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Posted by admin on Jan 20, 2012
Tropico 3

Tropico 3

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Tropico 3 Free Download for PC

Tropico 3 is a simulation game where you play to control the political, construction and management of an island. You can download full of this game for free from the direct link given at the bottom of this page. The main focus of the game is city building and managing it. Tropico is the third game in the series and it tries to take the game to the original gameplay and you are put as the ‘El Presidente’, a dictator who is in control of the island.

You being Tropico 3 with taking control of the island in the Caribbean and rule it. There are 15 quests for you to complete in the single player campaign where you will be fulfilling different objectives. The game is different from other games in the same genre and you will not be micro managing the planning and building of cities which the other games make you do. Tropico 3 lets you focus on other objectives as well instead of just one. Keep reading about this new game in the Tropico series or skip to the bottom for Tropico 3 Free Download.

You get a tutorial to get you started with this game but the only problem of this wonderful game is that you cannot learn it as quickly as you would lie to, even with the tutorial included. The game is actually a kind of remake of the first game and not a sequel to the second game. The developers think that the players already know what to do as they know about the original game but the players will have a hard time learning the game. That’s why the brief tutorial which instead showing you the core elements of the gives you worthless tips is not a big help. This is a problem for the new users as well as for the fans of the game as there are new things that have been included like the political angle which was missing in the original game. If you want to download Tropico 3 full version free then click on the link given at the bottom to go to the download page.

In Tropico 3 you are not only going to build houses, roads factories, churches and stuff like that but you will also be playing the role of the dictator of the island and your decisions will affect how you play the game. You have the choice of creating your own dictator character or choose it from the various leaders of the history like Che Guevara or Fidel Castro and many others. Being the ‘El Presidente’ is not easy as it sounds and the character you play as the dictator will have plus as well as minus points. These plus/minus points will affect the game. Like the partnering with the USA or the trust of the intelligent people of the island will depend on what you positive and negatives points. Tropico 3 Free Download is given at the end of the article.

If you play the game as a man who is a gambler and a womanizer then you are in for a shock as it’s not cool and will take you back on many fronts. You need to balance everything and your every act will have consequences. You will also need to keep the USA and USSR from invading the island by making them fight against each other by providing information to both of them. You can create factions or give speeches to the masses, change policies regarding the education. You can also be bribed by the foreign officials and there is also an option where you can stash your money in the Swiss bank. The elections can also be rigged so you stay in control of the island. These things add a different layer to the political nature of the game. Play these various scenarios in the game with the Tropico 3 Free Download given at the bottom. But these intense political actions are missing from the tutorial which makes it more difficult to play the game.

Tropico 3 Free overall is well thought of game with a complete package where you have the option to play the single missions or missions developed by other players by downloading them off the net directly from the game. You also have an editor which you can use to change things inside the game. The sound system is carefully thought of and the radio station will constantly play news which adds to the atmosphere of the game. The game would have benefited from a lengthy tutorial but the satisfaction of understanding and beating the game on your own is totally awesome. You can play the game twice once you have mastered the concept of the game and it will be a lot easier the second time around. Following link will give you Tropico 3 Free Download for PC.

Download Tropico 3 Full Version Free


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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Mount the ISO image in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game. But don’t start it yet.
    4. Disconnect your net or Use Windows Firewall to block Tropico.exe file (Important)
    5. Start the game and use the serial number gives here
    6. Play the game.

  2. shinesamurai says:

    cheers thnx for this awesome upload 😀

  3. Rasclaat says:

    Cool thx!

  4. Blackeagle says:

    Uber thanks, the demo was fun.

  5. mrhoodlum says:


  6. Milan82 says:

    THX 😀

  7. herk says:

    thank you! worked great.

  8. basic says:

    oh yeah.. time to play dictator! This is sure to feed my megalomania

  9. redm says:

    ahh, y not… let’s smoke some nice cigars and have some fun 🙂

    thanks for the upload!

  10. Pheace says:

    Hahaha. Sweet, i loved 2, thanks.

  11. Noisii says:

    whoohoo 🙂 too much games atm 🙂 That’s good tho 🙂 thanks alot !!!

