the game)
    4. Start the game. You will see a link below saying Unlock Full Version Click on it. Enter any letters like abcd… and so on and press the register button.
    5. Play the game.

  2. mackem says:

    thank you

  3. luckylucas says:

    the game is just 33 MB but packs enormous amounts of fun. cant stop playing it.

  4. AngryMAN :) says:

    very interesting variation of the classic angry birds with the new feature of the gravity pull.
    Just played the first 8 levels, and it’s addictive as hell!

    60 interstellar levels!
    Regular free updates!
    Brand new birds!
    Brand new superpowers!
    Zero-gravity space adventures!
    Trick shots using planets gravity!
    Hidden bonus levels!
    Beautifully detailed backgrounds!

  5. sheffwed says:

    Thank this

  6. ryuu says:

    Thank you! appreciate what you gave for free

  7. BECKYBOO says:

    Oh no,not again,another week will be wasted cracking this one,lol,thanks very much.

  8. erebus says:

    Thanks very much

  9. toonarmy says:

    many thanks

  10. fazzer says:

    Thanks for this , awesome game.

  11. scott says:

    very addictive game.

  12. kos77 says:

    nice.Thank you.

  13. Maaa says:

    thanks for uploading this awesome game.

  14. Suzy says:

    I have download all the previous Angry Birds games from this site and finished them all. this one will not be different.
    here i come you green pigs!!!!!!

  15. kozhe says:

    I Cant Go to the link, my country is not listed. spare a link please ?

  16. syedanannasru says:

    i like this game

  17. Basu says:

    I love this game……

    very nice game

  18. mark joseph b. martinez says:

    this is so good for kids

  19. dashmaul says:


  20. chis19 says:

    thanx for the upload great game.

  21. luckylucas says:

    thanks for canada

  22. jacobean says:

    Thank you!!

  23. dptshadow says:

    worked without problems. good job

  24. 16comms says:

    very good game. lots of fun.

  25. Kidd says:

    i thought only my kids will enjoy this but i was wrong. i m addicted to it. just want to complete the levels and get 3 stars for all the chapters

  26. major says:

    saw my boy playing this game in his iPhone. I played this game on PC and now i know why he is glued to his phone.


  27. Juggu says:

    love this. angry birds space FTW

  28. Khula says:

    best angry birds game ever.

  29. Drumm says:

    i dont know how the developers came up with this concept but this is simply superb.

  30. Addictive says:

    addictive as hell this game is

  31. thanks!! says:

    thanks very very very much

  32. mrunal says:

    its veryyyyyyyyyyyy fantastic

  33. Mahdi says:

    its very fantasic game

    • Mahdi says:

      icant say the game its good ican say its veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fantasticمن نمی تونم بگم بازیش خوب بود من می تونم بگم خییییییییییییییییییلی عالی بود

  34. jerome says:

    i love this game because this games is a verry beautyfull games

  35. jerome says:

    i love this game because this game is a beautifull game and fantastic

  36. elie says:

    I clicked the registration link and i put random letters but it didn’t work
    how do i get the full version??

    and i didn’t find the crack folder where is it supposed to be???

  37. Vaarence Lo says:

    i like angry birds space very muts

  38. Volx says:

    Thanks for this , awesome game. I LOVE IT!!!!

  39. basail says:

    this good

  40. rangaraj says:


  41. pawan nawariya says:

    rovio this is what you made i like bad piggies games toooooooooooooo much but i have not its full version anybody who have its activation code please send it to me

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