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Posted by admin on May 25, 2010
Split Second Velocity

Split Second Velocity

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Download Split Second Velocity Full Game Free for PC

Split Second Velocity is a racing game in the arcade genre; it’s also called Split Second in some parts. It was released for PC, Xbox360 and PS3 by Disney Interactive Studios. The game has received positive review from many gaming websites and magazines and is worth download if you like racing games. Download Split Second Velocity Full Game Free for PC.

The game lets you participate in a fictional TV reality show wherein you will be performing various tricks to win the game, these are called powerplays. The environments are destructible and as the driver you have the control of how you want to make that destruction go about. The game has four cars types each with three of them having a resembling name to a movie character.

The game has a very unique style of gameplay which lets you change the game entirely while you are on the race track. This is true in case of the AI drivers as well and they can change the game as you would do. To perform these changes you will need to fill out your Powerplay meter. Doing tricks during the race like jumping or drifting or even drafting will give points that will fill your powerplay meter. Once the meter gets fills you will notice special events will be unlocked. You can use the Powerplays to create shortcuts mid way in a race or you can create obstacles for other racers who are trying to catch up with you and also change the race track entirely depending upon what you want. But these same features are available to other drivers, so you need to be careful of what changes might take place during the game and play accordingly. Keep reading to Download Split Second Velocity Full Game Free for PC.

The events that the Powerplays can unlock are Airplane crashes to stop your opponents, collapsing building on the road or explosions to get you that extra time o come first. The amount of destruction and the level of these special events depends on how full your Powerplay meter is. You will see three bars in the meter field which will fill to allow you to do crazy stuff. You can perform the craziest of moves when the meter is completely full otherwise if only 1 or 2 bars are filled you will have less severe events.

The game has 12 episodes of reality TV and a total of 72 events are available for you to enter in those episodes. Various modes are available for you to take part in. Survival mode, Air Attack mode and Air Revenge modes are the modes this game features. In survival mode you will be racing on a track where trucks are throwing red and blue barrels on the road and you need to dodge them to complete the race. Penalties will be added if you hit the barrels. In Air Attack mode you will be tailed by missiles from helicopters which you need to avoid to survive. Multiplayer is also available where up to 8 players can take part in a race in online mode. Also split screen mode for two players while in offline mode is present.

The game is fun and addictive with all the crazy stunts that you can pull off. Don’t miss out this game and Download Split Second Velocity Full Game Free for PC from the link below

Download Split Second Velocity Full Game Free for PC

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58 Responses to “Split Second Velocity”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions
    1. Extract the files using Winrar.
    2. Burn the ISO image you get after extracting or mount it in daemon tools lite.
    3. Install the game.
    4. Copy over the cracked content from the DVD to the install folder.
    5. Play the game.

  2. magneto000 says:

    Awesome. thanks.

  3. psa2222 says:

    Thx a lot ^^

  4. Surbrax says:

    Tnx alot, been looking forward to this release =)

  5. pourya says:

    is this the one that is gonna own NFS ? well gonna try it out , thanks

  6. akee says:

    Looks awesome, thanks!

  7. Aliush says:

    Many thanks!

  8. Locke74 says:

    I love you. I just wanted you to know that, uploader.

  9. thd2k5 says:

    Been waiting for this game, thanks alot!!!

  10. silvius says:

    I heard a lot of good things about this game, let’s see if those things are confirmed.

  11. krzychgt says:

    Thanks. Crack and game works ok

  12. Bukkebrusen says:

    Thx – getting this now

  13. INSANITY says:

    ok you can play it…but…you can’t change

    tnx for up

  14. sparda92 says:

    you can change settings after the tutorial which is at the start of the game

  15. digiwand says:

    Sparda92 – No, you have to go to the title screen and scroll to the options to.

  16. vkvkvvk says:

    I have played both this version and the xbox360’s.

    Playing this on PC with max settings is like 360 on steroids. Awesome!!

  17. MorphRobert says:


    Game works like a charm!
    it’s pretty fun to play and challenging too it’s not that you win by a mile from the cpu’s

  18. mattisbowser says:

    Oh the mighty game gods have delivered a new pile of awesomeness. Thank you

  19. Trancetasy says:

    SICK! does the online work tho?

  20. D3SI says:

    @Trancetasy Online Works

  21. stevvie says:

    Anybody been able to get a WIRELESS Xbox360 controller to work with this? I can use my 360Controller in all my other games. The only controller this games see’s is my logitech wheel.

