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Posted by admin on Mar 22, 2011
The Sims Medieval

The Sims Medieval

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Download the Sims Medieval Full Game for Free

The Sims series has got a new game for PC but this is not the regular Sims game this is The Sims Medieval set in medieval times. The Sims Medieval has got quest based gameplay which lets to build your kingdom by completing these quests. The game uses the Sims 3 engine which has been worked upon for this game. You get to see the building and structures according the timeline which gives the game an authentic feel. You have to send your Sims on quests which in return will give you kingdom points. You can use these points to improve your kingdom. Links to Download the Sims Medieval Full Game for Free is given below

This time you have a system in place in which, if you reach certain scenarios you can win the game, which is different from other Sims games. They are called ‘ambitions’. They are plenty of ambitions which will let you win the game. Some of them are ‘Legendary’, ‘Fame’, ‘Wealthy Populace’ and more. The game feels like a RPG game and you have less focus on creating Sims. This is also true in case of the buildings. You can only modify interior parts but not the structure of the original building. The focus is on improving your kingdom through upgrades.

You have to choose a goal for your kingdom and work your way towards it by completing quests that take you towards that goal. You have heroes to aid you complete these quests and you can pair different heroes to get the job done. You can choose a team leader for them. Each hero will have his own special abilities. The game has the following heroes Knights, Monarchs, Spies, Wizards, Priests, Blacksmiths, Physicians, Bards and Merchants. Wizards can cast spells which they will learn from a book. Similarly other heroes will have different abilities depending upon their skills. Keep reading to Download the Sims Medieval Full Game for Free

Unlike other Sims games your Sims will not age. You can have children but they will not grow into adults. Also this game has dangers for Sims life meaning, a Sim may die on a quest due to many reasons. You will be given a rating at the end of the game depending on how you performed. If you fail to complete a quest then you will get Quest Failed message. The land of Sims Medieval is also different from other Sims series games. It’s not flat like others instead it has highs and lows, mountains to support this games medieval theme.

The game has received good reviews from all game sites for the diverse nature of this game from the Sims series. The quest based gameplay has made the game enjoyable compared to the repetitive gameplay from other Sims games. You will have fun playing it. Even if you are not into Sims games you should give this game a chance. To Download the Sims Medieval Full Game for Free go to the following link.


Download Sims Medieval Full Game for Free

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152 Responses to “The Sims Medieval”

  1. julie says:

    Hi thank you for the game. I installed the game, used that keygen:
    copied the crack and added to my game. Game launched successfully and I think everything is fine.

  2. Jennifer says:

    i dont really know much abt computers but still i got this game working without any problems

    I m so happy right now. 😮

  3. Annoyed says:

    This is not helpful for noobs who don t know how to do this shit

    • admin says:

      we ll try to create a video for it but in the mean while u can download the game. and ask for any help you need here itself we ll help you.

      • says:

        if your gonna create a video, please inform me too. =) thanks.

        By the way will it still work even though i have the sims 3 and expansions (original) installed on my pc? last time when i installed the sims 3 i needed to delete the pirated games in my pc before i could install the original game.

        • admin says:

          this game is not related to Sims 3. so you shouldnt have any problems with any games u ve already installed on ur PC.

  4. Punchers says:

    Please help me.. Im downloaded game but it doesn’t work..

    File: e:SupportReadmeenen_EULA.rtf

  5. yamil616 says:

    i cant rename the file to .exe
    first: the name is TSM and under that says EX_File
    second: when i press rename it says this (Cannot rename TSM:Files on this CD-ROM drive are read-only. You cannot copy or move files over to this CD-ROM drive.)
    third: im using DAEMON tools so i dont know if that has something to do with this and also if it helps my laptop is an ACER aspireone.

    • admin says:

      1. you need to make sure that ur extensions are not hidden. go to My Computer then Tools in Menu Bar then click the view tab to see options. Untick the option that says Hide Extensions. Now you ll see the file name as TSM.ex_
      2. You can never rename a file that is on a CD/DVD. You need to rename that file where u have installed the game not on the DVD.
      3. Daemon tools doesnt have anything to do with that. t only helps u to mount the ISO image.

      Hope this clears ur doubts

  6. devil1cal says:

    thanks for game

  7. CyberJonas says:

    Thanks alot uper. 🙂


  8. nesto1 says:

    Anyone know if this will work on a mac?

  9. Travy90 says:

    TY! been waiting for this

  10. Amine says:

    Thanks alot upper. 🙂

  11. anderz says:

    if r going to update the game then ongoing quest will be canceled. so upgrade after you finish a quest, and you will be good.

