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Posted by admin on Dec 15, 2009
The Sims 3

The Sims 3

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Sims 3 free download

The latest game in the Sims series is The Sims 3. Its available for both Windows and Mac, which is the first time because earlier games were available on Windows only. In Sims 3 more options have been introduced to customize your character. And as the time goes more expansions and addons will be released by the developers to increase the longevity of the game. The system requirements are not that high but to play the game at best settings you will need a decent enough system. Download Sims 3 for Free from the link at bottom.

Sims 3 starts with the Sunset Valley neighborhood with diverse characters. This is the only neighborhood present in the game and you can download the second one called Riverview. If you read the description of the Sunset Valley, you will learn that this game takes place before the previously released games, meaning it a prequel. We have already seen the release of four expansion packs, The Sims 3 World Adventures, The Sims 3 Ambitions, The Sims 3 Late Night and The Sims 3 Generation. Also two addon packs viz. Fast Lane stuff and High end loft stuff have been released. Sims 3 free download is given for you at the bottom of this review.

In Sims 3 you are not confined to a single loft at a time. This time you get to travel through the entire neighborhood. It’s an open neighborhood. You don’t need to wait for loading time when you enter a loft or a building, it’s all real time. You can explore all parts of the town. You have many types of building marked with different icons. You have job buildings, public buildings, places and Sims homes which all have different icons. Depending upon how much you earn you can buy lots in rich locale or the general place which you can afford. You have parties going on in the neighborhood, music concerts, sports events, fishing trips and more. Keep reading to know How to Download Sims 3 Free.

You also get the ‘Buy Mode’ and the ‘Build Mode’ in this game. A large number of items are available for purchase in ‘Buy mode’. You also have a large community of developers making items which you can download freely from the internet. In ‘Build Mode’ you can change the lot to how you want making changes as you like. Move objects like beds, chairs, sofas and tables in your desired position in this mode. Ghosts have been added to The Sims 3 and they have the ability to interact and also in some cases you can bring them back to play by doing some science thingy. Sims 3 PC download is available from the bottom of this article.

The ‘Live Mode’ is the one where all the action takes place. You get to control your single Sim or if you are a family, you can control multiple Sims. You can set the lifespan of your characters from very low to very high. Each family will have a different difficulty setting depending upon their relations and character. You have the all important interaction screen when you click on a Sim you want to talk to. The number of dialogues that you can interact in will increase as you get to know the other Sim. Get free download of Sims 3 full version from the link below

You can either start the game directly by choosing a family or you can enter the Create a Sim mode and build your Sim from scratch. You can choose all kinds of physical attributes and also personality. You can make a Sim which resembles you to have your second life in game world. You will see all the stuff that you see in real world like needs, feelings, pregnancies, wishes, skills, careers.

So if you want to spend some time in a virtual world Download Sims 3 PC game for Free from the following link


Download Sims 3 Free Full Version




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777 Responses to “The Sims 3”

  1. sturm123 says:

    thanks….. its a great game 😀

  2. victo says:

    nice game this website rocks

  3. do it says:

    i m from US and i did the IQ challenge survey it was the fastest one as said on the site. thanks a lot.

    i downloaded this sims 3 first now
    i m downloading 4 more game from there. just by doing one survey. love this.

  4. bigone says:


  5. do it says:

    i also tried 2-3 but didnt complete so i tried the first as i said that IQ one was the quickest.

  6. merit says:

    agreed with you. did that IQ Challenge for good. now i m downloading so many games.its crazy.

  7. andrea says:

    is there any way that i dont have to take surveys?

  8. Effort says:

    i think no other way but i suggest you to do the survey to appreciate the work they have done to give us the links for downloading free

  9. kwesleyb says:

    Thank you!
    Works perfect, the crack and everything works so everyone is just getting it wrong.

    I get the feeling most of the people trying to download these games dont know what they are doing.

    Anyway thanks again , another game im enjoying from you 😀

  10. Bloodspot says:

    as far as i can say, the links are working

  11. help says:

    i need help with the surveys. can somone help me how to do the surveys

  12. dse says:

    put all the info asked in the survey and at the end enter your info it ll unlock the page automatically, saying Congratulations.

