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Posted by admin on Oct 2, 2010
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

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Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Full PC Game for Free

The latest game in Pro Evolution Soccer series is Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, also known as PES 2011. This is a football game from Konami. PES 11 is in competition with FIFA 11 for being the best football game. PES 2011 has been released on PC and most of the consoles. The game has been fitted with exclusive UEFA Champions League and Europa League competitions. To Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Full PC Game for Free, go to bottom of this article.

PES 11 has been improved a lot from the previous version of the game. The gameplay is more fluid. New commentator has been added to accompany the original commentator from PES 2010. Konami made a deal with UEFA to bring Champions League and Europa League in the game with fully licensed players. So these Leagues have been added in the Master League. Master League features a online mode for the first time in the series. Pro Evolution Soccer 11 is better on PC than FIFA 11.

New moves and Skills are featured in this version. A new power bar which lets you see the power with which you have passed the ball is integrated. You have unprecedented control over the passing and can deliver a pass in any direction using techniques as one to one passing, flicking and more. You can predict the path of your team mates and pass a ball into space for them to collect. You have kind of a health meter which shows you if your player is getting tired. If you are making him sprint all the time he is bound to get exhausted and lose his abilities like passing accurately or shooting precisely. Defender AI has been improved and now they don’t run to every ball that enters their zone. Goalkeepers have also been improved and give you better control over them. Keep reading to Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Full PC Game for Free.

New and better animations have been included and you will see the player showing same emotions in game as their real self. Game physics give a good flow to the game and you will see a more natural player movement and their body movements. This makes tackling more fun than before. Players have been given their own styles and you will see them throughout the game while walking or sprinting. You can control the speed of the game. Players can mount a fast paced counter attack or build a play by slow precise passing. Players now will have facial animations which give a more realistic look the celebrations or the dismay after a defeat.

Team management section has also been worked upon and is more flexible with the “Drag & Drop” function added. Special skills have been added like faking a shot or pass and passing in a wrong direction than intended. The online Master League mode is just the thing that was missing from Pro Evolution Soccer series. Now with its inclusion you will compete with other managers to get the best players in your team and become the best online team in Master League.

Ultimately you can say that this is the best game in PES series. So Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Full PC Game for Free from this link

Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PC Game Free Full

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139 Responses to “Pro Evolution Soccer 2011”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions
    1. Unrar the parts using Winrar to get a ISO Image
    2. Burn the image on DVD or mount it in daemon tools lite.
    3. Install the game, when asked for a serial enter one of the following:

    4. Copy over the files in the crackfolder to the PES 11 folder in Program files or where you installed the game.
    5. Play the game.

  2. psyko666 says:

    WOOOOOOOW !!!!!!!!!!! :w00t:

    It’s finally here, it’s about time man!!

  3. Shurik006 says:

    EEEE!!! THX!!! How all wait this, great!

  4. Shlomi26 says:

    ty :>
    the best game of soccer!

  5. TheRock says:

    Wow, that was quick. I thought it’s gonna be released on October 7-8th. Anyway, thanks for the upload

  6. elissar says:

    Thank you very much uploader!
    Thank you very much Reloaded!
    Hope we can all enjoy this game like we wanted to!!!!!!

  7. mamleader says:

    Finally … thanks a lot for the great work PES ftw

  8. Metallika says:

    Yeah, the best release ,

    thx dudes !

  9. orkooo says:

    Thanks, could you say what languages are includes?

  10. psyko666 says:

    Languages: Multi 5

  11. Kaoru8858 says:

    Thanx a lot!!!! have waited a long time for this one!!

  12. Bukkebrusen says:

    OMG its here! My life is ruined, with Civ V and now PES2011.. Bye work, bye friends, bye world im outta here for good

  13. mulimen says:

    RELOADED the best!!! thnx

    is anyone having problem with the speed in the game?
    i mean…men…the players are moving like superman.
    i tried the game speed but all it’s offers is to accelarete even more

  14. drake07 says:

    thaaanks, I’ve been waiting for this one to come out (:

  15. snap17 says:

    just the graphics are better vs fifa … pes faces, are superb…

    thanks for the up!

  16. ricardosc says:

    Thanks. Works fine.

  17. BeatVR says:

    It works for me

  18. raz9 says:

    working fine here, on windows 7 32bit

  19. zaka says:

    hey man you are amazing, finally i got find this game at your site, thanks buddy

  20. copernicag says:

    copy pes2011 and rld file to KONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2011.and it works..

  21. psailamike says:

    Thanks a real lot for this – greatly appreciated.

  22. ZogHx says:

    Is there an option to play on a Local Area Network?

  23. Blueman2010 says:

    Thanks for the uploader.. guys did anyone try it and see if it works fine? is it really the full version with all the features? is it playable online?

  24. MartinTY says:

    @Blueman2010 of course dude it works..

    did u even read the comments.. its the full version and i ve been playing it for days now..

  25. cunhaleandro says:

    thnksss for up!!!

  26. brian333 says:

    how is the game play compared to PES 2010 or FIFA 2011?

  27. ryan says:

    FIfa 11 is better IMO.

  28. opp says:

    PES 11 is way better than fifa

  29. gazLOL says:

    Is it possible to play this with a keyboard, just like PES 10?

  30. LoL says:

    @gazLOL yes just select the controller as keyboard and use it.

  31. shads says:

    for christ sake,the game works….read the NFO,an do what it tells you. IT WORKS FINE ON WINDOWS 7,THE CRACK FROM THIS RELEASE WORKS FINE ASWELL.

  32. prlll says:

    does anyone know about the transfers updates?
    i’ve read some comments about it but no answer…

    thanks for the upload!

  33. midoooooooo8 says:

    @prlll just go on the site and look for the names and transfers file with latest update it works

  34. Selvin Giron says:

    Great game, runs great.

    Thanks for uploading it.

    it works great in Windows 7


  35. BAWA says:

    This is superb pes2010 was just a flop, i think this is the best soccer release ever ever. Graphic interface 80%.

  36. HARMAN says:


  37. HARMAN says:

    THANX BRO I HAVE INSTALLED FIRST 2 PREVIOUS HOTFILE LINKS WHICH is 400MB EACH so i dont need to install First 4 hotfile links or they are different

  38. gulshan says:

    i have a problem whenever i start the it crash
    can anybody help me

  39. HARMAN says:

    when i start it it says send error report i don’t now why it is happening i reinstall the game but dont know how to solve this .anybody plz help me THANKS in advance

  40. HARMAN says:


  41. koko says:

    my country is not available

  42. mido says:

    Can I play online gmae or not Licensed

  43. hany clever says:

    can any one tell me how to play online

  44. james says:

    why does my game don’t have an english version?

  45. hendrysajahh says:

    woooowwww,….this is me waiting, thank’s

  46. James says:

    found this site from a video on youtube. really glad i came here. So many hgames for free.

    Abt this game. downloaded and playing it currently. no problems. no viruses or anything.

  47. mazy says:


  48. kiko says:

    I do’t have a serial?pls give me

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