  12. suheri says:

    omg.. i was really waiting for this… saves me a month of waiting :)) Thanks for destroying my spare time 😉

  13. zouza says:

    Thank you uploader

  14. Kid05 says:

    Aweeesoooome 😀

  15. rollese says:

    Serial works on Win7 final x64

  16. ElMagno says:

    wow! what a surprise!

  17. Guyceps says:

    thank you very much

  18. poopdedoop says:

    looks good. thanks

  19. jihad3Kdelux says:

    wow, thanks! game is working

  20. antonpro says:

    So kickass! 🙂

  21. 7uby says:

    Mannn I loved Tropico 1 !

    Thx uploader

  22. toolbandfan says:

    This is a massive nice game. Thank You.

  23. MrFisse says:

    Thanks ! And FAWKING YES ! Finally, woho woho woho 😀

  24. nowise says:

    Dude this makes my day. Too bad I am stuck at work!
    Loved Tropico 1, bought it probably 3 times because I kept losing the CDs.

  25. No says:

    got the same problem here, doesn’t work when i start the campaign….gonna try it out later tonight

    thanks for the download !! 🙂

    • No says:

      After i restarted my pc it worked fine for me ( and after reinstalling ), also made sure it couldn’t connect to internet ofc.

      thanks again !!

  26. MorphRobert says:

    works like a charm also the serial works superb!

  27. Logical says:

    thnx for this UL, looks nice 🙂

  28. lfe says:

    wow no more waiting!


  29. maelstorm says:

    thanks m8.

  30. Travy says:

    TY for up!! was looking forward to this game.

  31. MackanZoor says:

    Thanks a million!

    Haven’t heard about this game until I randomly stumbled over it here, looks like something that I would enjoy.

  32. tastypotato says:

    Never heard of this till just now – looks like fun. 🙂 will download the 4th one as well

  33. suntzu says:

    thanks, runs fine.
    those of you having problems better not be letting this go online, it will try to upload your stat profile and serial. block tropico.exe with firewall or put these 2 addy in your hosts, it will work –

  34. IckMcWang says:

    if this is even close to the first two, it will be a good game.

    thanks uploader

  35. leoshortie says:

    If it’s even a bit close to Tropico, this game will be awesome.Thanks a lot uploader!

  36. emoekkel says:

    Good upload. If there is someone who does not understand what it is about it is that you should make a tropical city that’s all I’ve taken with it have done so far. It looks very nice out:) Thanks

  37. HappyNihil says:

    it´s a nice game, although I personally prefer Tropico 2.

  38. Denniboy says:

    Thanks uploader!

  39. nowise says:

    Had a crash last night on Win7 RC. It was the strangest crash I have seen in a while, I could scroll around the map and the music was playing but everything else was frozen and no keys or buttons would respond. Lost a lot of progress on a long map 🙁 Need to see about decreasing the autosave timer.

    Restarted the game and works again

  40. Gerti says:

    Everything works fine

  41. superhazzor says:

    Thanks! Works perfect here! Win7 64bit. Played for 4 hours straight, no problems at all 😀

  42. DestinyD says:

    Using on Win 7 x86 and works great. Only prob i have is that i can’t seem to figure out what the icons over the buildings mean. Well the sun on i have, but the garbage bag one i have no idea

  43. conrad says:

    It keeps claiming that “The Serial Number is wrong” when cutting and pasting the serial from the NFO

  44. DestinyD says:

    For the Serial…… just enter the serial by hand WITH the little lines between. Had prob when i copy paste but when i do it manually it works no prob.

  45. mastermi says:

    Amazing Game!! just playing a couple of hours and its fantastic!! great game! Thanks a lot uploader and vitality for it!

  46. bcks says:

    thanks, this game is very wonderful

  47. Ghastous says:

    works fine here top game aswell hard at 1st but dam good fun

  48. mostafa says:


  49. rush says:

    The serial didnt work at first in Windows 7 64-Bit .
    Run the game as an admin and it will work 🙂 and also disable net

  50. seinen says:

    thanks. its a great game!: D

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