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Posted by admin on Dec 9, 2009
Star Wars Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition

Star Wars Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition

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Download Star Wars Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition Free

The latest game in Star Wars series is Star Wars The Force Unleashed full version of which is available for free download from the link given on this page. The game has been released for all the gaming consoles and it was finally released for PC as the Star Wars Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition which includes all the downloadable content that was released for the game and also some new content. LucasArts are the developers for this game.

The Force Unleashed received good reviews from the gaming community with high praise for its story, soundtrack and physics and art but the gameplay was not up to the mark of these other good things. But still the game was a very good success and so a sequel to the game Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 has been released recently. This was one of the best selling games in the star wars series. The game introduces a new character who is Darth Vader’s secret apprentice called ‘Starkiller’. Keep reading to know how to Download Star Wars Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition Full Version Free for PC.

The Force Unleashed gives you two weapons Lightsaber and Force and the game is  basically a third person action game. The light saber feels like another one of the force powers of you and the developers have worked hard to give you unique attacks each time you use the lightsaber. A combo attack system has been implemented which can be used to combine a lot lightsaber attacks for deadly effect or you can also combine lightsaber and force powers for better effects. An experience system will let you gain points which in turn can be used to increase the powers Starkillier and improve his abilities.

The developers have done everything they can to make it easy for the gamer to learn the game quickly. So you can easily use the FPS tactics of running and keeling everything that moves and complete the game in record quick time. But if you play the game with stealth and use more tactics the better chance of you getting through the game without dying. This approach will also give you more rewards in the experience points system. The game’s difficulty is not that high, so you can easily beat the game and the enemies can be killed with ease. The increased difficulty means the same enemies coming at you in large numbers, this will make your character run out of steam. The AI system will learn from your tactics and if you use the same attack techniques then you will do less damage each time. The enemies that you encounter have some strengths and weaknesses which you need to exploit and kill them. Go to the end of this article to Download Star Wars Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition Free.

The game has some performance issues with frame rates dropping at will in some parts and the port to PC was not a skillful affair and leaves something to be desired and the some of the new missions that have been added the Sith Edition are not that great compared to the complete game. But even with these flaws the game has some great features that make this a bestseller game. One of the best stories in Star Wars series is the main forte for this game. With the new physics system implemented you can do some nice tricks and that adds a fun quotient to the game. This PC version has three new chapters that were not present on the console version so you have some addition content to enjoy this game. So if you are Star Wars fan or even a action game fan then don’t miss out on this Download Star Wars Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition Free from the following link.

Download Star Wars Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition Free

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get 2 ISO files.
    2. Mount the 1st ISO image in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game. Mount DVD 2 when asked and continue installation.
    4. Open the DVD2 and go to Crack folder and copy all the files from there to the folder where you installed the game on Hard Disk
    5. Play the game.

  2. Starwars says:

    thanks dude this game is so big but worth it.

  3. junew says:

    but does this work i dont want to download this big game and end up with a non working game.

  4. mattS says:

    yes it works. thats why its been posted here non working games are not here.

  5. scottyg20 says:

    just finished download ……..

    Thanks for upload.

  6. mrdaan says:

    Cool stuff

    Thanks for the upload

  7. TheShit1983 says:

    This is wonderful thanks to the uploader

  8. HIV22 says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!! Thought this day will never come THX!!!

  9. Trael says:

    Nice, thanks even though I’m not big fan of Star Wars, I’ll download this game as it’s supposed to be one of the best this year.

  10. igkunow says:

    fucking ecstatic that this came out for PC. 14gb? why the hell not.

  11. speed010 says:

    Much Thankxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May the Force be with you!!!!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. plastikbar says:

    I shall join the dark side!! Thanks for the up!!

  13. haohmaru says:

    Thank you very much for this. Great job. works perfectly. Cheers^^

  14. kraytos says:

    had so much fun with this on the 360,can’t wait to play again on my PC

  15. Alex144101 says:

    Can any one confirm that this works? because i dont want to download for nothing

  16. Chunder says:

    I can confirm it works

    Thanks for the up!

  17. nicholas says:

    What a game!

    Thanks for this post!

  18. 1Carlos1 says:

    Fantastic game, thanks u

  19. gkun says:

    great game thx uploader
    play this game for 3 hours its great

  20. HowToDL??? says:

    Hey, um…it says direct link download, but there are so many rapidshare links, how do I dl them???

  21. jacob says:

    copy all the lins and add them to jDownloader software it ll download for you.

  22. In wich language says:

    i am from austria and my english is middle good is this game in more languages or only english?

  23. Doughnuts says:

    Can anyone help me get past the serveys?! plzzzzzzzzzz

    • Dupre says:

      whats so difficult abt it. u try one if u cant complete it try the next one. whats the problem in giving a little time to get this game free.

  24. Doughtnust says:

    Well the prob is that what ever i do it wont let me get pass to donwload this game and its so annoying >..<

  25. VENKY says:


  26. Gamer says:

    Please help! I got it dled and all but when I get in game whether it’s the three dots, or when i press new game, new save, sith warrior or aprrentice the video starts loading and bam.. the program is not responding.. close now. HELP!

  27. matt says:

    check the minimum system requirements and try reinstalling the game

  28. DanielDDT says:

    hallo ich heiße daniel

  29. DanielDDT says:

    i want to play star wars the force unleashed sith edition but i dont know how i can downloadt it can anybody explain me pls i am a very fan pls thx

  30. DanielDDT says:

    hallo pls help me com on

  31. DanielDDT says:

    can anybody tell me how i can download the game and then how i can play pls

  32. yesmen says:

    read this page its all given there

  33. DanielDDT says:

    omg my motherspeak are austria and not english pls can you explayn me all exectly pls thanks

  34. yesmen says:

    So which language you speak.

  35. DanielDDT says:


  36. yesmen says:

    then try using Google translate to see if it makes any sense. or ask your friends who knows German & english

  37. GALEN MAREK says:

    dude can you help me when i do the first mision with starkiller and when i am just aproaching general cota the game just shuts off pls if you can help me!

  38. Krazzer says:

    why is it taking 1 day ?!?

    its too long time!

  39. i need help says:

    is the daemon tools lite free?

  40. i need help says:

    because u have to use that to mount it or something right??

  41. i need help says:

    y wont the quizes work????????

  42. i need help says:

    matt what quiz did u take?

    • mattS says:

      it depends on which country u r from. but as far as i know for US the IQ challenge is the one which people told on youtube to be working.

  43. i need help says:

    i cant get past the quiz does anyone know why i cant???

  44. i need help says:

    k ty

  45. i need help says:

    after i finish the quiz it goes to this webfette thing what do i do now?

  46. i need help says:

    and still says the quiz isnt complete

    • mattS says:

      i dont know what to tell you abt that coz i dont know. did you give correct info. and try using Firefox. which survey did you try

  47. i need help says:

    i have tryed all of them after i give it my cell phone number it goes to webfetti

  48. THANKS so much for this…a big one but it is worth it!

  49. kendall says:

    how long does it take to download mines is real slow can u help

  50. yom says:

    i cant get passed the survey any help???

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