  13. ma says:

    how do you download this? i am not a computer master

  14. miggle wiggle says:

    im downloading it right now.i hope it works

  15. miggle wiggle says:

    ow thanks fore puting this on my mommy loves this gam for the numbr 2 on now she can play this it is 3 but how do you turn of my computr it is a white one plees tell me dose enyone else hav a white computr like myne

  16. jose says:

    @miggle wiggle
    just hit the power button on your computer to turn it off. lol :O

  17. Andrew says:

    Sweet. Definitely downloading this.

  18. just luv it says:

    that IQ challenge is the best man. i did it and now i m downloading 4 games including this one. i have just added all the links to download in jDownloader as many have suggested and its the best. completed Sims 3 and playing it while others are downloading in the background. Simply luv it.

    The Sims 3
    The Sims 3 World Adventures
    Spore Galactic Adventures

  19. juga says:

    the IQ challenge survey works for US only. so i had to do a different one.

  20. hohoho says:

    nice 🙂 🙂

  21. unknown says:

    does it have fighting/ blood coming out/ taking knives/ will IT GET VIRUSES?

  22. Melzi says:

    I bought the world adventures bt didnt buy the sims 3 if I download it here will I be able to play my world adventures plz help.

  23. ddisher says:

    i bet it would work because its an addition to a game that you do have so its most likly to work 🙂 but if it doesnt im sorry 🙁

  24. Madelaine says:

    Hey Guys.
    Im from germany.
    Plz help!
    When I have clicked on the button, what to do then??

    sry for my english..

  25. jim says:

    i think you need to complete a survey and then you ll get many links to download use jDownloader software to download all the parts from a single source or use utorrent if you want to download using torrents. after downloading extract all the parts using WInrar and mount in Daemon tools and install the game and copy over the crack files to replace the original ones.
    play the game and enjoy!!

  26. atheia says:

    Hey gyes, i have installed the game and everything works fine, until i start the game.. it saya that it cant find the original CD? PLEASE HELP IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!..

    • mattS says:

      download the updates with the crack fix and paste it in the Games/Bin Folder of sims 3 in program files to replace the original one.

  27. atheia says:

    Thank you! it works now!: D

  28. jay arre says:

    thank i got many times i can download^^now i got it..thanks a lot..^^

  29. help says:

    i can’t do the surveys they ask for my phone number! they all do!

  30. were says:

    you have to give the info they asked on that survey. as all of us did to download. i checked them and i m 100% sure they are the legit companies doing the surveys and dont relate to the site you are on so no worries from my side.

  31. notallowed says:

    how long does the download take????

  32. kim kim says:

    how can i play sims

  33. steps says:

    took me 4 hours from the direct links.

  34. ytr says:

    kim kim just download all the files from any one site and extract them using winrar or hjsplit install the game and updates and copy over the cracked files thats it.

  35. Suckers says:

    guys whats so difficult to complete some survey i ve copmpleted a bunch of them till now to get different games. you are getting the games to download without any problems and people help you to play them. so quit whining and complete some surveys and start playing the games.

  36. elle says:

    where do I find the registration key?

  37. bre says:

    when I click on the launcher, it tells me that there was an error during setup? help please

  38. helper says:

    there is a keygenrator in the Razor1911 folder of the DVD use that to generate a registration key.

    try reistalling the game then.

  39. how do u install it again

  40. helper says:

    @heather garcia

    plz read the comments its given how to install the game

  41. sims player says:

    is there a place to play without downloading?

  42. Mallory says:

    Hey for some reason it won’t let me fill out the IQ survey. I did the first ringtone survey instead but it didn’t show it as completed. What do I do?

  43. mattS says:

    The IQ challegene usually works if you are from US. If you did the other ringtone survey then also it should have opened the site, must have been some error on the site.
    Give me your Email address i ll see what i can do.

  44. sarah says:

    i am downloading the game and i closed the page that had the codes on can some1 please tell me them

  45. mattS says:

    what page and what code are you talking abt.

  46. sarah says:

    i done the survey then clicked to download and a page come up with a list of codes i think they are for the registration codes am not to sure

  47. HELP says:

    hey guys i have downloaded the game,but when i go to play it says “no game disc found, please insert the sims3 game disc before proceeding” can some 1 help me with what am 2 do i have read the probs others have had but it means nothing to me, please help.

  48. mattS says:

    you need to download the crackfix. i suggest you download all the updates given on that page. the final update has the crackfix. copy that to the Sims 3/Bin folder

  49. mattS says:

    those are not the codes but links to download the game you need to download them. read this page

  50. HELP says:


    is there anyway that you could send me the link for the page as i dont know what page your on about, am not good with PC’s, thanks

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