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Posted by admin on Dec 7, 2009
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

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Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Free

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 or the more popular name PES 2010 is a football game which can be downloaded from the link given at the end of this page. The game is developed Konami who have been very successfully in the past to create some of the best football games. The game has been released all the major console platforms and also for the Windows PC and even for mobile phones.

PES over the last years is lagging behind to the Fifa franchise and every year since then people at Konami are trying to regain their game as the best football game. But for those who have been playing these football games will know that PES has slipped a lot compared to Fifa and lost that position because Fifa made a lot of improvements to its games. With this new release PES has come closer to Fifa but we cannot say that it has gone beyond Fifa to gain their number one spot yet. More so because the PC version Fifa 10 is not the same as Fifa on the consoles which gave PES the opportunity to close this game. To know how to Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Free for PC scroll down to the bottom of this page.

PES have this time around all the licensed teams and players which the people at Fifa have had for years. Which gives it a much better chance of competing and make it look authentic. PES though has taken some of the features like the attributes system from Fifa games and it’s not good if you are a PES fan. Even then the two main features of the game the Master League and the Become Legend modes are much better compared to it Fifa counterpart.  The new addition of money instead of the credits is nice and youth team and sponsorship deals add to the overall experience. The Champions League addition is a welcome one and you will feel the excitement of watching a real football match while you hear the chanting and atmosphere sounds during the game. Click on the link given at the end of this page which will open a new window with all the links to Download PES 2010 Free for PC.

Once you get in the match you will see that Konami has worked very hard and the detailed models for players is a good example of the efforts put in by the developers. The models for famous footballers are made pretty well but it’s not the case with some of the other not so popular players. The player movements and dribbling skills are similar to the real ones and if you know the player then you can spot him on the PES pitch without any problems. The inclusion skills for players that actually have them in real is great and makes the game fun to execute these new tricks. The number of tricks and the ease with which you can execute them has been a strong forte for the PES franchise and PES 2010 doesn’t disappoint either.

After a couple of bad years for PES they are back to not-the-best but to definitely to a better place than before. improvements have been made and the developers have listened to the gamers and implemented them. So if you want to play some football then Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is definitely a good choice. Following link will let you Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Free.

Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Full Free for PC

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94 Responses to “Pro Evolution Soccer 2010”

  1. JJB says:

    thanks for the working links

  2. R458 says:

    thanks for the game

  3. PES says:

    Pes is much better than Fifa IMO. thanks for posting the rapidshare links

  4. deblod says:

    It’s nice work.

  5. przemuseq206 says:


  6. jfilourenco says:

    how can i change the resolution of the game?

  7. flame says:

    w00t 🙂

  8. anakradadas says:

    pure perfection i say 😀

  9. Shadowraider says:


    Many thanks!!!!!

  10. mmarkovic says:

    Thanks for the up!
    Keep up the good JOB!

  11. AlaNdaLa10 says:


  12. sMoKiNsTiEn says:


  13. ztochi says:

    PES Legend is back…

  14. cixi says:

    Thank you!!! u the best.

  15. Zwailla says:

    KING IS BACK !! Fall on yourr knees fifa

    Thank you for upload !!

  16. bitpt says:

    The best Football Game for PC Gaming. and thanks to you guys for posting a working copy of this.

  17. joxemi says:

    lol, yesterday I’ve downloaded 2009 version. Thanks for this

  18. Yorzen says:


  19. repr says:

    playing this with my XBOX360 controller everything works perfectly.

  20. Thrak says:

    Works great on Win7 32Bit. Thnx uploader!

  21. bL0om says:

    any one know how to remove language other than english while installation to save space ?

  22. AngelPARIAH says:

    Great game, too bad they didn’t license Chelsea… oh well, looks like I will have to play as “London FC”

  23. Bas says:

    hi urmm help me plz im in trouble i already download the file and its come out like rld-p2010 about 30 file and what i have to do i already extract them but doesn’t work 🙁 help me somebody :((((

  24. Better says:

    Bas you should select all files and choose extract here if u get more files with name 001 and so on then select the first file and open it with Winrar and select the ISO and extract it where u want. then mount that ISO in daemon tools lite or burn using the image burn option of ur CD burning software. and install the game from there

  25. conquer says:

    does all the links work having the same game and same size?

  26. Mr.H says:

    i dont think all the links are the same coz the file size is different so download from only one location as you cannot swap the files from other sites, by the way i checked all the links and all are online except the last ones so use any one of the first 2 sources to download.

  27. conquer says:

    mr.h thank you very much for your information and i hope to have a good game and matched thank you and goodbye!

  28. ziad says:

    thanx for that game keep it up

  29. conquer says:

    can somebody tell me what is the whole size of this game??

  30. NIKOS 7 says:


  31. MR J says:


  32. h00d says:

    links aren’t working dude.

  33. wulfmakno says:

    dude which link did u use???

  34. Jason says:

    Hello been using then link with password:mkommm , the password works fine but then it prompt a message…expired temporary key??? Can someone help me plz

    • mattS says:

      dont know what the error is for. try using the latest version of Winrar and see if it helps.

  35. h00d says:

    hi, i’ve got a question, could you upload it to ‘MegaUpload’?
    My dl speed is only at 120 kb at rapidshare, and 1.5mb at megaupload, so yeah..

  36. Roch says:

    they asking me to insert the original disk someone please help me

    • mattS says:

      you need to copy the cracked files to the folder where u installed the game and replace the original files. look for the crack on the DVD.

  37. punet95 says:

    hey mattS their r 4 boxes can u tell me from wher shuold i download

  38. okey says:

    What Req for this game…

  39. aboi says:


  40. vipul says:

    please it is saying to insert disk help needed

  41. MOODY says:

    A problem here !!! when i try to Install it after using daemon and mounting the ISO file .. everything is ok until i reach the installation that asks me to enter the registration key to Install !!! any help ?!! i even copied and pasted the Crack file called ( c ) after extracting .

    • mattS says:

      @MOODY the key is in the Relaoded.nfo file. you can open it with Notepad to get it. or just try this key

  42. punet95 says:

    i downloaded n innstalled the game but when i clicked on the game’s icon it didnt give any response instead my screen became black n the game didnt start

    plzz help me

  43. punet95 says:

    i had downloaded the game from tht first box

  44. Vio says:

    Where can I find that code?

  45. aboi says:

    can anyone tell me which one i must download link 1,link 2 or link 3??

    • mattS says:

      @aboi if you are using torrent then you should check which one has the most number of seeders and use that one.

  46. aboi says:

    yes but which one i must choose

  47. GilaCm01 says:

    any1, can tell me how the way download cm 2010? plzz…

  48. CITO says:

    how is the registration code??

  49. ranjith says:

    this link is so cool lol 🙂

  50. KadirStyle says:

    Thanks for tgis but
    can you upload it to megaupload so my download speed is faster there
    or can anyone give me rapidshare premium account
    for downloading this

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