  22. MorphRobert says:

    why would you want to use your xbox controller if you wheel works?

  23. zatuto says:

    ** stevvie
    if the game doesn’t support xbox 360 gamepad, I can sujest you to use Xpadder, google it, it may help you with that usue.

  24. brokenduck says:

    really nice game
    there is also lan function so pirated version can go online

  25. Lulatsch says:

    thx a lot.
    btw, u can play the game online without any problems, and it also features lan and split screen.

  26. leonski35 says:

    Works with wired pad (xbox) for me ! thanks for the game.

  27. enga86 says:

    this is what NFS was meant to be…

  28. Ph0X says:

    Can anyone tell if multiplayer works?
    LAN or anything.

  29. D3SI says:

    @ Ph0X Multiplayer Works

  30. ThePhenome says:

    This game sure support 360 Xbox gamepad!!
    mine is wired one.

  31. CaLeDee says:

    The game looks stunning.. Runs smooth too

  32. danr83 says:

    To clear things up a bit, the wireless and wired 360 controllers will work but there is not native support for them, meaning the icons on screen will not change to the buttons on the 360 controller, so you will have to guess as to which button on the controller corresponds to the keystroke it displays on screen.

  33. djhesitant says:

    Such a good game, works like a charm with my xbox controller. Thanks

  34. Glottiz says:

    If you are using 360 controller:
    Press enter = Start, A
    Escape = B
    Tab = Y
    Accelerate = RT
    Brake = LT
    Instant replay = LB
    Level 1 power play = A, X
    Level 2 power play = B

  35. Muffincow says:

    damnit I cant change any settings, vsync, very high, resolution.

    edit Cant even tab out and in again.

  36. fernand says:

    youre are so dummy
    settings its in the game lol

    settings are resolution and low, medium, high or very high settings and vsync thats its

  37. Muffincow says:

    Dummy? I know how to change the settings, but the game crashes when doing so.

    edit: after 50 crashes the resolution stayed when I launched it again, works great now thanks uploader.

  38. cjcwrite says:

    My OS is Windows 7 Enterprise. After copying the crack and start the game, nothing happens or appears. Can anybody help me please thanks. BTW, its my first time to run a game at this OS so please bear with me.

    Found the solution. Need the rld.dll deleted by Kaspersky.

  39. cjcwrite says:

    Turn off your Kaspersky and copy the rld.dll file again and the game will work

  40. karbowiak says:

    For those of you that cant change resolution, disabled Desktop Composition, worked a treat for me.

    All i need to make work now, is that it wont recognize the ESC key, lol

  41. gadzooks2005 says:

    This game is a ton of fun!! Thanks UpLoader!

  42. GrymRpr says:

    Thanks for the UP

    And for those having an issue with 360 wired controllers… Mine works fine BUT: I did notice that The games installer did not install the DirectX upsdates on the iso So… You may want to mount the iso, head to the directx folder & install it.

    Then load up the game, Go to controllers/gamepad 0 and set up your controller.
    I run it in Admin mode on Win7 x64 and no issues so far.

  43. Tim007 says:

    Works great !!

    Win 7 x64, Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 3.15GHz, 8GB RAM, GeForce GTX 295, 24″ LCD

  44. gift mwaruta says:

    thanx a millie

  45. RedRenner says:

    THX TO “Glottiz” for this information.

    I even hadn’t known that…

  46. sitation says:

    After copying the crack and start the game, nothing happens or appears. Can anybody help me please thanks.

  47. sitation says:

    And it says split second had stoped working wat is wrong now can anyone plz help me its so weird thx guys if u help

  48. aaron says:

    does the game and the crack really work because after i installed the game and i copied the crack and when i double click the program nothing appears.

    • traggarth says:

      @aaron & ppl with the Start crash thing. i found this solution on the web. hope it helps it sure did for me

      “Go into Graphics Control Panel (ATI Catalyst or NVIDIA Control Panel).
      go to Monitor Configuration and force resolution to 1280×1024.
      now start Split Second Velocity and it wont crash…

      ingame set the resolution to 1024×768 then exit the game..

      go to the graphics control panel again and set monitor settings to default again.

      now launch the game and it wont crash on your normal resolution and now you are able to set it on the resolution you want”

      hope it will work for all the people who have the same prob

  49. gaurav says:

    it asks for serial key plz hepl me …..

    • s says:

      i dont remember if it requires a key to install. Did u copy the cracked files to the game install folder after installing.

  50. sunilkumar says:

    downlod split second velocity

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