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Posted by admin on Oct 24, 2012
Resident Evil 6 XBOX360

Resident Evil 6 XBOX360

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Resident Evil 6 Region Free for Xbox 360

Resident Evil is a third person shooter franchise developed by Capcom. Resident evil 5 changed the game considerably by removing the horror factor from the franchise and gave more focus to run and gun style gameplay. You can download Resident Evil 6 for XBOX 360 free from this page which gives you full version region free game.

With resident evil 6 the developers have taken a correct direction. In resident evil 6 you have the option of starting the game with three different campaigns. Each of these has different but connected story and ending. Each campaign has unique characters, enemies and bosses. Capcom has designed each campaign differently and the difference can be seen in HUD design as well. Leon’s campaign is similar to resident evil 4 and others are more action oriented. Resident Evil 6 XBOX 360 free download is available online now for downloading.

All the campaigns can be played as co-op missions since in each of the campaigns the main character has a partner. One thing you will notice is that, the game has now changed considerably from the older versions in the core gameplay aspect. The gameplay now is more action oriented than the survival horror type. Resident Evil 6 XBOX 360 download is given for free at the end of this page. Now the game features a melee button which can be used at any time and also it’s very easy to dive to dodge an attack and then shoot from the new position. These new additions to the gameplay are more than justified by the scenarios in the game which feature considerably more enemies. From time to time the older gameplay elements of the franchise show up but are very short. Download Resident Evil 6 free for XBXO 360 then extract the parts to get 2 ISO files, the first ISO contains the full version region free game in English language and the 2nd ISO is for other languages with the language pack included on it. After that burn the ISO file using a burner max iHAS burner using optimal settings as this is an xgd3 game which requires you to burn the game fully and not use truncate method. But the truncate method might still work with this using the mp3 trick. Resident Evil 6 unlike its predecessors doesn’t allow you to pause the game and even to change audio or other option you have to use the in-game gadget but that doesn’t stop enemies from attacking you. Resident Evil 6 XBOX 360 free download is just below, download and enjoy.

The resident Evil 6 has excellent presentation. The visuals are cinematic and top notch. The soundtrack and overall sound quality is excellent. Resident evil 6 revitalizes the resident evil franchise which was losing its way in the Resident Evil 5. Link below will give you Resident Evil 6 region free download for XBOX360.

Download Resident Evil 6 XBOX360 region Free


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27 Responses to “Resident Evil 6 XBOX360”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get 2 ISO file. The first ISO file contains the full version region free single player game with the English language while the DVD2 contains other languages in a language pack. So if you want to play the game in English then you don’t need to burn the 2nd DVD.
    2. Now burn the ISO files using IMGBURN software. You will need a iHAS burner with Burner Max firmware for this purpose.
    3. Play the game.

    PS: If you want to use the truncate method then you might want to use the MP3 trick to play this or you might get errors.

  2. soezaw says:

    i like it

  3. andymids says:

    How I successfully burned this

    1. Updated Img Burn to latest ver.
    2. Updated abgx360 to latest and ran and RE6 .iso
    3. Located .dvd created by abgx360 with Img Burn. Burn at 2.4x-4x and Truncate it when asked. (I have been using memorex discs for years and only once in a blue moon will get a bad burn. Either I am luckily or got a really good batch.)
    4. Done!

    Burning it the above way I got 0 error messages. It burned perfectly and am playing RE6 right now with no skips or problems thus far

  4. tazmad says:

    just tried it on my xkey and it works great,

  5. kurt17 says:

    It worked fine for me, burnt with an Ihas burner with 4x speed and OPC checked. Have LT 3.0+ firmware

  6. andymids says:

    i have an lg writer, using verbatim, writing at 2.4, works perfectly

    just untick test and verify on imgburn

    open .dvd on notepad, look at the layer

    make sure its the same when you are writing (under settings, write)

    and then just write it – when asked choose truncate

    thats it

  7. midas says:

    2nd dvd is only for non – english languages, 1st dvd is english with multiple subs..

    Install the game to your hard drive, find an mp3 file on your hard drive or usb stick and start playing it. Once its playing, load up resident evil from the dashboard.

    When the game starts the song will cut out and then come back on again. Pause the mp3 file when you reach the main menu of the game and you wont get error during gameplay.

    You will need to do it each time you load the game but it works for every single truncated game I burn.

  8. gizmocat says:

    i still use 2.0 so i patched it and truncated it and it works fine

  9. CHARLOTTETR says:

    Yep, same here too. Patched with tapology data, works fine on FW 2.0.

  10. sully says:

    I downloaded, installed the first disk to portable drive works great on RGB with FSD3.0

  11. steve says:

    thank you.. i only need disk one right?

  12. tazmad says:

    @Steve Only disc 1 is needed mate. the 2nd disk has other languages

  13. bigfoot says:

    Disk 2 has nothing to do with the game in general,it is just different languages add on so if you speak English you don’t need disk 2 unless other wise..

  14. szogun says:

    hey thx for the upload, i have ihas burner lt+3.0 so wont have any problems.

  15. scientific says:

    burnt on verbatims using liton ihas patched with topology on lt2.0 works no problems

    Thanx peace

  16. no1adamg says:

    Thanks guys This site is AWESOME cheers

  17. malebolgia says:

    game burned and plays fine for me.. Playing on lt3.0 slim 360.

  18. ste62012 says:

    Using cheap discs, latest dash with lt3.0 burn at 4x speed no probs here guys.
    Superb upload many thanks!!!!!

  19. no1ad says:

    Ok thanks works perfect burnt with IHAS 2.4 cheap disc

  20. dptshadow says:

    Thanks for the upload.

  21. raidevita says:

    First burn and it works fine.
    Thanks uploader.

  22. leonidoby says:

    works like a charm thx uploader!!! but RE 5 was AWESOME!!

  23. webdoctors says:

    i have lt2.0, game worked great after patching, with iHAS drive.

  24. bumone says:

    thanks works very well

  25. adepu harsha says:

    i like it

  26. sai harsha says:


  27. rafey says:

    its very good

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