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Posted by admin on Dec 1, 2009


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Download Prototype PC Game Free

Prototype is an action game set in an open-world environment you can download full version of the game for free from the link given after this article. The events of the game take place in New York City and a deadly virus outbreak which is converting people into some zombiesque creatures is depicted in the game. The game is available for the PC and also for the consoles.

You play the part of Alex Mercer who at the beginning of the game is found in a morgue of a genetic company. As he comes around he escapes from the morgue by killing the two scientists that were going to perform an autopsy on him. After he escapes he sees that scientists are being killed by military. Right then he is attacked but he escapes by jumping over a wall. He finds out that he possesses some great abilities that are shape shifting, superhuman strength, speed, integrated weapons in his body and he can now consume people around him to gain more power. Consuming lets him gain some memories that are missing from him. He has no memory of his past and that’s when he decides to find out what happened in the city and what was the reason for him being in that morgue. You can Download Prototype Full Version PC Game for Free by clicking on the link given at the bottom of this page.

The enemies that will stand in your way are the United States Marine Corps, a force called Blackwatch which was created to fight all biological threats and also the infected which are the creatures created by the virus Blacklight. A certain Captain Cross has been ordered to find and destroy Alex Mercer. Alex tracks down his sister who helps him find the people who were involved in this affair. He also finds the headquarters of the genetic facility that was conducting the experiments called Gentek. A woman called Elizabeth Greene is found in one of the buildings whom Alex frees. Greene is one of the hosts of the Blacklight virus and freeing her leads the people of the city to be converted into the infected. Dana, his sister then finds his ex-girlfriend and when he meets up with her she tells him that she will help him. But instead she sends him in a trap created by Cross. He fights and defeats all of them but not before he is infected with a parasite that will kill him. Go to the end of this article to Download Prototype PC Game Free.

After he gets infected he seeks help from a doctor called Ragland who is from Gentek. Who also creates a weapon using the parasite that will destroy Greene. But when used on Greene the effect is opposite with Greene turning into a big creature, Alex kills the super creature. Alex finds about what happened to Greene and also finds out what happened to him also. He finds out that he was the one who released the virus and he was a scientist. The virus consumes him and becomes Alex Mercer in the process. When he wakes up in the morgue at the start of the game, he is not Alex Mercer but a clone called Zeus with superhuman abilities. The creature believes itself to be Alex Mercer. The rest of the game follows the same story where you find out targets and their involvement in the affair of killing you and destroy them and gain their memories bout you.

Overall this is a good and fun game in the zone of the Hulk games. The game received a lot of positive reviews from the gamers and critics as well. Game has a great and intriguing story and great abilities to use from. You should try this fun game. Following link will let you do that which lets you Download Prototype PC Game Free.

Download Prototype Game for PC Free

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46 Responses to “Prototype”

  1. kale says:

    thanks for the working links. i had this game but lost it in hard disk crash didnt find any working links as its old. but here i did.

    thanks once again.

  2. Dano says:

    you are the best

  3. DarkMentor says:

    I used Jdownloader for download the game from rapidshare 🙂 It’s very good.. download rate 2Mb/s! (rapidshare not premium) my adsl 2 mb too 🙂

  4. jovant says:

    All the links are working thnx

  5. sicmaggot says:

    it works!! you get an ISO file after you extract “rzr-prot.001.r01” up to “rzr-prot.001.r79” and can extract it with magicISO. and then you have the files which you can install the game!!

  6. plazababy says:

    thank you very much this game is freakin awesome got it down in no time last night with the rapidshare links and jdownloader

    lovin every minute of it. It extracted fine an everything.


  7. nissfrontier says:

    I have installed this game but cannot run it. It keeps telling me to Insert Correct CD in the drive. any suggestions?

  8. WiseCM says:

    @nissfrontier there is a crack on the dvd image in Razor folder

  9. nissfrontier says:

    Got it thanks! Works now….Guess thats what i get for doing it half alseep in the early hour’s of the morning…lol

  10. w9869 says:

    thanks a lot

  11. w9869 says:

    thanks a ton

  12. woot says:

    all the games are working this site rocks. got so many games in the past week.

  13. luvU says:

    LUV u guys 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

  14. poser says:

    this worked perfectly. thnx

  15. fun says:

    real fun game diving off the buildings and flysing ha ha. must play for the fun of it.

  16. Gabriel says:

    i have to do that thing of telefone?????

  17. reck says:

    i guess so. i also did that to download. but atleast they are giving a working game. so i m not complaining. if u dont get the the first time then try after some time by clearing your cookies and all. it ll work.

  18. pakito says:

    i dl from rapidshare but how do i install it? help me :/

  19. helper says:

    you need to extract all the parts using either winrar or hjsplit to get a ISO file mount that in Daemon tools or burn on a DVD and install the game. copy the crack from the DVD to the folder where u installed the game.

  20. HellfireTobi says:

    help please! is there a way to make parallel downloads with JDownloader without being premium in rapidshare?? also i can’t download because it says that all free user slots are being used again and again.

  21. Mr.H says:

    HellfireTobi you shoud try at a different time.

    you cannot make parallel downloads but you can add them in queue and try the reconnection setting in jDownloader

  22. lollipop says:

    please how i can download it i cant coz he said i must complete somethink miiddle survey

    please help me add me

  23. zzzzzzz says:

    Storage links are broken

  24. zzzzzzz says:

    I got this error message when installing.
    ! C:Program FilesJDownloaderdownloadsprttp.2009.Razor1911.part40.rar: CRC failed in Prototype-Razor1911rzr-prot.012. The file is corrupt

  25. zzzzzzz says:

    Sorry, I lol’d at myself. I downloaded 1 thing from the wrong pack. 😛

  26. zzzzzzz says:

    new error :[
    Why me..
    ! There is not enough space on the disk.
    ! Write error: only NTFS file system supports files larger than 4 GB

    I have Windows XP.

  27. zzzzzzz says:

    Okay fixed that problem. Now another one.
    ERROR: Could not load DLL ‘ProtoTypengine.dll’

  28. zzzzzzz says:

    Reinstall didn’t work..

  29. zzzzzzz says:

    @dum My operating system is Windows XP.

  30. sady says:

    plz tell me how to downld and install……
    tell me in detail…………..

  31. 123456789 says:

    i have this game but downloaded on other site
    i still didnt saw this game here before

  32. marcell says:

    i lIke

  33. Bubba says:

    I love absorbing girls and grabbing random guys and throwing them off buildings yelling,” You broke up with me!” or “You cheated on me!”

  34. Random says:

    Umm, I installed everything and it says I am not using the right disc. Can anyone help me? And if its cracked can you tell me how to fix it.

    • S says:

      @Random look for a folder with name razor1911 or crack that should have the cracked files. copy them to the game install folder in program files.

  35. Christ says:

    Whoa man! Awesome Website. It’s the best way to crack many games! I;m glad I found this cool website. I downloaded Prototype and whoa! It’s way cool man! It WORKED! Thanks! Now I am waiting to this website to post links of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood of PC. Thank You!

  36. Callof says:

    Fella thanks a lot! At this moment i know the magic formula.

  37. lexxie says:

    hi guys i am a bit lost here and dunno how to download prototype,pls help me out here

  38. don jon says:

    haa nyc luvin’ the shit

  39. neo says:

    make play thekids prototype

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