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Posted by admin on May 2, 2010
The Settlers 7 – Paths to a Kingdom

The Settlers 7 – Paths to a Kingdom

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Download The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom Full Game Free for PC

Settlers 7 is the seventh game in the series. This is a real time strategy game and Ubisoft have published this game. Main objective of this game is city building. The game is similar to the previous games in the series. You can either play the campaign or play single mission in skirmish mode. Multiplayer is also an option which is part of the game.

The game has been worked upon from the previous iteration and you can see the difference. The maps are well balanced and make for a easier gameplay. The visuals make you a part of the game and the soundtrack keeps you deeply immersed within the game for long periods of time. The game has social networking and some other things which you will notice during your playing time and these things add greatly to the experience you will have. To win a campaign a point system has been added which makes for some great close battles to the finish and you will enjoy it till the end. You will see the link at the bottom to Download Settlers 7 Paths to a Kingdom Full Game Free for PC.

You will make the workers do a lot of work and they won’t complain and work tirelessly towards your goal in the game. Mining, collection food and wood and smelting are the kinds of things these workers will perform. You don’t have to do anything in return in fact they will be asking for work if they are not working already. The game is purely enjoyable with this kind of setting and with gradual improvements from the previous games it has become a good series to play.

The game has three scenarios or paths that you can take on the road to victory. Military, Science and Trade are those three paths. You can build an army and destroy your enemies to win the battle with military path. You can do research to win the game in science scenario. Trade is the final path that you can achieve victory through. You can use the best paths for your trade and strengthen your economy in this scenario. You can any of these to win the game and you will have different units and challenges depending on the way that you will take to achieve the victory conditions. The following link will allow you to Download Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom Full Game Free for PC.

Download Settlers 7 Path to a Kingdom Free for PC

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58 Responses to “The Settlers 7 – Paths to a Kingdom”

  1. mattS says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Extract all rar parts using Winrar
    2. Mount in Daemon tools lite or Burn ISO image.
    3. Install the game
    4. Install the update located in Razor1911Update
    5. Copy the whole content of Razor1911Crack to your game folder overwriting
    any existing files.
    Example: C:/Program Files (x86)/Ubisoft/ The Settlers 7 – Paths to a Kingdom
    6. Make sure to back up and then delete any previous copies of
    “My DocumentsSettlers7Profiles.xml”
    7. Start the game (admin rights may be required the first time you run it)!

  2. magneto000 says:

    Ty ;]

  3. felipeam says:

    nice thx

  4. fjovanov says:

    thx mate

  5. DarkForce says:



    Thanks so much

  6. Wiz74 says:

    finally thank you very much.

  7. gkun says:

    amazing =DDDDDDDD

  8. maqzek says:

    Holy shit!

    Thanks! Razor actually owns.

  9. thehealing says:

    This game is nostalgic. I hope there are lots of more options these days. Just building stuff to melt and make gold ain’t gonna cut it, I guess these days.

    Thanks uploader!

  10. Anglleos says:

    Awsome, I was just playing #5 when I checked
    Thank You.

  11. mothapuncha says:

    Awesome thank you, I’ve been wanting to play this, I’ve never played any previous ones but this caught my interest.

  12. elgrand says:

    Well, Razor is back like old times =)
    Nice to see you guy giving it hard to the scene!!

    Thanks for this nice unprotected
    Cheers ALL

  13. PeTTs0n says:

    Great work, and awesome skills within RZ1911 – true talent to be sure. Although the bitching amongst the scene groups make it seems like other groups has none – pretty much a false statement. The entire scene has a lot of talent, although it isn’t always it shows.

    Damn fine job on this one RZ1911 – UBISoft certainly set up a challenge, which is good, in a way, and even better that a group managed to take and complete that challenge.

  14. chorthy says:

    Thanks for the up.

  15. nightlord19 says:

    thx i was w8 for this game *thumbs up*
    (i hope they release SC conviction too )

  16. sirmonkey says:

    woohoo now i can play my legit copy of settlers 7 without the DRM.. worthless pos comcast disconnects were driving me insane..

  17. pakrat says:

    those with video errors.. update directx & video drivers.. all works good here thanks

  18. Anglleos says:

    Game works just fine for me. Thanks again.

    For those of you who have not seen it yet, while at the title screen check out the custom news in the lower left corner of the screen.

  19. Sme says:

    TY uploader, game works fine here win7 64bit

  20. promarc says:

    omg thanx uploader been waiting for ages for this to release.

    big up to razor and co for doing this you guys rock

  21. SirMoMo says:

    Wonderful!! Been waiting for this to be cracked since it was released. I guess Ubisoft really got them going huh ^^
    Cheers 4 teh up!

  22. psyko666 says:

    Very, very nice…
    Thanks very much upper !

