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Posted by admin on Dec 11, 2011
Saints Row The Third

Saints Row The Third

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Download Saints Row The Third Full Free for PC

Saints Row The Third or Saints Row 3 is a game similar to Grand Theft Auto series and full version of this game can be downloaded for free from the direct link given at the end of this page. This is the third game in the series as you can guess from the name. Saints Row The Third is an action adventure game which gives you an open world to roam around.

Many games make you the good guys taking law in your hands to do good but Saints Row The Third is not one of them. This game gives you weapons and some big ones at that to do whatever you please. Saints Row 3 doesn’t give you best visuals or story or even the best gameplay during fights but what it does very well is it gives you an open world where you can do as you please with a constant access to all the toys you need. Keep reading about the fun stuff of Saints Row 3 or skip to the end where you can Download Saints Row The Third Full Free for PC.

If you have not played any previous games then it doesn’t matter as you will not need any prior knowledge to play this game. The opening sequence of the heist sets the tone of the entire game and you are the leader of the Saints gang who have been thrown away from their own land to the Steelport city. At the start of the game as the leader of the game it’s your job to lead the Saints gang from the early new comes to become the top-dog in town. Saints Row The Third Free Download is given at the end of this page.

The game features a lot of character customizations options and you can create some of the weirdest characters just for fun. There are no limitations in what you can do with this tool. And if you do not like the appearance of your character then you can visit shops in city to change it to your liking. It gives you a good laugh to create a weird looking leader whom everyone will be giving respect and who will be feared by all. Download Saints Row The Third Full Free from the link given at the bottom.

Saints Row The Third features some great missions and you will never find a dull moment in the game. The vehicles and the weapons are varied and give you good fun while using them to destroy everything around you. The missions range from photo ops to killing people and are a lot fun. Cool customization options are a treat to use and the rewards that are given on completing the task are great. Saints Row The Third is an entertaining game and if you are looking for a serious game then steer clear from this as it won’t fit the bill. If you don’t have any expectations then give this game a try as it will blow your mind away. Saints Row 3 has been successful in giving you something the serious games lack and that’s pure entertainment. Following link will let you Download Saints Row The Third Full Free.

Download Saints Row The Third Full Free

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76 Responses to “Saints Row The Third”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Mount the ISO image in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game.
    4. Open the DVD and go to SKIDROW folder and copy all the files to the folder where you installed the game on Hard Disk
    5. Play the game.

  2. CalvinKlein says:

    Alot of new games this week! Thanks alot

  3. carnemezzis says:

    Wellcome back, SKID.. great works

  4. DarkAeon says:

    Amazing…thnx a lot uploader xD

  5. cichu says:

    Woooow Finally its here!!!!! Thx for the nice UP!!

  6. Qw12 says:

    SKIDDY’s on a roll! 😀
    Appreciate the upload, a lot of thanks to the uploader!

  7. neofallen says:

    HUGEEE THANKS !!!Have been this !!! =) download and play =) now !!!

  8. santa2k says:


  9. junkfodder says:

    Sweet. thanks. Still awesome game.

  10. pcgeek says:

    nice!!! Thanks a lot!

  11. olivetty says:

    This game is so over the top it could be named “Angry American Navy Seal Gangster”! 😛

    It’s like watching the ending of all the transformers movies and all other over the top “America-Fuck-Yeah-movies”

    LOVE IT! 😀

    TY for the upload!

  12. nitya says:

    Awesome! Been refreshing the site page very 5 min for this!!

    Thanks a lot, uploader! You made my day!

    The world is gonna know the wrath of my huge purple dildo!

  13. Metallika says:

    Very Good!


  14. Rulezz says:

    Thank you!! was waiting for this one! yeah!

  15. phillyman says:

    Thank you very very much>>>>>

  16. snout says:

    Whoomp! There It Is!

    Thanks awfully 😀

  17. WCK6 says:

    So thankful for this.

