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Posted by admin on Jun 16, 2010
Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3

Download Toy Story 3 Full Game Free for PC

Toy Story 3 PC game is based on the movie of the same name. It’s available for all the major platforms like Xbox360, PS3 and more. It’s also available on PC. The game is also the 2nd one in this series. Toy story 2 was also released as a game from the second movie of the series. The cast from the film is involved in the voice acting for the game as well. You can Download Toy Story 3 Full Game Free for PC from the link at the bottom of this page.

Toy Story 3 is a platform game. You can control one of the three characters in game. You can either play as Woody, Buzz Lightyear or as Jessie. All three characters have different abilities. Woody can use the strings to get from one platform to other. Lightyear can swing other toys and Jessie can balance herself on smallest of platforms. You will need to use all these abilities and change between players to clear a level.

There are two modes in Toy Story 3 PC game viz. Toybox and Story. The story mode is based on the movie entirely and you will follow it till the end. Around 9 levels are present in the story mode. The Toybox mode is like a developing mode. Where you will create levels using the things available and add missions and other toys to the game. When you complete a level you will get money which you can use to buy new items to add to the world you created. The items that are available to be added to the game environments are some characters from other movies. Keep reading to Download Toy Story 3 Full Game Free for PC.

The game is surprising good as far as the games based on films are concerned and it’s fun to play. The story closely follows the film in story mode but the real fun is when you enter the Toybox mode. You are free to do whatever you like in the open world environment in Toybox mode. This mode makes the story driven game into a good game to play for players other than the fans of the film.

Toy story surely sets some standards for the games that are based on films. The graphics are really good and the characters are animated like in the movie. Music is not that great but the voice acting from the film crew sets good with the game and you will really enjoy that. If you are an adult the gameplay will feel a little childish but its lot of fun and if you have a lot of time to kill and are bored to play the usual games this game will take some stress away from you. So to Download Toy Story 3 Full Game Free for PC go the link you see below.

Download Toy Story 3 PC Game for Free

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  1. chuckles9999 says:

    Thank you.

    • husnain says:

      toy story 3

      • riazjan says:

        how do you download this game
        tell me fast

    • Milhouse says:

      how can I download with Torrent? Excuse me, but I’m new here…

      • admin says:

        just use one of the torrent links to get a torrent file and open it in utorrent.

  2. psyk says:

    Another one!
    Thx very much

  3. koaxis7 says:

    Thanks early release

  4. Mo7amed5910 says:

    Hell Yeah i Will Download it Later ~~ Thanks Any Way

  5. dpkchrome says:

    my daughter is going to piss her pants


  6. d34th says:

    this game looks fun lol! Is it 2 players?

    • vasile says:

      I love this game

  7. admin says:

    Install Instructions
    1.Extract the files using Winrar
    2.Mount the image in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD
    3. Install the game
    4. copy the crack from the crack folder on the DVD to the install folder.
    5. Play the game.

  8. codemaster75 says:

    Super Up..,Tks

  9. Lirael says:


    include spanish voices?

  10. trayko says:

    yes, voices in Spanish including

  11. djvirusss says:

    i like all games here i want more new games and please post a torrent link.

    • mattS says:

      @djvirusss torrents have been posted you can use them.

      • caleb says:

        i love toystory3

  12. john says:

    thx man my lil’ sis gonna love that

  13. Elle says:

    hey i wish i could download it but my mom will not let me i can’t watch the movie or play the too this sucks i love this it looks fun to play i will try to sneak to download

  14. jordan says:


    • S.R. ARIF MOHAMED says:


  15. M60 says:

    TNX! MEN!!

  16. Max says:

    I´m need to download all the parts ? to play the game

    • admin says:

      Yes download all the parts then extract them.

    • mattS says:

      @Max all parts are required to play the game.

  17. Cool gamer says:

    Does this game work when u download?????
    i try to buy it and its $40 AUD
    can someone plz give detailed instructions plz.

  18. Cool gamer says:

    Thnx matt !!!!!

    • amro tarek says:

      deer cooL gamer i want to give me toy story 3 and skyrim dragonborn and naruto shippuden ultimatd ninja storm 3

  19. DVD says:

    is it in italian language too?
    Thanks in advance.

  20. kk says:


  21. bantersaurus rex says:

    I tried to unzip the rar files with 7zip. it comes up with a message that rld-ts3.iso is broken. help please???

    • S says:

      @bantersaurus rex did u select all files and select extract here. or try using Winrar.

  22. bantersaurus rex says:

    ok it works now, i was extracting it to a different directory

  23. Sally says:

    thanks you sir. the game is good.

  24. mandy says:

    my brother download it for me and give me to play. very happy playing game

  25. mohamad says:

    dats vary good game

  26. mohamad says:

    hahaha 😀

  27. admin says:

    All bad links removed and
    New working links have been added today (29th May 2011)

    • yoolich says:

      it does really work :)… thnkz 🙂

    • navizul says:

      Thanks my friend!!!!

  28. steph says:

    thank you for this,made my son very happy

  29. FreddyNaim says:

    10x M8!

  30. GiNgAgInGa says:

    thanks to uploader ^^

    really funny game.

  31. ferris says:

    thnx uploder awsome game

  32. Nico says:

    Thank you for a terrific game.

  33. shiper says:

    Thank you for another good game

  34. Barnie says:

    Now I know where to download;

  35. Barnie says:

    probably not my fault I know I do not know!

    • paige says:

      you do not know toy story

  36. paige says:

    i love this game i watch the movie and play the games on the wii and stuff it is the coolest game thank you for making it

  37. paige says:

    i dont thnk the download is the best thing it is taking for ever

  38. haylie says:

    i love this game you are the best

  39. haylie says:

    i love toy story and the games and movie thank you soooooooooo much for making this game

  40. muhammad mohadis says:

    plese tell me how i can download it i love this game very much

  41. rehan says:


  42. Ahgbv says:

    it’s difficult to download it can someone please help me to how to install it in simple steps

    • admin says:

      please watch videos given above for help.

  43. dark says:

    the game is good thx

  44. dark says:

    pls help what? is dongload pls help

  45. dark says:

    the game is good pls help pls help guys

  46. nazari says:

    this game so fun

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