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Posted by admin on Feb 8, 2011
Test Drive Unlimited 2

Test Drive Unlimited 2

Download Test Drive Unlimited 2 Full PC Game Free

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is a racing game available for PC. This game is Test Drive Unlimited’s sequel. The game had many bugs at the release but subsequent updates have fixed them. You have to race in competitions to achieve experience points which will help you get level up. There are as many as 60 levels to be achieved. You will also get points when you purchase cars, houses and stuff. Other ways to earn points are either exploring all the roads, taking photos or adding friends to your list meaning the social angle. Keep reading to Download Test Drive Unlimited 2 Full PC Game Free

Test Drive Unlimited 2 will let you earn cash with the driving skills you posses. The better driver you are the more money you will earn. Performing stunts, driving high speed and cutting corners at breakneck speed are some of the things that will give more money. If you find a wrecked car then that car will be unlocked for you to purchase at the local store. You can buy houses, means you can leave your car and enter your house for a dress change. Co-op mode is also present.

New vehicles have been added. Also you have exclusive vehicles which are available only to specific clubs in game. So you need to join the club to drive a specific car. Car wreck physics are not present meaning you will only see the damage caused by a wreck but the handling of the car remains intact. You also got off road racing with the new SUV class of cars. Download Test Drive Unlimited 2 Full PC Game Free from the link at the bottom.

The developers have introduced a number of new things one of the main is the introduction of Ibiza Island. You are a working driver at the start of the game who gets the chance to drive in a race sponsored by reality television. The island scenery is superb to say the list. You got four categories of races Competitions, Community, Discovery and Collection. Each of them will include 15 level ups. That brings the total to 60 levels, which you need to conquer to become the best of the best. You can keep the difficulty settings that suites you. You keep racing to become the top driver. As you progress through the game you will be unlocking more and more stunning & most expensive sets of cars. After you have enough experience you can go to Oahu, the location where the first Test Drive Unlimited game takes place.

You will have great fun playing single player as well as multiplayer games. The graphics part of the game is brilliant. They have taken care that the virtual world is more or less similar to the original one. And with the Ibiza Island included they needed to do that. Music reminds you that you are in the party Island. Overall this is a fun driving game with some good additions which are absent in other racing games. Download Test Drive Unlimited 2 Full PC Game Free from this link

Download Test Drive Unlimited 2 for Free Full Game


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