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Posted by admin on Dec 2, 2009
Spore Galactic Adventures

Spore Galactic Adventures

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Download Spore Galactic Adventures Full Free

Spore Galactic Adventures is the first expansion pack to be released for Spore game and you download full version of this game for free from the link given below. Spore was a multi-genre game which includes RTS elements and simulation. The game developed by Maxis and Electronics Arts are the publishers.

This expansion’s main feature is the new adventure creator which allows you to create new missions which will then be integrated in the game in the later stages. You can create creatures vehicles by using the items present in the game. These things can be put anywhere in the game world. You can also set the game’s nature to be hostile or peaceful. You can also add special effects throughout the level. You can also add the objects from previous stages of the game to the missions you design. Same way you can also add sound effects though addition of extra files to the game is not possible. A meter indicating the complexity is also present to prevent you from adding to many items to the map. You also get beamed to the map and don’t have to observe from your spaceship. Go to the bottom of this page to Download Spore Galactic Adventures Full Version Free for PC.

The adventure creator also includes a planet creator which can be accessed once you are in the adventure edit mode. This allows you to select planets that are already present in the game and lets you add items to it. You also have control over the temperature of the planet and also you can modify the terrain using the editor. Here also the complexity meter prevents you from adding too many items on the planet. The expansion also includes a new feature that will let you equip your creatures with new weapons, tools and such. A Captain Outfitter lets you do all this stuff and after you finish your edition the beam down on the planets and complete the missions you created. The missions also vary a lot in the game and some new elements can also be found. A new RPG style gameplay is also possible where your captains can earn points for completing missions and will let you level up. Go to the end of this article to Download Spore Galactic Adventures Free.

The expansion adds a lot of new missions and you can take your space captains on these missions. Each of these new adventures has a specific goal that you need to fulfill. You have some missions where you have to protect a planet from the Grox or have to help a pop star to reach show on time. After completing each of the adventures your space captain will gain experience points and lets you choose a new item that your captain can use. New titles will be given to your captain as he completes more and more missions gaining more experience. These titles will depend on the empire that you are from.

Spore Galactic Adventures was said to be a good expansion for Spore and received positive reviews from gamers and also from the game critics. The adventure creator was praised for the level of depth it allowed to change the games environments and also for the ease with which you can use this new tool. Following link will let you Download Spore Galactic Adventures Free.

Download Spore Galactic Adventures Free for PC

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49 Responses to “Spore Galactic Adventures”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Mount the ISO image in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game.Use any one of the serial given here to install
    4. Open the DVD and go to SKIDROWSporebin folder and copy all the files from there to the folder where you installed the original Spore game i.e. SPORESporebin on Hard Disk
    5. Now go to SKIDROWSporebinEP1 folder on the DVD and copy all files from there and paste them in SPORE_EP1SporebinEP1 on your hard disk (you will find this folder where you installed the game)
    6. Play the game.

  2. SP says:

    thanks was searching for this.
    Any plans on posting the Spore Creepy And Cute Parts Pack

  3. Works says:

    works like a charm, thanks 😆

  4. mattS says:

    We are in the process of finding the Original Spore. so far no luck for 2 days. we ll post it as soon as we get our hands on it.

  5. waiting says:

    waiting for the original mattS. already finished downloading this.

  6. Funny says:

    My guys are just sliding around, their walking skills disappeared after installing this..

  7. TomT says:

    Thank you !
    do i have do dl SPORE to play?

  8. upongo says:

    this is just an expansion. you need the original spore to install this..

  9. Carcass says:

    Thanks, my girlfriend will love it

  10. Stones says:

    thanks 🙂

  11. Ericson says:

    HI, the download and installing is great, will you launch the patch changes soon?

  12. mattS says:

    we have the original spore game after 2 days of searching we will post it as soon as possible.

  13. David says:

    Useless without a Spore account. You can’t download new adventures.

  14. reppo says:

    dude dont say anything rubbish. ive downloaded both the games from here Spore and this Galactic Adventures and it doesnt require any account on any site. i ve been playing it for days.

    So watch before you say anything. dont comment without downloading the stuff

  15. DragonFly9889 says:

    It works! Thanks man!!!

  16. DragonFly9889 says:

    lol it’s posted on my birthday! xD =3

  17. thankx says:

    Big thanks 😀

  18. neim says:

    good game and site to provide working links. thanks you very much.

  19. meis=u says:

    been playing this for a while thanks for the game guys.

  20. janine says:

    thanks this worked for me.

  21. uppin says:

    <3 you guys. this is gr8 work

  22. polt says:

    good game thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. marth says:

    ^_^ love you guys.

  24. jule says:

    thank you

  25. melli says:

    thanks for the wonderful game and the other original also.

  26. weads says:

    this game rocks.

  27. nik says:

    how to install this??

  28. bo dader says:

    give us better torrents the torrent sites have pics of women

  29. 123456789 says:

    do i really need to get jDownloader? is it really important?

  30. LOL says:

    Ausum game n download! ive been lookin 4 dis for a week… but y not do creepy and cute expansion?

  31. Happy Dude says:


  32. mariette morales says:

    I have a very old refurbish computer I do not know if the prosessor that I have or the card grafics that I have will be able to support spore galactic adventures, I already downloaded the original version of spore, but I was not able to download creepy and cute my neighbor told me it was because of my prossesor and my grafic cards being too old, so please let me know should I try to download it, thanks.

    • spore lover says:

      I do not think that your pc will support the game, you need a newer grafic card, and a newer processor, I think if you downloaded it my take too much space in your current pc and the minute you downloaded it my errace all your memory and make the computer crash, you would have to pay to have it fix your ruined pc. I think is better if you buy a new computer with a new grafics card, then AFTER you do all that maby you can download the game.

  33. gamerz says:

    Admin, your Spore Galactic Adventures links is dead. Can you fix it?

  34. gamerz says:


  35. gamerz says:

    Admin, what’s the password for rej06-spogal.part01.rar

  36. Tiffny says:

    now how come this crap will not download to my sons computer?????????
    we have been trying all day to get it to wrok and its not!!!! so anyone could give tips on doing this please do so lol thanks!!!

  37. Tiffny says:

    maybe our stuff is way toooo old haha!

  38. sean says:

    its not working

    • admin says:

      @sean please explain whats not working so that we can help. As far as we have checked the links are working, so you can download the game.

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