  18. Stonios says:

    Is this playable on co op, over hamachi or LAN or anything? Thanks.

  19. Stonios says:

    Ah nice. Been waiting for this a few days now. Really want to give it a go.

  20. maoz says:

    I really hope it’s good because I’d love to play Coop with friends on this one. The only thing I’d find more fun to do than to roam around an open world game and do what ever the fuck I want, is to do it with a friend.

  21. Xcellence says:

    thanks uploader! btw can i use a controller with this?

  22. sasbrzx says:

    “Its about time” (refers to skidrow)
    couldn’t wait anymore!

    thank u very very (*1000) much!

  23. GunnerWolf says:

    Oh god here comes the tidal wave of awesome games. I’m not gonna see daylight for weeks. 😛
    Thanks upper.

  24. BlackChaos says:

    nice work mate 😀

  25. M4CHINE says:

    Playing it on my laptop DX11 Ultra Settings On Everything, Plays Great, And Its Really Fun Too Thanks M8s 🙂

  26. lungi says:

    Being wating for this Thanx A lot uploader

  27. joaopebre says:

    Co-op works over LAN/VPN.

  28. RyoMark says:

    Fuck yeah, thanks bro! 😀

  29. Gejb says:

    Oh joy . Thanks uploader

  30. poprage says:

    Thank you so much man. It has been a long wait.

  31. 17raz says:

    thanks! what should i do with all the games lol? so many good games.

  32. alecla says:

    Thx 😀 A question by the way. how do i remove all the extra items and bonus stuff i got from start? feels like cheating using them

  33. LiquidSnake says:

    Thank you for the upload. Not trying to say but pretty much any game that had Lan function I was able to play over tunngle. With either teknogods or smartsteam if needed. Anyway I will try and let you guys know.

  34. Big4Pooper says:

    @alecla i agree i m trying to turn it off also

  35. monki says:

    thanks! So many good games. 🙂

  36. Gott says:

    “call in a satellite-targeted airstrike on a Mexican wrestling gang,”

    great fun

  37. Danny says:

    so many good games i m going crazy, sikdrow ftw 😉

  38. braddaaw says:

    Thanks fellas, AGAIN 🙂

  39. razor says:

    i wish i could choose which DLC to activate 🙁

  40. Anywho says:

    Thank you again for this upload. This release works fine over tunngle.

  41. SHAY says:

    Thank you very much !

  42. Rainbow says:

    We live in the bombardment of all the games in November, looks like GTA’ya

  43. Yukimura says:

    How do I create a custom char? Can’t figure it out, any help would be great!

    Thank you for the upload!

  44. neviem says:

    Thanks for upload

    p.s. working fine, only one note – everything seems to be unlocked (mainly bonuses for cash/respect which feels like a cheating 🙁 )

  45. Landiron says:

    Is it normal that I’ve all those Bonus Upgrades in my Upgrade menue unlocked right after start, even if they’ve Level 34 as requirement ? +45k Cash at start +hourly income of a few thousands ? etc.

  46. 1993 says:

    works on win 7 64 bit

  47. SaumNunka says:

    Nice game, but i have a problem… when I start a new game all the characters have big heads and big hands.

    • Landiron says:

      They’re robbing a Bank, the Heads are their Maskerade ;p – btw. is there no way to fix the “everything unlocked after the first mission problem” ? – kind of pointless to play the game with cheats on :/

  48. WCK6 says:

    I’ve been playing this for a while and have no problems. There’s no freezing or crashing or big heads/big hands unless I’ve chosen those wardrobe/weapon options.

    I do unlock a significant amount of things at the very beginning though. I think it’s DLC stuff. You don’t unlock everything, but you get a lot.

  49. eslamud says:


  50. ilove says:

    ive installed this on 2 of my pc’s works perfect on both, one’s on w7 pro 32bit. and the others on w7 ultimate 64bit.

    ty uploder. 🙂

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