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Posted by admin on Dec 19, 2009
The Sims 3 World Adventures

The Sims 3 World Adventures

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Download The Sims 3 World Adventures Free

The first expansion pack to be released for The Sims 3 is, The Sims 3: World Adventures. Full Version of this expansion is available for download from the link given below this article. This game expansion is for the travelers. You will get to travel the world using this expansion for Sims 3. You can travel to Egypt, China and France and you can take part in some of the adventures to gain points and some extra benefits. You also have new skills to level up to with the new update. This expansion has been received well by the gaming community and brings something new for you to do with your Sims.

You can create your Sims in The Sims 3 and then live your life in the virtual world. You control all parts of the Sim’s life like career, relationships and the skills that your Sim can learn. Sims 3 World Adventures gameplay is the same as the original. The new thing this game adds is the travelling of your Sims to different destinations. You can take part in the activities in those countries which depend on the culture you are in. You get a Visa and depending on its level you can stay in the country for longer or for a short time. You can increase your Visa level by making many trips. You can Download The Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion Full Version Free from the link given at the end of this page.

The activities that you can participate depend on the country you are in. If you are in Egypt you can travel to see the pyramids and learn snake charming. When you travel to China, you can learn martial arts and also launch fireworks for fun. France allows you to learn the process of nectar making. This expansion sends you on quests at various locations which are called adventures. Like any adventure you will need to complete some goals in this game as well.

The goals that you will be completing are exploring the tombs, find new and valuable items and immerse yourself in the social pool of people from that community. These quests will be challenging, take for example exploring a tomb. At the start of the quest all the rooms will not be accessible to you directly it’s when you open each room you can see them. You will be facing many obstacles to open new rooms. Puzzles fitted with traps are maneuvering levers are also the part of the exploration process. Keep reading to know how to Download The Sims 3 World Adventures Free.

There are three new skills that you can learn. Martial arts skill which can be increased by practicing and after a certain point you will have to break planks and wood to achieve higher skill levels. You can also engage in tournaments to increase your ranking, this will be known by how many belts you have collected. Another skill is Nectar making which depends on the quality of fruit you are using to make it. If you keep the nectar for a long time then its value will increase. Photography skill is the last one from this World Adventures expansion. You will have a handheld camera that you can use to pictures. You will be given goals of taking pictures of some subjects which will be given in the form of a list to you. Styles like panorama and sepia are also available for you to implement.

Overall this expansion packs a lot of new content and things for you to enjoy. The exploration of toms is one fun activity to take part in. The new content blends seamlessly with the old content. The expansion has a lot of new items and tools and other things. If you are a fan of The Sims 3 game then you should definitely give this expansion a try and Download The Sims 3 World Adventures Free.

Download The Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion Free

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166 Responses to “The Sims 3 World Adventures”

  1. Jane says:

    When I use the JDownloader for the megaupload links, it takes 2 hour per file. Its my first time. I need HELP.

  2. Carly says:

    its not working !!! 🙁

  3. kolye says:

    y i wait until 5 min or more also can’t dl 1

    • blOb says:

      if it takes more than 5 mins it means you didnt do it correctly, try a different one and use firefox browser.

  4. kelly says:

    hey does it work? and do i have to put a code in or anything????

  5. Juan says:

    Does this work for mac?

  6. lillolliepopXD says:

    Are the codes always diffrent?can some one tell me what the text message code was?

  7. Fred says:


  8. Laura says:

    do we must take all surveys?

  9. Anonim says:

    How do i Update it? Please help!

  10. Julian says:

    I realy need help!When i burn the image with daemon tools i got the install shield withard then when i clicking next it says me tah i need need to update The Sims 3 and when i clicking ok it making erorr that it can’t to update The Sims 3! I realy need help so please help me!

    • mattS says:

      hey the updates are given at the bottom of the page. read the bottom of the page. and also download the crack fix.

  11. Julian says:

    opps not burn mount!!

  12. angelo says:

    do i need to install the EA download manager? because I already have the first sims 3. then i customize the installing, i only install the sims 3 without the EA download manager. can someone help me with this? thanks!

  13. angelo says:

    ow yes. i finished installing the world adventure. but when i starting the game, the games loads. and when i will select my sim and it loads, and something will appear. and it will close automatically.

  14. angelo says:

    @jurer, what will i reinstall? the world adventure? or the main sims 3? thanks! by the way, where i can find an update with a crack? thanks!!

  15. angelo says:

    @jurer, can you give my your email? so we can talk about this world adventure, because if i keep doing this posting a comment here, this page will flood, and so i will not waiting for the next comment. thanks!

  16. angelo says:

    @mattS i only have email, what is Gmail? hmm. here, this is my email. thanks! hope you’ll help me.

    • MorGan says:

      reinstall the first game The Sims 3 and then update it to the latest with the given update on the download page then install the World adventures expansion then use the cracks for both of them given on the sites download page.

  17. angelo says:

    @morgan. thanks, i’ll try that.

  18. angelo says:

    hey, do i need to reinstall the sims 3? is it required? waaa. my save will lost by doing that, right???? T.T

    • MorGan says:

      @angelo your save games wont go away they are saved in the documents folder so you can copy them some place else and then again copy them back after reinstalling.

  19. liza says:

    ok, i cant get the serial numbers, cuz when i open the reloaded file, it says something about the system being the other version. what do i do? how to get the serials? n jsut to make sure, i extract all the files in one folder, then extract the ones inside, too, (like some were zipped) n den use daemon on each seperately?

