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Posted by admin on Oct 31, 2012
XCOM Enemy Unknown XBOX360

XCOM Enemy Unknown XBOX360

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XCOM Enemy Unknown Xbox 360 Free Download

XCOM Enemy Unknown is a remained remake of the classic game called UFO: Enemy Unknown. The classic game was regarded as one of the top turn based strategy game at that time. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is developed by Firaxis Games, well known for their Civilization series and is published by 2K games. You can download full version of XCOM Enemy Unknown region free game. Firaxis has done a good job of sticking to the classic formula that made the original game popular while making necessary changes to the game. Download XCOM Enemy Unknown free for XBOX 360 from the bottom of this page.

The story of the game is based on an alien invasion on earth and the human resistance. These aliens are roaming earth, destroying every city and civilization. XCOM is a multinational elite military organization and it’s their duty to fight against the alien threat and restore peace. Downloading region free XCOM Enemy Unknown for XBOX 360 is very easy, just follow the instructions gives and you will be playing the game in no time.  Basically the gameplay is divided into two parts, firstly you have the turn based strategy and combat and secondly you have to manage research, technology, facilities and resources. The combination of both these elements provides a fantastic gameplay.

The combat takes place on maps which are in isometric perspective. These maps are very well designed and objects such as structures, civilians and debris neatly scattered. You have to take charge of four to six soldiers and control them to move and attack the enemy and carry out the given objectives. XCOM Enemy Unknown XBOX 360 free download is what you will get at the end of this review. The success in combat is greatly dependent on you management skills. You have to invest the resources properly in researching new technology, buying and unlocking new items and weapons or upgrading soldiers. Both these elements provide are very well balanced gameplay. The battles take place at various locations around the globe and the initial easy difficulty goes on increasing near the end but the game never feels unfair.  The game is a great fun and it is technically very sound. XCOM Enemy Unknown XBOX 360 free download is what you will find below. This is an xgd3 game so you will have to burn it using an ihas burner with burner max firmware using IMGBURN software. You might use truncate method as well.

The visuals of the game are excellent with colorful and stylized characters. The audio design and voice acting is well done to suit the theme of the game. Despite the game being based on a 20 year old classic game, it feels fresh and intriguing. This is a worthy successor to a classic game. Link below offers you full version of XCOM Enemy Unknown XBOX 360 region free download.

Download XCOM Enemy Unknown XBOX 360 Free Download


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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Burn the ISO using IMGBURN software in a iHas burner with burner max firmware. This is required as it is a xgd3 game. You can also try truncate method with normal burners and use mp3 trick if you get any problems. Use good quality DVD’s like the Verbatim DVD’s.
    3. Insert the DVD you just burned and play the game.

  2. sujith says:

    downloading it now..:) thanks dude

  3. sweethunny says:

    Thank you :0

  4. bigfoot01977 says:

    with all these great releases it is feeling like Christmas,thanks……

  5. carluss says:

    very, very thanks

  6. BULLETSTORM says:

    Thanks 😀 😀

  7. mollie says:

    many thanks. nice work

  8. Gaijin says:

    Great game upload loving it

  9. werd says:

    XCOM is a phenomenal game

  10. jimmyswe990 says:

    Thanks. Now im just waiting for Dishonored -.-

  11. Paulcool says:

    It was one of my best games back in the day. hope it as good as before

  12. 0verdose says:

    Been waiting for this. Thanx for the up. Will play this after i finish Dishonored. So many games right now. Wife might want a divorce. LOL

  13. phill says:

    Thank you sir, NICE!!!!

  14. gesuzz says:

    thnx a lot…………….

  15. draven23 says:

    Thank you 🙂 it works

  16. hughesn says:

    Use ihas burner and Use latest imageburn and ensure you use Verbatim MK001 or MK003 disks. there are other cheaper alternatives . but this works 100%

  17. gambitjoe says:


    Die Aliens!

    And thaaaaaaaanks!

  18. nerko says:

    thanks for the upload, will give it a go. Thanks 🙂

  19. mickeyblue says:

    cheers uploader, many thx 🙂

  20. jdiceman says:

    not much in the stratagy games. but i’ll give it a go looks like i might find some fun here lol.

  21. hasley says:

    u always have the best uploads much thx

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