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Posted by admin on Jun 23, 2010


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Download Singularity Full Game Free for PC

Singularity is a first person shooter game available on PC as well as consoles. The game uses the Unreal Engine 3. The game revolves around shooting your way through hordes of creatures, mutants on an abandoned Island. The game is fun action game. No mind bending story to get involved, just shoot your way out and survive. Look at the bottom of this page to Download Singularity Full Game Free for PC.

The game is set on a fictional island. Russians during the cold war were involved with some experiments but something goes wrong and the project is abandoned. Russian government covers up the whole thing and also the existence of any such island is denied.

Come 2010, an American spy satellite gets damaged and a black ops team is sent to investigate to the island. The helicopter carrying the team crashes on the island due to some interference and everyone is stranded there. You will be playing as Renko who keeps getting transferred between two realities, 1955 and 2010. As you start the game you are first transferred to 1955 where you will find out a massive fire in the experimental facility and he saves a doctor named Demichev from that fire. Before saving him he gets warned not to save the doctor by another person burning in the fire.

The game comes back to 2010 where things have changed after you saved the doctor. The people from the island have been infected by the element 99 used in the experiments and has caused mutations. One other survivor from the crash, Devlin and Renko are captured by Russian soldiers. Renko learns that the doctor he saved, Demichev is the world’s chancellor. Devlin is killed by the doctor. Keep reading to Download Singularity Full Game Free for PC.

One of the members of a resistance group saves Renko, the group is fighting against the doctor from destroying everything. The group believes that Renko can stop Demichev by using the Time Manipulation Device. Renko finds the device and goes back in time to save the person who built that device, Dr. Barisov. He finds the device and goes back in time and saves Barisov. Again back in 2010 Barisov is alive kicking because of Renko.

Then a group of 3 including Renko and Barisov go back in time using the device to stop Demichev. A bomb is setup to destroy the thing that caused all the havoc. Back in 2010 everything is same as it was before and Barisov is held at gun point by Demichev and you will learn the facility was rebuilt after the explosion.

You have a setting of multiple endings for the story. Where you can kill Demichev, or go back in time and kill yourself who saved Demichev at the start and stop him. Also you can kill Barisov and join hands with Demichev and rule the world with him. Many other endings are also possible. Keep playing it to find out how you can change history and in turn change the future. Download Singularity Full Game Free for PC from the following link.

Download Singularity PC Game Full Version Free

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41 Responses to “Singularity”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions
    1. Extract rars using WInrar
    2. Burn on a DVD or mount the ISO image in Deamon Tools Lite.
    3. Install the game. Using the serial given in Reloaded.nfo (Open With Notepad)
    4. Copy over the cracked content to the install folder in Program Files.
    5. Play the game.

  2. womengood says:

    thanks a lot. was waiting for this

  3. schildt says:

    oh yeah~ another good game.

  4. toolbandfan says:

    I haven’t heard of this game until now. I am interested in hearing some opinions. It’s by Ravensoft though and they have a pretty good track record for first person shooters.

  5. Neotrix says:

    Seems like a nice game…
    kinda like a combination of HALF LIFE or something heh.

  6. Mojo69 says:

    Looks like a succesful version of Bioshock 2

    Been waiting long, many thanks for this

  7. MetalSlime says:

    Thanks a lot man!!!!
    I love you for puting this here so early

  8. Lethiss says:

    TNX it’s working like a BIRD

    tnx tnx tnx thanke you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. haridy says:


  10. fishburgr says:

    thankyou so much for this. I didnt want to get it for xbox even tho it came out ages ago. I want the full PC experience.

  11. thd2k5 says:

    Thanks for uploading, looking forward to play this game

  12. AutoBot says:

    Open ‘reloaded.nfo’ with notepad to find the serial number.

  13. Gott says:

    Damn i need a Trainer for this.. Infinity energy for the TMP sounds much more fun

  14. Vitz says:

    Nice! I did a random check to see if this game got uploaded since this morning because I was bored, and here it is.

    Thank you.

  15. anks says:

    Game Installed & works properly…..i also managed to find the serial…like i always do .

  16. Shinedown says:

    I’m using a wireless 360 controller and it works fine

  17. mendez84 says:

    just installed the game a couple minutes ago and serial key works great and the game works great too…i was playing till now and no problems so far ….thanks reloaded for this…..

  18. Segas says:

    This, is one fucking awesome game! Thank you uploader!

  19. Surbrax says:

    Great game, tnx for the up..

  20. kuracpalac says:

    Nice, will check this one.

  21. matej says:

    need cd key for this game

    • mattS says:

      @matej it will be in the .nfo file or in the crack folder there will be a Keygen. if its not there then it doesnt require a CD Key.

  22. saibu says:

    i need cd key…if any one can put cd key here…..

  23. kratos says:

    wat is wrong with this game it says please insert your cd/dvd plz helpp

    • mattS says:

      @Kratos you need to copy the crack from the DVD to the folder in program Files where the game is installed.

  24. kratos says:

    i did that

  25. Chaitanya says:

    Thanks a lotttt my dear…God bless you..

  26. tang says:

    this game like bioshock but it still great

  27. Tobimadara12 says:

    Thanks a lot! After figuring out exactly where to put the crack, it was all good. Will be using this site a lot more!

  28. 123456789 says:

    looks like cool…

  29. 123456789 says:

    no fileserve links? oh man…

  30. 123456789 says:

    nah.. please add fileserve links

  31. 234er4er54re4f says:

    it’s very good game

  32. 234er4er54re4f says:

    I finished the game 3 times

  33. Bokachoda says:

    fucking game

  34. jack sparrow says:

    game was good but it was very easy . i finished the game 4 times . nice game

  35. Raffaele says:

    how i download the game?

    • admin says:

      go to download page and use any one of the boxes to download all the parts in them and then follow instructions.

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