  20. liza says:

    someone pleasseee explain in detail what to do after i install all the six parts. 🙂

  21. liza says:

    ok, so i found the how to, n i followed it. but thing is, that i extracted the rld-s3wa.r30 till .r53, right, n den i keep on selecting all, n telling it to extract the .r till .r29, n it loads, n shows its working, n den when its done, its not extracted? its still in the winzips files in the folder? i no im supposed to extract those twice, yea, one time into the folder, n the second time out of the win zip. so what am i missing? why isnt it extractingg?! someone help <3 🙂

  22. liza says:

    OMG i actually got up to the part of mounting it, i mounted it, and then, wen im starting to install it, it says that the regional code is different then the one from TS3? and it must be the same? is it because i own a real, store bought copy of the sims 3?

  23. liza says:

    how do u fix “disc authorization error”? ive gotten so far and then -.-

  24. liza says:

    Guys where’s the crack? i opened the .nfo file, with notepad, but it doesnt have it?

  25. marian says:

    hey, i downloaded the file base links using jdownloader. does it have the same process with rapidshare links? i used the filebase because the rapidshare links is not working in jdownloader. it says i need to have a premium blah blah because the file is too big. am i doing the right thing? oh, please reply dudes. i need your help. T.T i badly want to play this game. nahh 🙁 help, anyone?

    • mattS says:

      @marian you are doing it correctly. download all the parts from the same place then read the instructions given at the bottom of the page.

  26. marian says:

    Thank You, Matts 🙂 it’s almost a day since i downloaded the files. how long will it take? it’s still like i’m downloading from torrent. but at least jdownloader is much faster than torrent 🙂 sims 3 is really a pretty large file, i can say. i have also downloaded left for dead 2 from this site, but the crack’s not working. some of the files are broken. can you help me matts? if it’s okay with you. Thanks

  27. john martin says:

    please can you update on another links the rapidshare links are expired

  28. liza says:

    @mattS what do u mean in the reloaded folder? i read in the instructions, that you need to copy and replace the files from there to where you installed the game? and i think those files are in like the image itself? i dunno if its supposed to, but mine opens with 7-zip, and so i found those “Thumbnails” till “.backround” files, and replaced them, but i still had the message pop up. i also changed registry numbers from 1-7, and even burned the image on a real disc. -.- and its driving me mad, cuz everywhere i read people say its because i didnt copy over the cracked files…may be i did it wrong but then which files to copy? oh and thankyouuuuuuuuusomuchh xD

  29. Dawn says:

    i downloaded the torrent one but it won’t accept the serial number i got from the Razor1911 keygen it always says it’s invlid

  30. charm says:

    nice…i’ve been looking for this for so long..

  31. chewy says:

    does it work for mac

  32. fiber says:

    can someone help me please
    everytime i try to install it. it says that the region code ain’t correct
    what should i do ?

  33. fiber says:

    @ S : i’ll try thx

  34. JOsh says:

    Links are BROKEN

    • mattS says:

      @JOsh Broken links are removed and new links added for hotfile. Also the first 3 links Rapidshare, Filebase and Hellshare are interchaneable. So if any part from one is missing then u can download it from the other links.

  35. JOsh says:

    ThanK You I finally have all expansions 🙂

  36. JOsh says:

    umm sorry again but what do i do with the zip files???

  37. JOsh says:

    thnx ill see if it wrks

  38. JOsh says:

    damn game says it has to be the same reigonal code too bad… Ill have to settle with the 2 expansions I got.

  39. JOsh says:

    no I bought the first game legally

  40. JOsh says:

    Downloaded Ambitions and Late night from here no problems

  41. JOsh says:

    NVM found out a way to change regional code of sims 3 all working fine

  42. Katie says:

    When I copied the three files from the “Crack” folder into the Gamebin, it asked me if I wanted to replace the TSLHost.dll file that was already there. I clicked yes, but my original TSLHost.dll was newer and bigger than the one from the Crack folder, so was that a bad idea? Does the TSLHost.dll correspond to your game updates?

  43. Jen says:

    hey sorry it downloaded perfectly and everything, but my original base game wasn’t completely patched up to date before i copied over the cracked files, so the base game and WA were incompatible. i can’t update the base game without uninstalling WA first, so how do i do that? it keeps saying access is denied when i try to delete the WA folder. i plan on copying the WA files over again once i uninstall, but since it won’t let me delete the cracked files, i can’t do anything…help?

  44. Jen says:

    ok nevermind, i got it uninstalled and updated everything, and everything went smoothly until i tried to play. once i get to the select town (after the first loading screen), i get the “disc authorization failure.” it says that it can’t verify that i have a valid sims 3 disc, and that i should contact customer service, then automatically shuts down.

    how do i get rid of the disc authorization failure?

    • mattS says:

      @Jen you cannot use the same crack files given with this release after updating the game. you need the updated crack also. So tell me whats ur version and i ll give u the crack files for that.

  45. Jen says:

    the newest version, base game 1.19

    • admin says:

      @jen use any one link to download the update containing the crack. and use the crack from one of these


  46. Jen says:

    @admin: both of those links say that the file was deleted or is unavailable.

  47. admin says:

    @Jen just go to gamecopyworld and look in the index for this game then download the crack from there.

  48. molly says:

    thank u. the links worked without any problems. i m playing the game.

    Hope to download more games as they come.

    • Sam says:

      How did you install the expansion packs? And I have another question… I extracted the rar files but it’s taking too long like in 1hour the elapsed time is only 5%. Pls help me.

  49. GuyWhoThanksYou says:

    Thanks, I can’t wait to get Black Ops from here!!!

  50. Sara says:

    does this work for mac too?

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