  12. Keziah says:

    i had a very hard and confusing time making the game work . please make a FULL DETAILED instruction/tutorial please

  13. trina says:

    Hi all I just wondered I’ve already bought this but not been dispatched yet but really want to play it. But if and when I do get it will this download interfere with the game on disc? Also does this have to be put onto a disc if I download this? cheers.

    • admin says:

      no you wont have any problems. just uninstall it when u want to install the game u bought. No need to burn this on a Disc. you can mount the ISO image in daemon tools or PowerISO in a virtual CD/DVD drive

  14. trina says:

    Do i have to pay for any of the ads first cos im having a nightmare unlocking the page 🙁 really want to play this game thanx admin

  15. trina says:

    Dont worry admin i got it thank you again 😀

  16. LOTTY says:

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH !! its very amazing. good job 🙂

  17. trina says:

    Works excellant cant believe I payed for this when could have just got it from here. Thanx again so much admin 😀

  18. admin says:

    click on the green link given at the bottom of the article that will take u to the download links. Or click on the older posts link at the bottom of that page.

  19. yamil616 says:

    could someone provide the rar parts because non of the download links seem to work. Says files were deleted.

  20. Jess says:

    Hi! Here is what I have done so far…
    Hello everyone. So here is what I have done:
    1) Downloaded the game
    2)Used the Keygen and put in the key
    3)Clicked play, without copying over the TSM.ex_ from the Sims Medieval reloaded crack only v.1.1.
    4)It said that the disc was UN-verified.
    5) I copied over the TSM.ex_ folder from the Sims Medieval reloaded crack v.1.1.
    6)I changed the .ex_ to .exe and the icon changed to one of the Sim diamond things
    7)I tried the game again and it still said the it was UN-verified.

    I now know that I have to copy it over to the bin folder, and delete the TSM.ex_ but it says that I need permission to do it? I am using virtual clone drive to mount btw. WHAT DO I DOOOOO?!?!?!?

    • admin says:

      If u r using Windows 7 or Vista you can take ownership of the sims medieval folder. Right click on the Sims Medieval folder then Properties then Security Tab/ Advanced button then Owner tab and click the Edit button at the bottom thern select the username u r using in Windows and then tick *Replace owner on Subcontainers and objects.

      Click OK in all windows and copy the file now.

  21. bret says:

    whenever i start the game, i get a message saying “we can not verify your disc” is this an installation problem if so please tell me how to fix it

  22. cIc3k says:

    got the game working… thanks

  23. Jon says:

    Thanks alot uper. 🙂


  24. asiaph36 says:

    Downloaded it yesterday.
    having fun playing it for a day. good game.

  25. Zcrewball says:

    This is what ive have done,

    1. Donwloaded & install the game

    2 copy Crack into this folder TheSims Medieval/Game/bin and replaced the orignal launcher.

    3. Play the game

  26. ine says:

    big up..thanks
    game works!!

  27. ondel says:

    thanks a ton for the free sims medieval game

  28. Crystal says:

    Hi, yanno when i use deamon tools can you use pro because i mounted the picture but when i load Sims Medieval when it finishes loading on it comes up in a message saying no disc found… I dont have any discs with a size over 5gb. Only 4.7. I used it on the virtual hard drive but still no luck! Any help Please cus i really wanna play this game!

  29. chrissy girl says:

    witch game should i get ‘midevil’ or ‘late night’ idk it is so hard to choose!!! 🙁

    • admin says:

      medieval is a totally different game. where as you need The Sims 3 game to play Late night as its a expansion of Sims 3

  30. tae says:


  31. Cary Girl says:

    I can’t install the sims medieval, when the game it’s about to start I get the following message “we can not veryfy the disc”… can u please help me??? I really wanna play this game!!!

    • admin says:

      you need to copy the cracked files to the game folder. read the instructions and follow them exactly and it will work.

  32. admin says:

    All non working links removed and
    New working links added today (1st June 2011)

  33. dano says:

    iv downloaded and installed but when i go to copy over the crack it says that there isnt enough space. can someone help me please

  34. sky says:

    how do you download this game

  35. simslover says:

    will this give u a virus
    how do u get the game please give me steps

    • admin says:

      no it doesnt give you virus. anything that your antivirus shows is a false positive.
      You can watch the video in HOW TO section to know how to download.

  36. LittleOnion says:

    Thanks a lot!!

  37. fredy kruger says:

    i like all the sims

  38. Emilie says:

    I understand nothing has nothing please help

  39. Paige says:

    Am I the only one who has an issue with having to fill out a form for a free iphone, new $1,000 walmart gift card, etc just to get these links? I don’t know why it’s necessary.

  40. zeineldin says:

    thankyou sooooooooooooooooo much

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