  23. masteras says:

    Thanks Razor
    gonna download this one now..

  24. trancedance says:

    thnx for this gonna download and test it… Windows 7 64bit Enterprise

    also those having problems with the game crashing after the crack… again READ “you may have to run as admin” what u need to do here is right click the cracked exe and goto properties then compatibility and tick RUN AS ADMIN

    do the same for the exe file (if it uses same sort of loader as the GTA EFLC does)

    so both the game and the loader run as admin and all should be ok now

  25. alloutman says:

    I’ve been waiting for a while, thanks!

  26. kelcior says:

    Holy crap.. was waiting for this mre than for ACII OR SC:C.
    THANKS !!!

  27. enga86 says:

    Works fine on WIN7 Ultimate 32 Bit BIE release..

  28. B19Dom says:

    i got the following error when copying the crack over
    you need permission to perform this action

    you require permission from the computer’s administrator to make changes to this file

    anyone got a clue what to do

  29. simisek says:

    For those who have problem with copying 1911.dll
    For me it was antivirus issue, i just added exception and was able to copy it. Or you can disable your antivirus soft for just that moment…

    Ohh and the .dll is made by RAZOR1911, so its not in original folder of the game, the number on the dll is somehow familiar …

    That should answer all the questions, I hope.
    BTW, great game loved settlers 6, 7 is another step better.

  30. wbartek says:

    Thank you uploader and great work Razor1911! Gotta love the cracktro.. reminds me of the good old Amiga days

  31. B19Dom says:

    thanks I disabled my kaspersky and it copied straight over

  32. nevercry says:

    Working like a charm, tho i get some really annoying white flickering in the game. Anyone else getting this?

  33. Dyffy says:

    I keep getting the “88760868” error – Any1 know how to fix this?

  34. s0uliz says:

    Updating Catalyst + Direct X fixed the 88760868-error for me

    For the background flickering.. disable and re-enable shadows, works for me although I have to do it each time. Bet new graphics drivers will fix this soon.

  35. Diveru4i says:

    Btw, works great on Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Bless these guys from Razor1911)

  36. frodo19 says:

    Thanks for the upload

    Works fine on win 7 x64

  37. HaYn says:

    Yeah, but for this not so techc saavy HaYn– how do get past the product code?? Everything else was relatively simple.. Thanks too the play by play.. Yet…… Still one more hurdle!!!! If you can help that would be great!!!!!!!!!!

    • mattS says:

      i dont think it asks for the serial number while installing. read the installation instructions given on that page and follow them exactly and see.

    • Kayli says:

      Grade A stuff. I’m unquestinboaly in your debt.

  38. pharmacy technician says:

    nice post. thanks.

  39. pradip dey says:

    i’m using windows 7 and the “1911.dll” file not only detected as virus also blocked to copy by the operating system ……
    i’m dieing to play this game, someone give me a solution ……

  40. pradip dey says:

    i’m using windows 7 32bit

  41. Roger says:

    I also have a problem with the 1911.dll file, but it´s definitely not Norton related. When I try to launch te game I get the following error message: “The procedure entry point r1911 could not be reached in the dynamic link library 1911.dll” I have no idea what to do. Can anyone help??

    • admin says:

      @Roger Reinstall the game and disable the Antivirus this time around and then copy the cracked files.

      • Lemey says:

        I don’t have an Antivirus running and I even have disabled windows firewall. But there is a service/process called MsMpEng.exe which i cannot stop or disable at all, not even through services.msc as Administrator.

        Could this be the problem?

        • admin says:

          Its related to Windows Defender antivirus which comes with windows so that might be the problem. You should disable Windows Defender by going in that program and then see. Also add exception in you antivirus program to the files you copy so they dont get deleted when you start your antivirus the next time.

  42. Roger says:

    Thanks, it worked! Apparentely a Norton problem, though I didn´t get any error message from it.

  43. pls help says:

    hi my friend pls help me some 1 can give me a 1911.dll file? pls i need it very mutch

  44. Peter says:

    I have a problem with 1911.dll
    It says it missing.
    I Downloaded it from the net.
    Where to copy it? I need exact library location please.
    I tried windows system, where all the dll.’s are and every possible permutation and even D:GamesThe_Settlers_7-Razor1911GameDataBase_DbgBinRelease
    directory, but nothing. Still same error occurs.

    • mattS says:

      Turn off your antivirus and reinstall the game. Install the update from the Razor1911Update folder
      Copy the whole content of Razor1911Crack to your game folder overwriting any existing files.

  45. konner says:

    all ur links r dead

  46. Game_-_Master says:

    Admin, what is the password for the rar.files which I downloaded with links(hotfile)

  47. chandru says:

    ur links r dead

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