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Posted by admin on Mar 11, 2012
Sims 3 Hidden Springs DLC

Sims 3 Hidden Springs DLC

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Download Sims 3 Hidden Springs DLC Free

Sims 3 Hidden Springs DLC is the new town that has been released for the Sims 3 fans. You can download full version of Sims 3 Hidden Springs DLC from the bottom of this page where a direct link is given to download page. The DLC was announced in 2011 and it has been released and now available for free download here.

Sims 3 Hidden Springs DLC contains a neighborhood which focuses mainly on health and beauty. You can see that focus of the game as you see that you can visit Zephyr Health Spa and also the Crystal Solarium Rejuvenating Waters. Many of the celebrities and rich people come to Hidden Springs to relax and for rejuvenating and to escape from the day-to-day life. Sims 3 Hidden Springs free download is given below this article.

Many people visit the Hidden Springs after hearing about the rumors about the miraculous healing waters and woods present here. Many of the people from the woods are very secretive about their lives and have a tinge of pale green color to them. You really will think that there is magic in this place. You can enjoy a day at the luxury spa or be at a lakefront whole day enjoying the view. There is also a ski lodge present to enjoy the day. There are other activities as well like going in to the woods to get away from everything or you can try to solve the mysteries of the ancient world in the Museum of Magic and Supernatural. Download Sims 3 Hidden Springs free from the link given at the bottom.

The neighborhood contains many new families and new Sims to bond with. New families include Shues, Vanderburgs, Chos and Pertridges. This new DLC also contains many new clothes as well as hairstyles and many premium features; Fountain of Eternal Youth is one of the premium items that has been included in Hidden Springs DLC. The people of this town are very rich and the homes are high end compared to any of the previous towns. The Fountain of Youth that is present in this town allows the Sims to remain young forever this is similar to the Sims 3 Generations which allowed you to use potions of Age Freeze and Young Again to stay young. Sims 3 Hidden Springs free download is given below this story at the bottom.

There are a number of default celebrities present in this game and when you install expansions like Sims 3 Late Night that will give some other Sims the celebrity status. Silver Zephyr Health Spa is one of the biggest spa’s to have been included in the Sims 3 series enough after release of many of the expansions. Redwood Heights Luxury Lodge also gives you the opportunity to meet and greet the biggest names in the Sims world and also party with them. Free download of Sims 3 Hidden Springs DLC is available from this site you can skip directly to the download page with the link given below.

If you are one of the players who hates when his Sims get old and die then this is the perfect DLC for you guys. You can use the mystical powers of the Hidden Springs to remain young forever and play with the same Sims for a long time, until you want to play with someone different.

Sims 3 Hidden Springs DLC comes with a new town and with many new items and locations for you to explore and enjoy other things like clothes and hairstyles which are common to any update of Sims 3 are present as well. Other areas like spa, ski lodge, museum and lakefront make for a different gameplay option in this Sims 3 franchise of games. If you want to enjoy something new that you have not played with before in the Sims 3 then Hidden Springs DLC is the thing that you will have to get. Following link will let you download Sims 3 Hidden Springs free.

Download Sims 3 Hidden Springs Full Free

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download all parts from one box and use Winrar or 7zip to extract them. You will get a ISO file.
    2. Use Daemon tools lite to mount the ISO or Burn it on a DVD
    3. Install the game using Autorun.exe
    4. Start the Sims 3 Launcher and wait for it to unpack the DLC. (It will take a long time, so be patient). Installer Done! message will appear
    5. Installer Done! message will appear. Close the launcher.
    6. Now copy all the files from the Fairlight folder from the DVD to the folder where you installed the game The Sims 3/Game/Bin
    7. Play the game.

  2. MIKEL says:


  3. djammer says:

    thx for the upload. 😉

  4. Vlinder says:

    That would make the lady happy!

  5. hla says:

    Thanks 🙂

  6. snake says:

    game working <3

  7. Penny says:

    installed without problems

  8. Berb says:

    thanks a lot

  9. Amy says:

    his is great. was looking for it free.

  10. CrazyGirl says:

    download all sims 3 games from your site thanks admin

  11. BFF says:

    download free games. yay

  12. Adele says:

    loving this new pack

  13. Melanie says:

    great things to do for the rich Sims, thats me

  14. Steve says:

    great game. thanks for uploading

  15. LoveIT says:

    thanks admin this is great

  16. Serpant says:

    super work. keep them coming. more sims

  17. LOL says:

    damn these sims games this keeps my girlfriend away from me.

  18. Dorm says:

    thanks very much

  19. Asp says:

    good game guys very good.

  20. maggyQ says:

    follow instructions as given by admin and the game will work great.

  21. Angelique says:

    My avast anti virus is not opening the link. Says it is malicious. Any suggestions without getting a virus while doing so

    • admin says:

      AV programs want to prevent you from downloading games for free so they give you such warnings. You can use a anti virus program that doesnt block you from downloading the games or disable it for the time being to download (not recommended)

  22. Kk says:

    Do I have to burn it on to a disk because I don’t have any free disks with no information on it :/

    • admin says:

      you dont need to burn KK, just use a software called Daemon tools it lets you mount the ISO and create a virtual DVD in your My Computer screen. Just like a real DVD is there in the DVD drive.

  23. ahmed brwary says:

    beutifull :-*
    please i’m now in my holly day and i whant something to do it to made the enjoy time
    and the sims 3 is the bitter

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