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Posted by admin on Sep 29, 2011
Worms Ultimate Mayhem

Worms Ultimate Mayhem

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Download Worms Ultimate Mayhem Full Free for PC

New game is the long running Worm game series is here and it’s called Worms Ultimate Mayhem, full version of which can be downloaded from the link given at the end of this page. This game contains the content from the 2 previous titles in the series Worms 3D and Worms 4 Mayhem. The content has been converted in to HD and added to Worms Ultimate Mayhem.

Along with the content from previous games Worms Ultimate Mayhem also contains new content of its own and improvements in the overall gameplay department. The two previous versions that this game contains were good games in themselves and playing them again in HD is a treat for any fan of the series. Customization options in Worms Ultimate Mayhem are a plenty and the game also features online play for up to 4 players. The game has new missions, weapons and themes that can be used. Download Worms Ultimate Mayhem Full Version Free for PC from the link given at the bottom of this page.

Worms Ultimate Mayhem has more than 60 single player missions at your disposal with around 38 weapons and more than 10 graphical themes. Although this was enough content for the new game but they have also included the HD visuals in the mix and have listened to the fans and created new missions and improved the overall experience for the previous two games. The camera angles have been improved drastically and the voice acting is also done for the missions. Inclusion of multiplayer maps is another plus point. The original two games were loved by the fans and this improved content will make it even better and with the inclusion of new missions in there is the icing on the cake. Skip to the end to Download Worms Ultimate Mayhem Full Free.

You have plenty of customization options some of them include the following. You can name your team of worms what you want and also define which hats your worms will wear. You can now make them were glasses or have mustaches and also what they say. You can also set the flag that there worms represent and also the gravestone that they leave behind can be changed.

All the significant weapons are present in the game like the Bazooka, Dynamite, Hand Grenades and more. Some new and funky weapons have also been introduced in the game such as Alien Abduction, Flood, Old Woman, Starburst and more. You also have the option of customizing you own weapons with a lot of items available to do that. After you create the weapons they will be added to your weapons arsenal and your enemy will not know about this until you use these weapons, which will be a nice surprise. The environments are fully destructible which makes for much enjoyable battles. There are also changes in the AI as well as camera angles. Improved AI means a better fighting enemy. The visuals are well done as well with all the latest things like dynamic lighting used to aid in this. Follow the link below to Download Worms Ultimate Mayhem Full Free.

Download Worms Ultimate Mayhem Full Free for PC

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19 Responses to “Worms Ultimate Mayhem”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download all parts from one box and use Winrar or 7zip to extract them. You will get a ISO file.
    2. Use Daemon tools lite to mount the ISO or Burn it on a DVD
    3. Install the game.
    4. Download the CrackFix from the download page. Extract the rar using Winrar and copy all the files to game installation folder in Program files (Hard Disk)
    5. Play the game.

    • spuds says:

      i downloaded and mounted and even did the crack fix but everytime i try to run the game it just pops up a black window and then instantly dissapears

      • spuds says:

        okay so now i got it working. wasn’t overwritting the original files with the crack fix ones, but now it wont go full screen at all D:

  2. daroou says:

    thank you!

  3. THEBOMMER says:

    Yet Another Kick Ass Release To The Worms Collection Thank you Very Much

  4. Xrox says:

    Nice Upload! THX!

  5. zdeev says:

    Just finished downloading. Took just 25 minutes to download. Works perfectly.

  6. Snarph says:

    Works great on Win7 64bit.

    Dont forget to download the “Crackfix” given in step 4 of instructions from the download page.

  7. epy0N says:

    Running smoothly on WinXP Pro SP3 32bit

  8. Spenz says:

    Worms Ultimate Mayhem Free download works great on my PC. Crackfix is essential to run the game. So download it.

  9. rogshit says:

    thanks 🙂 crackfix fixed the black screen problem i got after installing.

  10. poppydo says:

    Hurray! 😀 … great work boys..

  11. Networker says:

    thanks a lot guys. i love this game very much.

  12. tomason says:

    is it weird that i love the worms series !!!
    hehehe thx buddy

  13. SynapsE says:

    Awesome! looks great in HD.

  14. ettri says:

    Hi, this is a great post! Thanks..

  15. arsulaan says:

    it dose not come in my country too i fell very very sad because i can not download this game

  16. malick says:

    really cool game

  17. malick says:


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