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Posted by admin on Nov 24, 2012
WWE 13 XBOX 360

WWE 13 XBOX 360

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WWE 13 XBOX 360 Free Download

WWE 13 for XBOX 360 is the newest game in the series which has been released for PlayStation 3, Wii and XBOX 360. This page gives you the full version of region free WWE 13 XBOX 360 game for free. The same game will be released for Windows PC sometime early in 2013 as told by the developers. This will be the second game in the WWE series and overall it’s the fifteenth game in the series. You can download WWE 13 free for XBOX 360 from the bottom of this post.

WWE 13’s focus is on the Attitude Era which replaces the Road the WrestleMania mode from the previous game. You will be playing through 6 storylines in the attitude era with the new WWE live audio system. WWE 13 is trying to do what NBA 2K11 did for the NBA series with the focus being on individual players rather than the game itself. WWE 13 XBOX 360 download is given for free from here, just download and follow instructions to play it on your XBOX 360 console from any region.

WWE 12 made a lot of changes and the developers took a lot of risks by throwing out all the old formulas and then bringing in some great new ideas. This time around in WWE 13 they have taken not so many risks, little disappointing but why change something that works, right? WWE 13 XBOX 360 free download is given at the end of this page, just download and read instructions.

The single player mode which has been removed and the Attitude Era mode which gets 6 chapters make this game a really interesting one. Gameplay of WWE 13 is really good and has plenty of flair and theatrics which is really a backbone of this sport. In that regard WWE 13 for XBOX 360 fairs really well. You will find the region free WWE 13 XBOX 360 game here.

After you download the game from the download page all you need to do is extract the parts using WinRAR to get the ISO file. This file needs to be burned using the Burner Max iHAS burner as this is an XGD3 game. Truncate method might give you disc authorization errors in that case you will need to use mp3 trick to play, if truncate or overburn method is used, then you will need to stay away from all of the online modes. Link below gives you region free full version of WWE 13 XBOX 360 free download.

Download WWE 13 Region Free for XBOX 360


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  1. admin says:

    Instructions to Play

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Burn the ISO in an ihas BurnerMax drive using IMGBURN software with optimal setting. This is a xgd3 game so this is required to play online.
    3. You can use truncate method to burn as well but dont go online with it and if you get disc authorization error then use the MP3 trick to play.
    4. Insert the burned DVD into XBOX 360 and start playing.

  2. Tahir malik says:

    I love WWE universe

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    can u tell me how i downlod game sniper ghost warior from this site.thanks

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    it is a mind blowing game

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    i want to download wwe 13

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    I want download wwe13

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    it is a very good game

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