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Posted by admin on Mar 22, 2011
The Sims Medieval

The Sims Medieval

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Download the Sims Medieval Full Game for Free

The Sims series has got a new game for PC but this is not the regular Sims game this is The Sims Medieval set in medieval times. The Sims Medieval has got quest based gameplay which lets to build your kingdom by completing these quests. The game uses the Sims 3 engine which has been worked upon for this game. You get to see the building and structures according the timeline which gives the game an authentic feel. You have to send your Sims on quests which in return will give you kingdom points. You can use these points to improve your kingdom. Links to Download the Sims Medieval Full Game for Free is given below

This time you have a system in place in which, if you reach certain scenarios you can win the game, which is different from other Sims games. They are called ‘ambitions’. They are plenty of ambitions which will let you win the game. Some of them are ‘Legendary’, ‘Fame’, ‘Wealthy Populace’ and more. The game feels like a RPG game and you have less focus on creating Sims. This is also true in case of the buildings. You can only modify interior parts but not the structure of the original building. The focus is on improving your kingdom through upgrades.

You have to choose a goal for your kingdom and work your way towards it by completing quests that take you towards that goal. You have heroes to aid you complete these quests and you can pair different heroes to get the job done. You can choose a team leader for them. Each hero will have his own special abilities. The game has the following heroes Knights, Monarchs, Spies, Wizards, Priests, Blacksmiths, Physicians, Bards and Merchants. Wizards can cast spells which they will learn from a book. Similarly other heroes will have different abilities depending upon their skills. Keep reading to Download the Sims Medieval Full Game for Free

Unlike other Sims games your Sims will not age. You can have children but they will not grow into adults. Also this game has dangers for Sims life meaning, a Sim may die on a quest due to many reasons. You will be given a rating at the end of the game depending on how you performed. If you fail to complete a quest then you will get Quest Failed message. The land of Sims Medieval is also different from other Sims series games. It’s not flat like others instead it has highs and lows, mountains to support this games medieval theme.

The game has received good reviews from all game sites for the diverse nature of this game from the Sims series. The quest based gameplay has made the game enjoyable compared to the repetitive gameplay from other Sims games. You will have fun playing it. Even if you are not into Sims games you should give this game a chance. To Download the Sims Medieval Full Game for Free go to the following link.


Download Sims Medieval Full Game for Free

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152 Responses to “The Sims Medieval”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Unrar all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO image file
    2. Burn image on DVD or mount the image in daemon tools
    3. Install the game and use the keygen on the DVD when asked for a serial.
    4. Copy over the cracked content from the DVD
    5. Play the game.

    If you start the game without copying over crack first it wont work. To solve it you just have to rename the .ex_ to .exe and it should be fine.

  2. castorvt says:

    I like this game

  3. malandropex says:

    I like, this is a very good game, good graphics, but i not liked the game system, anyway this is a very good game. Enjoy


  4. schildt says:

    hurray. another sims franchise.

  5. Sirkiko says:

    I’ve been waiting for this one. Thanks.

  6. KIFF1990 says:

    thx. uploader

  7. skabbrev says:

    Thanks to the uploader

  8. torpedo says:

    I am really enjoying it.

  9. Johnny says:

    Good game anyway-

  10. emoekkel says:

    Il give this a try!

    Thanks for upload!

  11. Zenyxia says:

    Thanks a lot.

  12. kurtknowslot says:

    Do not install the latest patch…

  13. Stefanx223 says:

    You have to change the .ex_ to .exe or it will not work.

  14. unholy182000 says:

    ex_ to exe works

  15. speed010 says:

    Copy ex_ to exe, works perfect.

    Much thanks!!

  16. haileris says:

    Um, what? Wasn’t really expecting this!

    Quite a nice surprise! Thanks uploader!

  17. MiTuS says:


  18. workers says:

    Thanks , lovin all these new FREE games

  19. fjuppen says:

    I really cant change it from .ex_ to .exe, plz help.. it can be that im just tired and stupid so i dont know how to change it haha

  20. maverick86 says:

    U’r incredible guys ! Thanks a lot for your hard work…

  21. NightFiree says:

    Slowly downloading though lol 😛

  22. Will says:

    Oh thank god! My parents wont let me buy this game, thank you so much dude!

  23. Anikaa says:

    will it work? i mean the downlode

  24. mattS says:

    try using Firefox browser instead of Chrome.

  25. Malaky says:

    thanks guys and hopefully you crack crysis 2

  26. nelson8403 says:

    I don’t know if anyone else has tried this, but I have just been running the original TSM.exe file and it works , no crack needed and I’ve even applied the update

  27. airmax360 says:

    So everyone’s advice is NOT to autoupdate? Or you should autoupdate?

