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Posted by admin on Nov 21, 2011
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

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Download The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Full Free.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is a sequel to the last Elder Scrolls game Oblivion. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is a role playing game from Bethesda Game Studio sand it’s the fifth game in the series. The Skyrim is available on both the major consoles PS3 and Xbox 360 and it’s also available for Windows PC. Full version of this game can be downloaded from the link given at the bottom of this page. Link for The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim free download is given below this article.

Skyrim is not a direct sequel to the last game Oblivion per se but it takes place 200 years after the events of Oblivion. Due to lack of an heir to the throne the kingdom was thrown into a war with the Elven nations taking control of the land. As there was nobody to defend for the warriors they gradually stopped fighting or were killed or kept themselves away from the fights. After the assassination of the king of Skyrim a civil war was started to take control of the land. The two groups that were fighting included people who wanted Skyrim to be cut off from the empire and the others who wanted it to remain a part of it. Download The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Full Free for PC from the link given at the bottom of this page.

As the game starts the player is being taken with a group of people to be executed for some unknown crime. One of the members of the group is beheaded before you but when you are taken to the execution spot and are about to be killed a dragon attacks the place and you are set free. You learn that that the civil was taking place in Skyrim as told in the Elder Scrolls and it also told that the Nordic god of destruction, Alduin will return. It is also told that Alduin will take over the world with the help of his army. You are the last dragon hunter sent by the gods to prevent these events from occurring and Esbern, last of the Blades is helping you in this mission. Keep reading or skip to the end to Download The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Full Free for PC.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim features a very large world with a lot of tasks for you to perform and the battles with the dragons are simple awesome. The atmosphere is set just right and makes you feel like you belong in that era which includes some great art design. The battles can be won in various ways and you don’t have to stick to a single plan of attack. You can change your tactics and play the game as you like at any point. Apart from the main story there are side stories that you can be a part of. There are some bugs in the game but those will be fixed with the early updates and some problems with the AI of the characters that help you. Download The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Free Full version game for PC from the direct link given below.

This year many role playing games have been released with better controls and animations. But The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim cannot be matched by any of those. Sheer enormity of the game will take you by surprise. But this is not the only thing that will make this game a success but there are so many things for you to do and which are actually good that’s what keeps this game above all other games. You will be sitting in front of your PC without knowing where the time went as you play this enchanting game. Don’t miss out on this great game and Download The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Full Free for PC from the following link.

Download The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Full Free for PC

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114 Responses to “The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim”

  1. Yukimura says:

    I’m a long time gamer and in recent years due to having the feeling of “played it before” I lost my passion for gaming.

    One hour now and then, nostalgia trip with BG2 or Jagged Alliance.

    I hope this will be bring me back to the 4 hour + immersion.

  2. fredtrix says:

    My winrar can’t identify the files? :S

    NVM! My bad, works like hell. Thanks for this!

  3. arioch says:

    oh my god that was f-king fast 😀

  4. Nuevo says:

    oh my god… I dont have time for all these games…
    thanks uploader!

  5. NudieBoy says:

    Omg. Good bye sleep, hello Skyrim!

    And my eternal gratitude for the people behind release!

  6. gmarl says:

    New graphics engine must be very efficient. No 45 DVDs are needed for this game!!!! AWESOME!!!

  7. Startrance says:

    i start the game, it runs without any problem

  8. Averion says:

    ok guys if you can’t unrar it with winrar use 7zip, worked for me! hope it helps someone!

  9. kryssar says:

    Awesomeness! thanks uploader 😀 weekend is now saved ^^

  10. Taurus says:

    Nice one.

    I have waited for this a very long tims as well as many others.
    Now i know what i will do the following hours 😛

    Thanks big time uploader!

  11. Mariany says:

    Omfg TY!!! Razor u worked in the shadows for this beast 😀

    Tyvm, /love

  12. shuffledeggs says:

    i now officialy announce the death of my social life XD

    thank you very much

  13. misantrop says:

    Gotta try it out. =) Thanks. Awesome upload

  14. Mr7Beans says:

    Razor is back with the best game of the year
    2nd and last game i waited for this year
    1st one is BF3 ^_^

  15. junkfodder says:

    Cool. THanks.

