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Posted by admin on Dec 19, 2009
The Saboteur

The Saboteur

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Download The Saboteur Free

The Saboteur is an action adventure game and full version of the game is available for free download from the link at the bottom of this page. The game is set in France which has been occupied by the Germans during the Second World War. Electronic Arts published this game in 2009.

The games main character is Sean Devlin, a race car driver. He is one of the best on racetracks of Paris. In one of the races in 1940 he gets cheated and faces a defeat in a Grand Prix by a Nazi colonel named Kurt Dierker. Sean plans revenge with his friend Jules and destroy the colonels beloved racecar. Both of them are captured during this time and are taken into custody to interrogate. Dierker thinks they are the spies from the British and while interrogating kills Jules. Somehow Sean manages to escape with only one goal in his mind, to destroy Dierker. In his quest he gets recruited by the French and British, who help him all the way to the end. Even though the game takes place during the Second World War the game’s story is that of revenge for Sean’s friend’s execution and to protect his sister and kill Dierker. Keep reading to know how to download The Saboteur Free Full Version PC Game.

As you start the game you will be able to travel many area of the game in this open-world type of game. You can go to Nazi occupied Paris or you can explore the countryside if France or you can travel in some parts of Germany. Coloring system employed in this game is a key element of the gameplay. Black and white areas are the ones which are heavily guarded by the Nazis. You will have to weaken the forces in those areas for the people to become joyful and vibrant which shows with the change in color of the surrounding areas. The black and white areas are the most dangerous with the most number of German soldiers occupying them and there is a great chance of you being detected in these areas. But in colored areas the German soldiers will not be too many but they are there. They will mostly be around military buildings, Headquarters and Police stations etc.

The people of France will also help you if you are in a colored area. If you are fighting a German soldier in the colored area then French Resistance members will come to your side and eve the people passing by you on the streets will be on your side. You will have the option of upgrading your characters as you move along in the game. Some things that you can upgrade the character with are, the amount of ammo that can be carried, your accuracy with any weapon, increasing the damage you do or gaining new abilities. These perks can be gained by completing missions. Sean can also climb on the building and run atop rooftops. You can also use garages to park your vehicles or repair them.

The game was received well by the gaming community. If you want to pay this game then download The Saboteur Free from the following link

Download The Saboteur Free for PC

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  1. hotttt says:

    this game is hot thnx for posting

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    works gr888888888888

  3. Bee475 says:

    your the best!

  4. nndshnand says:

    DAm Thanks Man!!!! was Searching for this… ithink u can read our minds!!!!thanks alot Man!!

  5. PaulG says:

    can you play online with this. i ve been playing it offline for a while but not sure if it works online.

  6. lomen says:

    Nice one DGD!

    Lots of people are waiting for this one…

    So Long

  7. CrazyRenoma1 says:

    cool…im love it man…thx……

  8. Nero51 says:

    Thanx another game to my list

  9. grimberg says:

    works for me, thanks!

  10. PanterA60 says:

    I played the game for 45 minutos and works well..

  11. Makhan says:

    Works flawlessly, many thanks to the upper.

  12. AWESOME! says:


  13. saxxons says:

    Thanks maty, looks like a good game!!

  14. Bukkebrusen says:

    This game looks pretty interesting, I’ll grab it.

    thank you for this 🙂

  15. sunilsac7 says:

    I never heard of it, but have searched and found it interesting. so downloading it.

  16. petruu says:

    ty … seams to be a great game

  17. chell says:

    petruu, felt the same way, after I see the cover 😀

  18. eve20 says:

    Thx very much
    I’m downloaded and its working

  19. tng1701e says:

    Thanks awesome post..

    Just a quick question does anybody know if this includes the content that you have to download for the xbox360 version. Thanks.

  20. Roy says:

    Thanks uploader for all your hard work, and ofcourse a huge thanks

  21. demantik says:

    a nice surprise the game is really good.

  22. SmoOtH says:

    ty man u are the great ty so much

  23. taavi says:

    dude the links arent working please upload new ones

  24. mattS says:

    links have been fixed now you can download.

  25. Help me^^ says:

    How to get a code for installing the game? :O

    please answer fast! =)

    • mattS says:

      there is a keygen in the crack folder on the DVD. use that to generate the serial number.
      or use this

  26. a big rich douche says:

    tnx can you post Garrys mod 11 or 10 i’ve bween looking for the download but no results

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