  28. fjuppen says:

    When i start the game it only appear “You dont have the originaldisc bla bla” then it’s just closing down the game.. I have put the crack in the right place, and even tried without crack. Someone who knows how i can fix this?

    • Ipc1ne says:

      you need to read nfo u have to rename TLS.ex_ to TLS.exe and copy it to the install dir.
      First copy the file to desktop then rename it to .exe and then copy it to Sims Medieval install folder.

  29. silentknight says:

    Ok, maybe i am a total dork, having not burnt a real DVD in a while. How the hell do i fit this on a DVD-R? It is way to big…what am i missing?

    • mark says:

      How do you not know how much space a DVD holds? Its written all over the packaging for blank DVDs.

      Standard single layer DVD is 4.7GB
      Dual layer DVDs are usualy 8.5GB
      Blu-rays comes in 25GB single layer and 50GB dual layer
      Old school floppies are 1.44MB
      CDs are usually 700MB

      This game’s iso is 5.11GB, so its not gonna fit on a standard DVD get a Dual layer one.

      Or better yet use daemon tools lite to mount the ISO so u wont need a DVD.

      • silentknight says:

        Yeah, my bad…i honestly do not burn DVDs any more, and didn’t think about duel layers. I will have to go buy some soon.

  30. Crimson says:

    download sims medieval for free hoooooraaaay

  31. kommodore says:

    Works fine, dunno why I’m playing it though hate the sims, I’m that bored I guess.

  32. TheFlounder says:

    works great, thanks for a great UL and Game!

  33. archangel says:

    Thank You,
    My Sister will <3 This..

  34. zillah says:

    do i have to install all the links in filesonic? (parts 1-6) or just one of them?

  35. cristianxp says:

    Where’s the keygen? I can’t find it anywhere.

  36. coldone2 says:

    Dont even need a crack to play this. Just install, update from launcher and play the game. Everything works fine

  37. razor2005 says:

    cool my eldest daughter wants this

  38. epe says:

    This is unexpected and great

  39. sammy says:

    is this a standalone game or another addon for the sims 3???

  40. mOrtal says:

    used this key to install from keygen. No problems faced so far.


  41. cryptik says:

    game works perfectly, thanks a lot !!

  42. Jenny says:

    I’ll tryy .. 😀

  43. Jenny says:

    Why? I must complete the offer >o<

  44. yamil616 says:

    Anyone feel like explaining thoroughly how to do the whole procedure? I downloaded all of the parts and I downloaded winrar, when I unrar the parts I get diagnostic messages like unexpected end of archive, the volume is corrupt and the file is corrupt. Please teach me how to do this thanks.

  45. yamil616 says:

    ohh also if you didnt notice already im kinda new to this xD but id really love to learn

  46. sally says:

    can someone help me with a mac download – this one only works for pc right? do you know where i can find this game for a mac?

    • mattS says:

      i think it ll work with MAC as all sims 3 games work both on PC and MAC. I dont have a MAC so i cant be 100% sure.

  47. gaga says:

    OMG THANKS SO MUCH ITS INSTALLING! THANKYOU! I didnt even have to do the crack thing or anything! THANKS SO MUCH! I JUST SAVED 50 BUCKS!

    • gaga says:

      actually its not working because i dont have the crack. which file is the crack? is it the regular “sims” file? i dont understand and i dont have the .ex_ file or .exe file in the bin folder!!

      • admin says:

        OK so go in the crack folder and then copy the TSM.ex_ file then go to SIms Medieval/Game/Bin folder and paste it. You ll be asked to replace he file. Say yes.
        Then rename that file to TSM.exe. and use the file to start the game not the launcher and it ll work.

  48. yamil616 says:

    So I finally got it all, I downloaded all parts, used 7zip to open them, got the ISO image, mounted it into daemon tools and opened it. When Im on the installation wizard for the game everything goes smoothly and I use the code posted by mOrtal and everything goes well, but when it starts to install i get this message:

    File: e:SupportReadmeenen_EULA.rtf
    Error: The parameter is incorrect.

    • yamil616 says:

      ohh i think it is because i havent changed the EX_ to exe…anyone teach me how to? xD

      • admin says:

        go in the install folder of sims medieval then in game/Bin folder there u ll find TSM.ex_ file then rename it to TSM.exe

    • admin says:

      try this
      Create a folder on your hard disk anywhere and copy all the content of the DVD to that folder and try installing from there. And is your hard disk formatted with NTFS or Fat32?

  49. new2thiss says:

    Okay so to my realization this game installs fine on mac

  50. tru says:

    i cant find the keygen!! help??

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