    Only Elder Scroll i ever played was Oblivion, and I put in “only” 0 hours or so into it before I got bored.

    But I like random exploring/stealing/killing. Though I prefer guns and explosives to swords and magic, which is why i love Fallout so much.

  16. theGlaive says:

    kept Shadows on High instead of Ultra giving constant 60fps.

  17. Damnit says:

    damn i cant wait till i get home, i knew i shouldnt have went to this website now i m trying to finish work as fast as i can.

  18. xynix says:

    Thanks for the great upload!! 🙂

  19. FiveF says:

    this version works. thanks

  20. Szilard says:

    As always RAzor delivers… Thnx uploader

  21. alegjos says:

    Nice upload, thank you!

  22. soleher says:

    game crashes after initial loading (after install) what’s the deal?!

    • PremiumM says:

      Go to your config screen > hardware and sound > click on sound > rightclick on the speakers/soundcard > go to config, advanced and change one on the dropdown to 24bit, 48000Hz.

  23. aquirre says:

    I had simpack error, but I just installed the game once again and it works perfectly now! 🙂

  24. trevinkotze says:

    Thanks alot for this!

  25. sam4 says:

    Its not mounting for me i didn’t have to extract it cuz all the files are already there what file do i mount? i dont see the iso file ?? what do i do

  26. Aabdell says:

    I’ve been playing for 2 hours now and all I have to say is WOW this game is fantastic.

    And you ppl who say its small dont judge the game by the size the map i enormous, this will last maaaany hours.

    Thanks for the game

  27. gorgar says:

    thanks for the up …i hope dont kill dark souls

  28. Xcellence says:

    can’t find the crack folder…can anyone help me out?

    nvm got it myself as i was writing this comment! playing now thanks uploader!

  29. diablorz says:

    Thank you. I love you forever.

  30. fatihakyuz says:

    u r the king. Works great.

  31. facade says:

    Thanks for the upload, cant wait to try it out.

  32. 444444 says:

    Thanks! Got the game installed and it working flawlessly! running it on ultra settings on my gtx 560ti looks amazing.

    TY! Enjoy everyone!!

  33. Fresh5 says:

    Game rus perfect.

  34. max2B says:

    Game works great.. thank you guys.

  35. kose says:

    Great! thanks a million!

  36. tom-TOM says:

    Running at Ultra settings, works perfectly, nice looking game, bug free!

  37. k4rl0 says:

    Thanks, the game runs perfectly on 6870, constant 60fps.

  38. hefster says:

    Thank you so much for uploading this, cannot tell you how long I have been waitiing and waititng and waiting. haha

  39. j9236 says:

    File Jungle file 5, is corrupt (according to Winrar) and 7zip says files 1 and 5 are corrupt. Did i do something wrong or must I download from one of the other links? Please help

  40. The Angry Man says:

    been searching for so long and finally found good download links its sooo gonna take time to download all of these since im on my sis’s laptop because my Desktop died on me, i was heart-broken when it happened… but anywho Thanks uploader and razor for the glorious victory over that one thing that wont let you upload things.


  41. The Angry Man says:

    the part 1 of Wupload is not working and i really need that one fixed, because i really want to play this game on computer

  42. help plz.... says:

    why dont i have audio on mine?

    • admin says:

      If you are using Windows 7 then Go to control panel and click on Sound
      then right click on Speaker and select Properties then go to advanced in the new window that opens.
      then select 16bit 44100 Hz or 24bit 44100 Hz and click apply and now try the game.

    • help plz.... says:

      thank you so much! it works perfect!

  43. b3astnut says:

    skyrim is……….AAAAgAAAAaAAAAyAAAA……….no its not its too cool to be played for 5 days straight.;'( i wish i didnt have school (DARN YOU SCHOOL.)

  44. b3astnut says:

    its not gay its just really cool and awesome to play on Xbox 360, i hope its better on pc!

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